Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 625 - 5 This World Is Warm Because of You

Chapter 625 This World Is Warm Because of You

Although the grudges of the previous generation should not be pushed onto Vera, Vera knew about it but did not say anything. She even did so many wrong things. After knowing the truth, not only did she not repent, she even made more mistakes!

This was unforgivable.

Annita was not a good person, and neither was Vera. When he thought about how Vera and her daughter had caused his family to suffer, Yan Nuo wanted to cut her into pieces.

He stabbed the sword into Vera’s body.

Vera was in so much pain that beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Her heart was shredded by the blade in Yan Nuo’s hand. Huge pain tore through Vera’s body. Her consciousness faded. She saw Death waving at her again.

“Yan Nuo, you can’t kill me. How can you face my father like this…”

Yan Nuo said, “Then I’ll apologize to him when I die in the future.”

He pulled out the sword and watched as Vera knelt in front of him. Blood flowed from her chest to the floor and to Yan Nuo’s heels. However, Vera was not completely dead. She was still breathing.

Yan Nuo shifted his feet and threw the sword at Xiao Fengyi.

Xiao Fengyi reached out to catch it and heard Yan Nuo say, “Wash it clean and disinfect it before hanging it back.” Xiao Fengyi nodded with lowered eyebrows. “Yes.”

Yan Nuo took two more steps as if he had discovered something. He looked down and saw some blood on the front of his shoes. He immediately frowned and tiptoed to wipe the floor. Throughout the entire time, Yan Nuo did not look at Vera again, but she saw his disdainful actions.

His consciousness gradually dissipated.

The last thing Vera saw was Yan Nuo’s back facing her as he walked further and further away.

When Yan Nuo reached the elevator, he heard La Pu’s voice behind him. He said, “Miss Vera is dead.”

He did not stop walking. He entered the elevator and said, “Clean up.”

Yan Nuo went straight to the third floor.

After Yan Nuo left, Yan Yu walked out of the hall silently and went to the rose garden.

Angus was brought back to his room by Sha Zelong. Yan Nuo was unhappy and went upstairs to his room alone. Yan Yu also went to the rose garden alone. The living room instantly became cold.

The black fog was lifted, and the truth of the past was cruelly revealed in front of everyone in blood. Yan Mei, who had been killed by the man she loved, Angus, who had been misled by Annita, Annita, who had refused to let the Yan family off easy after her death, and Vera, who had once been glorious but now lay on the ground and died a miserable death…

Everyone should not have ended like this.

However, life was a ridiculous farce. No one could say the beginning, nor could anyone grasp the development process, much less guess the outcome.

Ji Yinbing sighed and said to Thomas, “Send this old gentleman back to America and cremate Vera’s corpse.” As she spoke, Ji Yinbing saw the ‘Meng Ke’ old man get up from the ground. He was covered in blood, but he was energetic and did not look injured at all.

This person was actually not Meng Ke. The real Meng Ke was already dead. This was a minor actor that Yan Nuo had found from Hollywood. Although this person was a minor actor, he was a corpse professional. It was easy to act as an old man struggling on his deathbed.

In fact, what ‘Meng Ke’ had said to Vera before was all their guess. La Pu had said that before Madam Yan Mei died, Annita had been closer to a man in the mercenary group for a period of time. At that time, everyone thought that Annita had planned to remarry, but it was left unsettled.

Yan Nuo and the rest guessed the truth according to La Pu.

In the end, they guessed right.

Vera was really convinced.

The servants came with mop and cleaning agents to clear the blood. Ji Yinbing stared at them for a moment before saying to La Pu, “Mr. La Pu, come and watch them. I went upstairs.”

“Yes, Madam.” Ji Yinbing was worried about Yan Nuo, so she planned to go back to her room to look for him.

She returned to her room but was stunned.

Was Yan Nuo not around?

Ji Yinbing closed the door and thought about it before gently walking to the fourth floor.

The usually quiet fourth floor was a little lively today. Sha Zelong brought Angus back to the master bedroom on the fourth floor. Angus was still going crazy. Ji Yinbing could hear Angus’s voice even as she stood on the corridor turning platform between the third and fourth floor.

She hesitated for a moment before going to the fourth floor.

Yan Nuo was indeed on the fourth floor.

He was standing in the corridor of the room on the fourth floor. At the end of the corridor on the left was a hall. At the end of the corridor on the right was the study. Angus and Yan Mei’s master bedroom was on the other end near the study. Yan Nuo stood in the corridor on the left.

He crossed his arms and leaned against the corridor wall. There was a small window beside him.

The scorching sun shone on him through the transparent glass. Yan Nuo seemed to not feel the heat source. In fact, he was very cold now. What was colder than his body was his heart. Ji Yinbing walked behind him and did not make a sound.

Yan Nuo knew that she was here, but he did not turn around.

She stood quietly with him for a while.

From here, she could see the rose garden in the backyard downstairs. Ji Yinbing saw Yan Yu squatting on the path in the middle of the rose garden as if she was crying. Ji Yinbing was a little surprised and shocked. So Sister Yan could cry too.

“I was only six years old at that time,” Yan Nuo suddenly said.

Ji Yinbing retracted her gaze and looked at Yan Nuo.

Yan Nuo remained silent as if he had no intention of saying anything.

Ji Yinbing hesitated for a moment before holding Yan Nuo’s cold hand.

The world was warm because of her.

Yan Nuo grabbed Ji Yinbing’s hand back and had the desire to talk. “When we heard their argument, my sister and I, who were playing in the backyard, were especially afraid. We ran upstairs together and just ran to the spot where I was standing, we saw…”

Yan Nuo suddenly fell silent.

There was a few seconds of silence, and the atmosphere became heavy.

Yan Yu found his voice again. “We watched as our father stabbed the knife into our mother,” he said.

“When my mother was stabbed first, she was very shocked, but my father had already lost his mind. He stabbed my mother a second time. At that point, even my mother could not bear to hurt him! My mother’s skills are very powerful. If she wanted to resist, my father was not her match at all.”

“But she didn’t.”

“She can’t bear to…”

“My sister and I watched as my mother was stabbed to her knees by my father. I heard my father ask my mother why she lied to him in a desperate and angry tone. My mother kept denying it, but my father couldn’t.”

“When his mother was about to die, she couldn’t bear to scold him or curse him. She only asked him if he had ever loved her.”

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