Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 644 - Daddy, You’re Lying

Chapter 644 Daddy, You’re Lying

The next morning, Fang Zikai woke Fang Yusheng up.

Fang Zikai lay on his legs. As he climbed, he shouted, “Dad, why are you sleeping in our


Fang Yusheng suddenly woke up.

He covered Fang Zikai’s mouth and instructed him softly, “You can’t tell anyone.” Yan Nuo and the rest were still here. Fang Yusheng was also a man, so he had to care about his face.

Fang Zikai nodded. His mouth was covered, and his voice was buzzing. He said, “I know, I know.” Fang Yusheng carried him from his lap and placed him on the ground.

He swept his gaze across the room and saw that Fang Zicheng’s blanket was laid flat. He thought that he should have woken up. Unlike Fang Zicheng, Fang Zikai was untidy. His bed was messy like a kennel.

Fang Zikai stomped his feet and urged Fang Yusheng to wake up faster. “It’s already cold when you wake up late. Grandma Jin will be returning to her hometown this afternoon. This is the last breakfast this year.” Fang Zikai could imagine how miserable their lives would be after Grandma Jin left.

Fang Zikai was so noisy that Fang Yusheng simply lifted the blanket and got out of bed. He folded the blanket and everything else before holding Fang Zikai’s hand and opening the door to go out. In the end, the moment he opened the door, he saw Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing standing at the door of the opposite room.

Fang Yusheng was stunned.

The two of them looked at him as well. Yan Nuo’s lips moved, as if he was about to say something. Fang Yusheng spoke before they could. He said, “I just came to wake Quiet Fang up.”


Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing looked confused.

Yan Nuo asked him, “Why are you telling us this when you came to wake your son up?”

Fang Yusheng touched his nose and did not speak. Only then did he realize that his words were unnecessary.

Fang Yusheng led Fang Zikai to the dining room in the front room for breakfast. The father and son walked in front while Yan Nuo followed behind. He stared at Fang Yusheng’s clothes and frowned. Yan Nuo suddenly asked Fang Yusheng, “Did you sleep in your room last night?”

Fang Yusheng felt helpless, but he pretended to be calm. He asked Yan Nuo in confusion, “How could you tell?”

“You didn’t change your clothes.” Ji Yinbing said.

Fang Yusheng was wearing the clothes from last night.

Fang Yusheng rolled his eyes and said smoothly, “Iron Egg said that it was a little cold last night and forced me to sleep on his bed for the night. He said that he was already so old and still wanted to sleep with his father. It was very embarrassing. That’s why I said that when I saw you guys just now.”

Since Iron Egg Fang was not here, there was no proof. Fang Yusheng could say whatever he wanted.

Ji Yinbing and Yan Nuo really believed it.

Fang Zikai was dumbfounded.

He pulled Fang Yusheng’s hand, and Fang Yusheng bent down to carry him in his arms. Fang Zikai’s small hand made the shape of a horn and placed it beside Fang Yusheng’s right ear. Fang Zikai whispered to his father. He said, “Dad, you’re lying.”

Fang Yusheng said calmly, “This is called a special situation. A special explanation.” “But you’re lying.” Fang Zikai looked innocent. He mumbled softly and asked him, “Dad, why did you lie?”

Fang Yusheng remained silent.

Fang Zikai added, “Can’t you just say that you were locked outside by Mom last night?”

“What do you know?” Fang Yusheng bit his ear with his youngest son. “This matter concerns a man’s dignity. I can’t say it.”


The two of them chatted quietly all the way to the dining room.

Fang Zicheng carried the milk and greeted every adult politely before lowering his head to eat his breakfast slowly. Yan Nuo especially admired children like Fang Zicheng. He was sensible, easygoing, and smart. After they sat down, Fang Yusheng asked Auntie Jin, “Where’s Ah Sheng?”

Auntie Jin was very surprised. She asked Fang Yusheng, “I didn’t see Madam. Young Master Yusheng, didn’t you see her?”

Fang Yusheng frowned, stood up, and quickly returned to his room.

He called Qiao Jiusheng’s name a few times, but there was no reaction.

Fang Yusheng was worried that something had happened to Qiao Jiusheng.

The door was locked from the inside, and it could not be opened from the outside. Fang Yusheng could not do anything, so he could only go to the tool room to find a chainsaw and saw a hole in the heavy door. Such a big commotion finally woke Qiao Jiusheng up.

She muttered, “What are you doing…”

Qiao Jiusheng’s voice was very hoarse, like sand rubbing on paper.

Upon hearing Qiao Jiusheng’s voice, Fang Yusheng’s gaze turned cold. He crawled into the cave, unlocked the door, and pulled it open before walking to the bed.

Qiao Jiusheng lay on the bed, her lips a little dry. Fang Yusheng bent down and touched Qiao Jiusheng’s forehead. He said, “It’s too hot. You have a fever.” He found a thermometer and tested it on her. It was more than 39 degrees Celsius. Without a word, Fang Yusheng carried Qiao Jiusheng and ran to the hospital.

Qiao Jiusheng’s body was very hot. She was hugged by Fang Yusheng and her body swayed with Fang Yusheng’s movements.

Qiao Jiusheng felt inexplicably sad.

Just as Fang Yusheng had said, she had kicked the blanket and caught a cold just because he was not around for the entire night. There was nothing she could do without him. On the way to the hospital, Fang Yusheng scolded Qiao Jiusheng worriedly. “Look at you. You caught a cold when I was not around for the entire night.”

Qiao Jiusheng had not spoken previously and leaned against the back of the car listlessly. Upon hearing this, she glanced at Fang Yusheng calmly and said softly, “That’s why I wouldn’t leave you like this.”

When Fang Yusheng heard Qiao Jiusheng’s words, he was stunned at first before frowning

Qiao Jiusheng narrowed her eyes at him and stopped talking

Suddenly, a hand landed on Fang Yusheng’s hand.

Fang Yusheng slowed the car down. He looked down at the hand on the back of his hand and remained silent.

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Yusheng, although I won’t be unable to live without anyone, believe me. If there really is such a person, his loss will make me wish I was dead.” Fang Yusheng tilted his head and saw Qiao Jiusheng say, “That must be you.”

Fang Yusheng was touched. His throat rolled, and Qiao Jiusheng heard him grunt.

Qiao Jiusheng had a high fever for the entire afternoon. The hospital prescribed fever medicine, but it was useless to take it. The fever became worse and worse. In order to prevent her condition from worsening, Qiao Jiusheng stayed in the hospital. At night, Lisa came to see her with hot soup.

Fang Yusheng was also there when she arrived.

Lisa and Chi Baoguang bought another house outside. It was also close to where Chi Baoguang worked. The old couple would only return to Fang Yusheng’s house during the holidays. In the end, the two of them did not want to cause trouble for Fang Yusheng.

After all, young people had their own lives.

Lisa made ginseng and lotus seed soup. She scooped a bowl for Qiao Jiusheng. Seeing that Fang Yusheng had not eaten, she scooped a bowl for him too.

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