Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Overwhelming Beauty (4)

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Qiao Jiuyin helped Xu Pingfei prepare dinner. When she saw that it was almost time for dinner, she hurriedly returned to her courtyard to change.

There were always differences between sisters-in-law.

There was no lack of competitive mentality.

Qiao Jiuyin had never seen the face of the Eldest Young Madam before, so she was not confident. Moreover, she was from the second branch. If she lost to the eldest branch in terms of appearance and dressing, would she not be losing face for Fang Mu? After changing into the new gown that she had chosen a few days ago, Qiao Jiuyin sat by the window and put on makeup.

Suddenly, she felt nauseous. Qiao Jiuyin put down her eyebrow pencil and rubbed her stomach.

She waited for her nausea to subside before continuing with her makeup.

After she had dressed up, Fang Mu finally returned. He stood in the courtyard waiting for Qiao Jiuyin. He was clad in a navy blue suit. He held one hand in his pocket, and a cigarette butt lay beside his feet. Qiao Jiuyin walked to his side on her light heels. Seeing that he was about to smoke again, she reached out to stop him.

“Stop smoking! It’s not good.”

Qiao Jiuyin rarely stopped him from smoking. Fang Mu raised his eyebrows, but he did not get angry. On the contrary, his cold and arrogant brows became gentler. “Okay.” He put down the cigarette and observed his wife. The more he looked at her, the more satisfied he became. “You look so good in this. How is our sister-in-law going to live?”

Qiao Jiuyin was wearing a sleeveless, long, and blue muslin dress. Her waist was tucked away, revealing her slender waist wrapped in lace. The design of the dress was generous, but it revealed her perfect figure. Fang Mu hugged her waist and caressed it.

Fang Mu was a smart person. How could he not know what Qiao Jiuyin was thinking?

Qiao Jiuyin held his arm and pinched it now and then. “I heard that our elder sister-in-law is the woman Yuqing bumped into that night.” She looked up, her charming eyes filled with confusion. “Do you know Elder Sister-in-law’s background?”

Fang Mu shook his head. “I don’t. Big Brother protected her very well.”

“We’re going to meet her anyway. I don’t know why he’s hiding her so much.”

Fang Mu sneered. “Who knows!”

The two of them entered the main house hand in hand.

As it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, apart from the gathering, there was also a chance to appreciate the moon tonight. Therefore, the gathering took place on the lawn outside.

Fang Mu greeted a few elders before finding a spacious and quiet seat to sit down. His aura was very strong. As he sat there, the voices of the siblings that passed by him became softer. Fang Pingjue looked at his second son. He became more and more satisfied with every second he looked at him. His second son’s personality was most similar to him when he was young. He was steady, calm, and had a strong aura.

A young girl in a pink Eugenia dress suddenly sat beside Fang Yuqing. She placed her hand on Fang Yuqing’s shoulder and quietly asked her, “Sister Yuqing, have you seen Sister-in-law?”

Fang Yuqing looked at her cousin Fang Yupei and shook her head. “No, Brother Yusheng hid her.” She thought about last month when she was rash.

“Ugh, how beautiful must she be that Brother Yusheng hid her so well?”

Fang Yusheng’s handsomeness was well known.

It was hard for anyone to imagine how wonderful Fang Yusheng’s precious wife was.

These two girls were not the only ones curious. Everyone here was extremely curious.

The gathering was set to start at 6:10 pm sharp. When it was 6:05 pm, Butler Wan Lang said, “Young Master and Young Madam are here.”

Everyone raised their head and looked at the entrance of the courtyard. Even Fang Mu raised his head a little and turned his gaze to the entrance.

When the two people entered the courtyard, everyone finally saw Eldest Young Madam’s face.

The woman was about 1.7 meters tall. She had worn a beige dress with beaded shoulders and a tight-fitting skirt containing embroidery. Her figure was excellent, and she had long legs and a thin waist. The curves of her breasts and hips could be seen, and the muscles of her calves were exposed under the tight and beautiful skirt.

A tattoo could be vaguely seen on her knee. Most of the tattoo was covered by her skirt, revealing only a winding flower vine. It looked like a rose.

She walked just behind Fang Yusheng and elegantly stepped into the courtyard.

