Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Overwhelming Beauty (3)

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Qiao Jiusheng, who was standing behind Fang Yusheng, could not help but laugh when she heard Aunt Jin’s words. Hearing the laughter, Aunt Jin looked behind Fang Yusheng and saw an unfamiliar girl’s face. It puzzled her, and she asked, “Young Master Yusheng, who is this lady?”

The Qiao Jiusheng in front of her was no longer the same as before. Aunt Jin could not recognize her at all. She only felt that this person’s figure looked familiar. The feeling that she knew this girl kept rising inside her, but she could not remember where she had seen her before.

Fang Yusheng reached out and held Qiao Jiusheng’s wrist. He then said to Aunt Jin, “This is my wife, Qi Yunsheng.”

Aunt Jin’s mouth fell open in shock.

She did not dare to ask where the lady from before had disappeared to. Since Young Master Yusheng had said that this lady was his wife, she had to look her in the eye. After dinner, Aunt Jin saw Qiao Jiusheng walking toward the room on the first floor and hurriedly blocked her way. She explained, “Madam, Young Master Yusheng’s room is on the second floor.”

Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng fell silent at the same time.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Fang Yusheng said.

Later that night, Qiao Jiusheng moved into Fang Yusheng’s room.

Qiao Jiusheng had successfully moved into Fang Yusheng’s room just after one night. Her methods were not bad.

“Stop overthinking. Since we’re married, we should stay in the same room,” Fang Yusheng said as he walked behind the screen to take a shower.

How could Qiao Jiusheng not understand this logic?

However, when she realized that she would be sleeping with this man from now on, she felt strange and embarrassed.

When Fang Yusheng came out of the shower, he realized that Qiao Jiusheng was still dawdling. He sat by the bed and said with a smile, “The one who sneaked into my room the night before yesterday, could it be that it was not you, Miss Qiao?” After saying that, he paused and continued, “No, it was Miss Qi.”

Qiao Jiusheng rolled her eyes.

It seemed like the incident of that night was going to become a dark chapter in her history for the rest of her life. Fang Yusheng would never stop talking about it.

Fang Yusheng’s people were very efficient. During meal time, someone had sent new clothes over to the house. Qiao Jiusheng chose the most conservative set of pajamas in the cabinet and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower, she walked out in her pajamas with long sleeves and pants. The floor was filled with steam.

Binjiang City in the middle of July had an average temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. How could it not be hot?

Qiao Jiusheng glanced at Fang Yusheng and saw that he was dressed in white silk pajamas and a pair of shorts. He was quietly lying on the left side of the bed. His room looked very Zen-like. It had an antique feel to it, and his bed covers were also plain. A voice recorder lay in a corner of the room.

At this moment, the black tape recordings on the radio slowly turned. A woman’s voice came from the radio!

Aliah Awaaroo of Namo!


Mahasar Spaya!



The woman’s voice spread everywhere in the house.

Qiao Jiusheng’s mind started spinning.

“Must you sleep listening to this song?”

How the f*ck am I supposed to sleep like this!

Fang Yusheng lay on the bed and crossed his fingers, sticking them to his abdomen. His eyes were closed, and it looked like he was listening to a woman chant the Great Compassion Spell. When he heard Qiao Jiusheng’s question, he answered, “This is my daily life. Can’t take it anymore?” The corners of his lips curled up, and he said, “It’s a pity that you provoked me.”

Qiao Jiusheng patted her head and stuffed two balls of paper into her ears before lying down beside Fang Yusheng.

The moment she touched the bed, she felt even hotter.

She endured it until her back was drenched in sweat. However, soon, she really could not take it anymore. She suddenly raised her leg, hammered the bedsheets hard, and shouted, “It’s so hot!

“Can’t your room have an air conditioner in this thirty-eight degrees weather?”

The weather was hot, and on top of that, a woman was chanting Buddhist scriptures in the room. It would be strange if Qiao Jiusheng could fall asleep.

