Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 623 - Confession

Chapter 623 Confession

After packing up, Vera didn’t even change her coffee-stained dress. She left the old house with her bag

She waited at the door for a taxi. She hadn’t seen a car in more than ten minutes, and her heart was in a mess. She was getting more and more flustered. Vera had to carry her leather bag and walk out of this residential area. She had just reached the entrance of the residential area when she saw a dark car parked at the entrance.

Vera saw the door open and Thomas get out of the car.

Her legs turned weak, and she loosened her grip on the luggage in her hand, wanting to escape. She tried to move her legs, but she realized that her legs were so heavy that they seemed to be filled with lead, and she could not move. Thomas strode over and kicked the bag beside her with his foot. He asked with a smile, “Where are you planning to go, Miss Vera?”

Vera was trembling.

Thomas picked up her bag and said calmly, “Miss Vera, the last road. I’ll give you a ride.”

Thomas was not a good person. He was not qualified to send people to heaven, but he was capable of bringing people to hell.

Vera was pulled into the car by Thomas.

They returned to the Yan house again. This time, Vera’s footsteps were especially small and slow. The soles of her shoes were almost touching the cement road of the manor as she walked slowly. Thomas despised her for walking slowly. He grabbed one of her arms and pulled her forward.

Vera was dragged into the hall by Thomas.

The moment she entered the house, Vera was so frightened by the scene in the house that her blood froze and she almost held her breath.

The people sitting above were still the same people as last time.

From the right were Sha Zelong, Yan Nuo, Ji Yinbing, and Angus. Butler La Pu stood respectfully beside Angus with a calm expression. Yan Nuo and Yan Yu’s loyal subordinates stood in the room and split into two rows.

Everyone’s faces were cold.

Unlike the last time, there was someone else in the house. An old man with white hair was lying on the ground. His clothes were dirty. Vera was very close to him, and she could smell the dried blood on his clothes. The old man looked like he had stopped breathing. An old man of unknown origin but was on his last breath made the atmosphere in the house seem even more treacherous.

Vera was thrown roughly to the ground by Thomas.

She fell to the ground, her arms and face scraped on the Yan family floor.

But Vera couldn’t care less about the pain.

She only opened her eyes and sized up the old man lying beside her.

The old man was still breathing, and his chest was rising and falling slowly. His face was almost blurry, and only two weak eyes could be seen under his swollen eyes. Vera had already guessed this man’s identity.

“Do you know who he is?” Yan Yu spoke from above.

Vera slowly looked up at Yan Yu.

She shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Yan Yu smiled faintly and said, “You don’t know him, but he knows you.”

Vera remained silent.

Her words made people pour cold water on the old man.

The old man immediately woke up.

When the person who was on the verge of death saw Vera, he immediately shouted incoherently with a panicked expression, “Madam Annita, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have accepted your money. I shouldn’t have imitated the leader’s handwriting and deliberately written such a diary! Madam Annita, tell them, tell them! I was forced by you!”

Vera looked almost the same as the young Annita. It was not surprising that the old man mistook her for the old Annita.

But Vera panicked when she heard this.

She scolded the old man, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

The old man cried out sorrowfully, “Madam Annita, how is this nonsense! You’re clearly trying to harm me on purpose. Tell me, as long as I’m willing to do as you say, you’ll be with me after the leader dies. I did it, but you turned against me!”

He said almost exactly what Annita had written in her diary.

It was true that such a thing had been written in Annita’s diary. She had indeed seduced a man called Meng Ke and seduced him to write a diary to lie to Angus. But after that, when Meng Ke came to her, she turned on him again.

If he even knew this, then he was undoubtedly Meng Ke!

The last bit of hope in Vera’s heart was completely broken.

Vera’s face turned pale.

She sat paralyzed on the floor and kept muttering, “It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!”

Yan Nuo suddenly walked over and squatted down beside Vera. He said to Vera amiably, “Vera, tell me the truth. Brother Yan Nuo believes that you’re kind and innocent.” Yan Yu had told him this beforehand.

First, he would use Meng Ke to provoke Vera and break her psychological defense. Then, Yan Nuo would use their special relationship to pretend to care for Vera. At this moment, the helpless and afraid Vera would definitely treat him as her last straw. She would definitely trust him and tell him the truth.

In fact, Yan Nuo’s words comforted Vera.

She pounced into Yan Nuo’s arms and hugged him tightly. She cried and called him Brother Yan Nuo.

Above him, Ji Yinbing frowned with a vexed expression. Yan Nuo turned around and looked at Ji Yinbing. Ji Yinbing nodded at him. He patted Vera’s shoulder and comforted her. “Stop crying. Tell Brother Yan Nuo the truth. This is your mother’s fault. It has nothing to do with you.”

Vera cried until her snot and tears flowed and stained Yan Nuo’s clothes.

Yan Nuo was annoyed, but he still had to coax him patiently.

Angus held his forehead and looked gloomy. No one knew what he was thinking.

Finally, Vera calmed down a little. She started to reveal the dusty, misunderstood past intermittently.

“Brother Yan Nuo, it’s really not my fault. I was also harmed. I didn’t betray the Black Fiend on purpose back then. It was my mother who told me that my father didn’t die to save Aunt Yan Mei. It was Aunt Yan Mei who used him as a shield.”

“She asked me to take revenge for my father. She said that she wanted to let the Yan family fall before she could vent her anger.”

Angus frowned.

Annita really lied.

Angus knew the truth back then. Neya had indeed died to save Yan Mei. When he died, he had been shot seven times and his head had exploded. Yan Mei had even cried at Neya’s funeral. So when he saw Yan Mei’s diary later, Angus thought of how Yan Mei, who never cried, had actually cried at Neya’s funeral and believed it easily.

Why was Annita lying?

A ridiculous suspicion grew in Angus.

That suspicion made Angus uneasy and he sat like a carpet.

Vera continued to speak. She cried and said, “You let me down. Another little slave…” Vera paused and continued,” New and old hatreds add up. I was really angry. Before we left for Northern K Nation, I called the people in Northern K Nation and told them about our operation.”

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