Qiao Jiusheng had curled her pure black hair into a bun, revealing her beautiful and fair neck. Her brows were gentle, and her lips were pink. Her beautiful face made the young men in the courtyard slightly absent-minded. As she walked, a pair of sapphire earrings swayed on her earlobes, adding some spirit and playfulness to her.

Holding Fang Yusheng’s arm, Qiao Jiusheng walked into the courtyard. She seemed to be looking ahead, but the corners of her eyes were constantly gazing at Fang Yusheng. The smile on her lips never faded, and she looked at him with a gaze full of reliance.

Fang Yusheng was blind, unable to see anything. On top of that, he was not as outstanding as the second young master of the Fang family. But it seemed like to this woman, he was her everything, the sky she looked up to.

Life was all about acting. Qiao Jiusheng’s acting skills were superb, and she was just short of promoting the little golden man to the headlines.

Fang Yusheng, who was casually dressed, also looked different today.

Young Master Fang’s beauty was unparalleled without much embellishment. However, he refused to be at peace today. He was dressed in a high-profile and arrogant manner. His light blue shirt was tightly buttoned, and his black tie circled the collar of his shirt. A sense of elegance surrounded him.

White peony, red seeds, green vines, and a pair of exquisitely embroidered hands perfectly pierced his ash-gray suit. The fancy suit exuded a gorgeous and noble aura. For some reason, Young Master Fang had worn a rare black top hat in the middle of summer. This made his fair face under the brim of the hat look even more beautiful.


The full moon hung high in the sky.

On the flat floor below

It swirled with bright silver

And you walk to me with a smile

Between the moon and the snow

You are the third type of beauty!

Young Master Fang did not smile, but he could afford to be the third type of beauty.

Even though they had been poisoned by Fang Yusheng’s beauty countless times, at this moment, his younger sisters and younger brothers were still subdued by his charm. The elders were more focused on Qiao Jiusheng. Qiao Jiusheng looked radiant and beautiful tonight. Just her appearance was enough to tell that she was not inferior to Fang Yusheng’s previous blind dates.

Xu Pingfei was relieved.

Fang Pingjue’s lips moved, but he did not say anything.

Qiao Jiuyin stared at Qiao Jiusheng and frowned. Although this woman was beautiful, she was not as gorgeous as her. Qiao Jiuyin had never seen this face before, but a sense of familiarity constantly surged in her heart. She had won in beauty. Qiao Jiuyin should’ve felt proud, but her heart was flustered.

Beside her, Fang Mu also frowned as he stared at Qiao Jiusheng. When he saw Qiao Jiusheng’s gaze on Fang Yusheng, a sour feeling spread in his heart.

Fang Mu was surprised by the reaction in his heart. He took another look at the unfamiliar woman before turning away.

Among all the elders, only Fang Yusheng’s uncle, Fang Ping, showed a regretful expression.

He was in the entertainment industry and had the sharpest eyes.

He had seen countless celebrities, but none of them were comparable to his nephew.

It was a pity that Fang Yusheng did not join the entertainment industry despite his handsomeness.

“Dad, Aunt Xu, this is my wife.” Fang Yusheng held Qiao Jiusheng’s hand and patted it. He then said his wife’s name to the Pingjue couple. “Qi Yunsheng.”

Upon hearing this name, Qiao Jiuyin and Fang Mu were stunned.

Qi Yunsheng, which Sheng?

Qiao Jiuyin seemed to have thought of something, and her face turned pale.

Fang Mu was shocked for a moment before he regained his composure. He leaned close to Qiao Jiuyin’s ear and joked, “It’s actually the same as you. Both have the word Sheng in your names.”

Qiao Jiuyin smiled, but her heart was filled with fear.

“Ah Sheng, this is Dad and Aunt Xu,” Fang Yusheng said to Qiao Jiusheng.

Hearing the nickname Ah Sheng, Qiao Jiusheng was stunned.

Fang Yusheng secretly pinched her palm. Qiao Jiusheng put away her strange thoughts and said, “Dad, Aunt Xu.” She deliberately lowered her voice, so Qiao Jiuyin and Fang Mu did not notice anything unusual.

It was finally the day that she called Fang Pingjue her father, but she did it as the eldest young madam of the Fang family.

Qiao Jiusheng lowered her head slightly and looked at her toes, smiling bitterly.

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