Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 626 - Love Is Deeper Than Hatred

Chapter 626 Love Is Deeper Than Hatred

“Father said no, never.”

“He threw away the knife and ran. When he turned around and saw my sister and me, my father even fell. Then he got up again and crawled downstairs. When my mother was on her last breath, she lay on the ground and begged us. She begged us not to hate my father. She begged us to love him…”

Yan Nuo suddenly turned around and pressed Ji Yinbing into his arms. His voice sounded muffled above Ji Yinbing’s head. “Why are you so stupid!” How could his mother be so stupid? How could his father be so stupid!

Ji Yinbing was in pain.

She patted Yan Nuo’s back gently and comforted him that it was all in the past.

She said softly, “Your father must have been in despair at that time. Think about it. As a man who should have had a bright future and a bright future, your mother cut off his future. Not only that, but she also locked Angus up and let him live in shackles for two whole years. Angus must have loved her deeply to be able to let bygones be bygones and accept your mother.”

“Because he loved her, he was willing to be imprisoned by her. Because he loved her, he forgave the pain she caused him. Because he loved her, he was furious when he saw that kind of diary. Yan Nuo, your mother is right. You shouldn’t hate your father.”

“In the past, your mother was the person who loved him the most in the world. After your mother was killed by him, you were the only people who truly loved him. Your mother was not stupid. After the incident, she must have guessed something. She must have expected that the truth would definitely surface one day. At that time, the person who would suffer the most would definitely be your father.”

“Yan Nuo, what you should do now is tell Angus to live well and not do anything stupid.”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

Ji Yinbing added, “You can probably tell. Angus doesn’t want to live anymore. He’s about to go crazy.”

Yan Nuo remained silent.

“Yan Nuo, if even you and Sister Yan give up on him, he will definitely give up on himself. Yan Nuo, you’re his children. Your forgiveness is the greatest harm to him.”

Yan Nuo seemed to be moved.

He asked Ji Yinbing softly, “If it were you, would you forgive him?”

“I will hate him.”

Yan Nuo was surprised.

Ji Yinbing added, “But at the same time, my heart aches for him. After all, although he’s in the wrong, he’s also a victim. Madam Yan Mei is dead. Angus will only be the one who’s more sad than you.” Ji Yinbing knew Yan Nuo’s attitude towards Angus. He hated Angus, but he also hated Angus.

“He needs you.” After a pause, Ji Yinbing said, “It doesn’t matter if you hate him or love him. Once he’s gone, where can you love and hate him?”

Yan Nuo rubbed his chin on her head and said, “Okay.”

Yan Nuo let go of Ji Yinbing.

He walked towards Angus’s room. When he passed by the corridor, he saw Yan Yu leaning against the wall of the stairwell. He did not know how long she had been standing there.

Yan Nuo stopped and looked at Yan Yu.

Yan Yu seemed to have cried. Even though her emotions had calmed down, her eyes were still a little red. “What are you looking at, little bastard!” Yan Yu was still using the same sharp and violent words.

Yan Nuo asked, “Why are you standing here?”

“Only you can hug Bingbing and seek comfort, but you can’t let me hurt my heart?” Yan Yu was dissatisfied with Yan Nuo’s actions.

Yan Nuo added, “I want to see him. Are you… going?” Yan Yu shrugged and said, “Sure!”

She seemed calm, but Yan Nuo knew that Yan Yu was also in a mess. Otherwise, someone as carefree as her would not have hidden in the rose garden and cried secretly. The siblings walked in silence until they reached the door to Angus’s room.

The door opened and Sha Zelong said to Yan Yu, “Xiao Yu, your father is not in a good mood.”

Yan Yu glanced at him and said, “What did you say just now?”

Sha Zelong looked confused. “What’s wrong?”

Yan Yu corrected his mistake in his grammar. “Then you’re not called ‘your father’. You’re called Dad.”

Sha Zelong was stunned for a moment before his lips curled up. He nodded and said, “Yes, you’re right.” After a pause, Sha Zelong changed his words and said, “Dad isn’t in a good mood.”


Seeing the siblings enter the master bedroom, Sha Zelong walked out of the room considerately and even closed the door for them. Yan Yu could still argue with him. It seemed like her mood had recovered.

Inside the house, Angus sensed the siblings enter. He was still sitting dejectedly on the ground and did not look up. Such a Angus looked very different from the bright and beautiful him on the screen.

The siblings remained silent.

Angus mocked in a low voice, “Are you here to kill me and take revenge for your mother?”

The siblings were stunned.

Angus smiled again. “Come on, kill me,” he said. He looked down at his toes, thought of something, and added, “Just use the knife I used to kill your mother years ago.”

Yan Yu spoke. The first thing she said was, “I heard from my mother that the red wine pheasant you make is very delicious.”

Angus and Yan Nuo were stunned.

Yan Nuo thought: Are you stupid? Why are you talking about food at this time?

Angus was stunned for a few seconds, and pain appeared in his red eyes. He said, “Only she likes it.”

Yan Yu added, “We want to eat too.”

Yan Nuo finally understood what she meant.

Angus was silent for a long time.

He had been lowering his head, or they would have seen the tears in his eyes. Yan Nuo was not as eloquent as Yan Yu. He said bluntly, “Don’t seek death. We don’t want you to die. If you die, we won’t even have a father.”

Yan Yu glared at Yan Nuo. Who said that!

Yan Nuo added, “We do hate you. After all, you made us lose our mother. But…” Yan Nuo touched his ear and snorted awkwardly.” I… I love you too. “After saying that, Yan Nuo felt embarrassed.

Angus finally looked up at Yan Nuo.

He stared at his son’s cold face, but his gaze landed on Yan Nuo’s ears. Those ears were red as if they had been scalded by boiling water.

He suddenly said, “You’re really like your mother.”

Yan Nuo was puzzled.

Angus didn’t explain.

He thought of the past. He had been kidnapped by Yan Mei to India and locked up in her manor. They had quarreled and bared their ugliest and most vicious fangs at each other. They had quarreled for nearly a year. One time, Yan Mei had been angry with Angus. She had simply buttoned Angus up on the bed and stripped him of his clothes.

The first time they slept together was actually because of violence.

Yan Mei forced him.

Logically speaking, that time should have been an unbearable memory. In fact, when Yan Mei really took off her clothes and lay naked on the bed, Angus was also furious.

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