Beside her, a faint voice said, “If your heart is calm, you will naturally be cool.”

Qiao Jiusheng glared at Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng could not see it at all, but he knew that Qiao Jiusheng was glaring at him. He tapped his abdomen and said to Qiao Jiusheng as he knocked, “Everyone knows that I, Fang Yusheng, am not attracted to beauty. You don’t have to dress like a bear. I’m feeling hot for you.”

After a moment of silence, he continued, “You know very well that regardless of whether you take the initiative to throw yourself at me or drug me with alcohol, I’d still be indifferent.”

Qiao Jiusheng’s face turned green and white. She was so angry that she was about to explode.

She lifted her pajama shirt and pulled it to her collarbone. Then, she rolled her pants up to her thighs and said, “Don’t touch me. If you do, you aren’t human!”

Fang Yusheng snorted. I never knew that Fang Mu liked such an open woman.

What is there to say about clothes not covering one’s body?

Qiao Jiusheng did not know when she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, her clothes were drenched from the heat. The sky was already bright. She turned her head and realized that Fang Yusheng was still asleep. He was still in the same position as when he had fallen asleep. Even his hand posture was the same.

She admired Young Master Fang’s sleeping posture.


Fang Yusheng had a sharp tongue, but Qi Bufan still ordered an air conditioner and installed it in his room.

When the people at the main house saw the workers carrying an air conditioner to the young master’s house, they were surprised. They knew that the young master was otherworldly, and he didn’t feel the need to have an air conditioner in the house.

A married man is indeed different.

Afraid that his wife will get a heatstroke, he bought an air conditioner. Young Master really dotes on his wife.

Fang Yuqing’s summer vacation was not over yet. She sat by the window in her bedroom and watched as the workers moved the air conditioner into Brother Yusheng’s house. It made her so curious that she felt like a cat was scratching her. She really wanted to take a look at her sister-in-law’s appearance, but Brother Yusheng hid her so well that she could not see her at all.

The main house had already sent someone to ask Fang Yusheng to bring his wife out for a meal. However, Fang Yusheng had rejected him with the excuse that his wife was feeling unwell. He asked when they could meet again before agreeing to the Mid-Autumn Festival gathering.


On this day, everyone from the Fang family came home to see the real face of the eldest young madam.

The gathering time was set to be the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

At noon, Qiao Jiuyin returned to the Fang family home first while Fang Mu still had work to do. When she got home, she rolled up her sleeves and helped Xu Pingfei and the chefs prepare dinner. In the afternoon, the Fang family’s relatives arrived one after another. Everyone sat together and chatted about their daily lives. Although they did not say anything, they were curious about the eldest Young Madam.

In Fang Yusheng’s house, Qiao Jiusheng prepared for the gathering at night. Fang Yusheng, who sat by the window, heard Qiao Jiusheng change clothes non-stop. He held his forehead with his hand and asked, “What exactly are you doing?”

Qiao Jiusheng raised her black eyebrows and seductively said, “Dressing up well to suppress everyone.”

Fang Yusheng suddenly extended his hand to Qiao Jiusheng. “Come here.”

Qiao Jiusheng hesitated for a moment before walking over. However, she did not place her hand in his palm but instead held his wrist. She felt that holding hands and kissing were things that only the most intimate people should do.

When Fang Yusheng sensed her movements, his smile deepened. He suddenly pulled Qiao Jiusheng into his arms and lowered his head. He then opened his eyes and ‘stared’ at Qiao Jiusheng beneath him.

In that instant, Qiao Jiusheng fell into the two green pools and forgot to breathe.

She looked at his pink lips and heard him ask, “Who’s the real beauty?”

Qiao Jiusheng was mesmerized. She honestly replied, “You.”

“In that case,” Fang Yusheng said as his fingers circled Qiao Jiusheng’s chin. “If you bring me along, it will be enough to suppress everyone.”

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