Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 624 - The Cruel Truth

Chapter 624 The Cruel Truth

Vera had been hiding in Yan Nuo’s arms, so she naturally did not notice the ruthlessness in Yan Nuo’s eyes.

As for the other mercenaries in the room, Yan Yu, and Ji Yinbing, they were all furious when they heard that Vera had really admitted to her betrayal! Six of their brothers had died because of her actions! Even Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing had almost died there!

She was too embarrassed to cry as she spoke!

“And then? What else?” Her words were cold, but her voice was extremely gentle. Vera was silent for a while before saying, “Actually, I was only slightly injured in that operation. After I pretended to be dead, I waited for you to leave before I left. Later on, something happened. I was sent to the auction house and met Thomas. Then, you brought me back to India.”

“I was afraid you would suspect me, so I pretended to lose my memory.”

“I left the Yan family and returned home. When I was cleaning the house, I found a diary of my mother…” Vera murmured in a painful tone.” It’s all wrong, it’s all wrong! My father wasn’t killed by your mother! My mother lied to me!”

“She lied to me because she was jealous of Aunt Yan Mei! She hated Aunt Yan Mei because my father liked Aunt Yan Mei and even lost his life for her. She felt that all of this was Aunt Yan Mei’s fault. After I finished reading the diary, I found out that my mother actually…”

At this point, Vera looked up from Yan Nuo’s arms. She looked up at Angus with teary eyes.

She said to Angus, “In order to make Aunt Yan Mei unhappy, my mother deliberately found Meng Ke to imitate Aunt Yan Mei’s handwriting and fabricated a fake diary. At the banquet, my mother deliberately told you that Aunt Yan Mei loved my father and only treated you as a substitute.” “She lied to you. She deliberately said that to create an illusion in your heart.”

“After that, my mother bribed the servants around you and placed the fake diary in Aunt Yan Mei’s study room. She then let you discover it without any objections…”

Vera saw that Angus’s expression had changed, and he looked like he had gone stupid. She cried loudly and begged Angus as she cried, “Uncle Angus, I’m sorry! I apologize on behalf of my mother! She caused you and your wife to suffer!”

Angus suddenly stood up.

He had just stood up when his legs suddenly went weak and he knelt on the ground.

Yan Yu wanted to help him, but she did not have the time.

Yan Yu had just touched Angus’s arm when Angus shook off her hand with force. He did not have the strength to stand up, so he crawled to Vera’s side. Angus pushed Yan Nuo away and grabbed Vera’s shoulder. He shook Vera’s body like a demon and said in a crazy tone, “This is fake! You lied to me!”

“Yan Mei loves your father! She treats me as a substitute! What you said just now is a lie!” Angus didn’t dare to admit it. He couldn’t believe the truth.

He had killed Yan Mei and hated her for nearly thirty years! In the end, someone told him that he had misunderstood Yan Mei and that he had personally killed the woman who loved him deeply and the mother of the children!

How could Angus bear this fact!

He shook Vera until she almost had a concussion.

Vera shouted, “Uncle Angus, stop shaking me! I’m not lying! I’m telling the truth! It’s true! Aunt Yan Mei doesn’t love my father! My father loves her! Aunt Yan Mei loves you! It’s always been you!”

Angus was completely woken up by Vera’s shout.

He suddenly stopped shaking Vera.

He lowered his hand and stared blankly at the ground.

The room fell into silence.

Yan Nuo, Yan Yu, and Angus did not speak. La Pu also did not speak, but he kept rubbing his eyes. Ji Yinbing watched the scene. Her gaze swept back and forth between Angus and the Yan siblings, and her heart ached.

Her mother was killed by her father, but her father lived as if he was dead. The two children could only grow up with the butler… Just because of a woman’s jealousy, they caused this once happy family to shatter.

At this moment, knowing the truth hurt the most. It should be Angus.

Ji Yinbing could not help but look at Angus with worry.

After a long silence, the house suddenly remembered Angus’s soft laughter. His laughter was so pleasant, but it made one’s hair stand on end. “Hehe…” This elegant and charming Hollywood superstar was now like a homeless beggar. He was dispirited.

“This is your revenge for me.”

“Yan Mei, you have to make me pay for my crimes even if you die!” He suddenly had the strength to stand up. Angus rushed into the kitchen like a madman. He held a knife and waved it in the living room. As he slashed, he said to the air, “Come out, stop hiding! Come out, come out and kill me!”


“Why are you hiding! Is it interesting to see me live alone and become a joke?”



“Yan Mei, come out! Come and see how the man you love is living! I’m a murderer!” Angus roared until his throat was hoarse. He shouted at the empty air, “I killed the woman I love the most! I killed the mother of my children! Come out and see how ridiculous this murderer is!”

No one could answer Angus’s question.

It was impossible for Yan Mei to really walk out.

“I’m so trashy! What the fuck do you love about me!”

After Angus roared the last sentence, his voice was trembling.

Everyone looked at the crazy Angus in silence, especially Vera. She was about to be scared to death by Angus’s crazy reaction. Angus suddenly threw the knife and sat on the ground, crying.

Amidst his hoarse and despairing cries, painful murmurs could be heard from time to time. Every murmur was the same word. He was chanting


Yan Yu looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath before walking over to Angus. She lifted Angus from the ground with both hands. She handed him to Sha Zelong and said to him, “Take him back to his room. Watch him carefully. Don’t let him die.”

Sha Zelong looked at Yan Yu deeply before saying, “I understand.”

After Sha Zelong took Angus away, Yan Nuo stood up.

He slowly walked to a wall in the living room. Yan Nuo reached out and took a sword from the wall without stopping him. He walked back with the sword. There was no expression on his cold face. Vera saw him walking towards her and screamed in fear.

“Brother Yan Nuo, you said that you wouldn’t…”

Before Vera could finish, Yan Nuo’s sword pierced her chest.

Vera stared at Yan Nuo in shock, her eyes filled with pain and hatred. “…He killed me…”

Yan Nuo looked down at her and said, “Back then, my father killed my mother like this.”

He said, “In front of us siblings.”

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