Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 645 - New Year’s Gift

Chapter 645 New Year’s Gift

Fang Yusheng took a sip of the soup and felt his stomach warm up.

He wanted to drink more, but seeing that Qiao Jiusheng liked it and Lisa did not bring much, Fang Yusheng stopped.

Lisa asked him, “Aunt Jin, is it time to go back?”

“Yes, I’ve already gone back in the afternoon.”

“What are the children going to do tonight?”

“Yan Nuo and Yinbing are at my house. They can help take care of them.”

“That’s good.”

Qiao Jiusheng felt much better. She asked Lisa, “When is Dad on vacation?”

“Tomorrow afternoon after three o’clock, the annual leave will be held.”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Then you and Dad can come back and stay. It’s almost the New Year, so it’s fun to stay together.”

Upon hearing this, Lisa felt extremely at ease. She agreed. Lisa left very quickly. After she left, Fang Yusheng stood up as well. He carried the basin and went to get a basin of hot water to soak Qiao Jiusheng’s feet.

Qiao Jiusheng watched as Fang Yusheng brought water to wash her feet. He did not mind this job and took off her socks before putting her feet in the warm water. Qiao Jiusheng looked down at Fang Yusheng and could only see his brown hair and perky nose.

Qiao Jiusheng’s nose turned sour and she could not help but almost cry.

Fang Yusheng focused on washing her feet. Suddenly, a few drops of wet tears landed on the back of his hand and the string of jade beads.

Stunned, Fang Yusheng suddenly looked up and saw Qiao Jiusheng crying.

He was instantly helpless. “Why are you crying?”

The more Qiao Jiusheng cried, the sadder she became. She sobbed so hard that she choked. Fang Yusheng quickly wiped her feet clean. He stood up and hugged Qiao Jiusheng. After coaxing her for a long time, Qiao Jiusheng stopped crying. Seeing that she had recovered, Fang Yusheng asked carefully, “Why are you crying?”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Yusheng, you can live to 75. Then I have to live to 69 years old at least to accompany you until I age. If I can’t live to 69 years old, I’ll die of illness or an accident. What will happen to you alone?” The more she spoke, the more bitter she felt, and she could not help but feel sad.

“Look, I’m sick, and you’re serving me tea and water. If I leave and you fall sick, what will you do?”

Fang Yusheng was speechless “What are you thinking about?”

Qiao Jiusheng remained silent.

Fang Yusheng rubbed her hair hard and sighed. “That day won’t come. You’re so healthy. It’s not a problem for you to live to 70 years old.”

Seeing that Qiao Jiusheng was still letting her thoughts run wild, Fang Yusheng could only say helplessly, “Don’t I still have two children? They will raise me.”

Qiao Jiusheng seemed to have seen hope and was no longer sad.

In the latter half of the night, Qiao Jiusheng’s fever completely subsided.

The next day, after the doctor went to work, Qiao Jiusheng took some cold medicine and was discharged with Fang Yusheng. On the way home, Qiao Jiusheng asked Fang Yusheng to park the car in front of a bookstore. She went into the shop to buy a few books.

Qiao Jiusheng carried her books back to the car. As Fang Yusheng drove, he asked her, “What did you buy?”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “A New Year gift for the children.”



Fang Yusheng did not comment.

When she got home, she gave the gifts to the two children. They received the same gifts, three books.

Fang Zicheng and Fang Zikai stared at the books and did not speak. Although Fang Zicheng was literate, he did not recognize many of them. Fang Zikai was completely illiterate.

Fang Zikai asked Qiao Jiusheng, “What book is this?”

Qiao Jiusheng was drinking water and had no time to talk. Fang Yusheng was preparing medicine for her and did not speak. Ji Yinbing happened to be at the side. Upon hearing this, she picked up the book in Fang Zikai’s hand and looked at it before saying, “It’s’ Priceless Filial Heart’,’ Filial Heart Cannot Wait ‘, and Shi Tiesheng’s’ Chicken Soup for the Heart’.”

When Fang Zikai heard this, it was a little vague.

Seeing that Qiao Jiusheng had finished drinking the water, he shouted at her, “Mom, why did you give us these books? I can’t even read!”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “When you guys learn how to read in the future, you have to read these books well. In the future, you have to treat your father well.”

Fang Yusheng was speechless. He said to the two children, “Don’t listen to your mother.”

Qiao Jiusheng glared at Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng ignored him.

From that day on, the little fellows’ bedtime story became Shi Tiesheng’s chicken soup for the soul. Fang Zikai, who was originally a difficult sleeper, could sleep early every night from that day onwards.

Qiao Jiusheng and the rest planned to prepare their reunion dinner themselves.

Chi Baoguang’s unit sent him New Year goods. They were all practical. There was food oil and rice, as well as chickens and farmland pork. According to Chi Baoguang’s leader, these things were exclusively provided to high-quality families.

Chi Baoguang always wanted to give good things to his son. He directly got someone to send the things to the Fang family.

On the 29th day, the Fang family started to prepare for the reunion dinner in advance.

Qiao Jiusheng and Lisa were in charge of cooking, Ji Yinbing was in charge of helping out, and Yan Nuo, Fang Yusheng, and the two children were in charge of cleaning the house. Chi Baoguang was in charge of killing chickens, ducks, and chopping meat with a knife. They used half a day to prepare everything

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Chi Baoguang brought the family to the cemetery.

They paid respects to Grandpa Fang and Grandma Fang. When they left, Chi Baoguang said, “Fang Pingjue’s son is also buried here?” He was referring to Fang Mu.

Fang Yusheng nodded coldly.

Chi Baoguang said, “We’re family after all. Let’s go take a look.”

Fang Yusheng wanted to say that he did not want to go, but he thought of something and tilted his head to look at Qiao Jiusheng. Qiao Jiusheng did not speak and remained silent. He changed his mind again and said, “Alright.”

They went to Fang Mu’s tombstone.

There was a bouquet of fresh flowers and some fresh fruits in front of his tombstone. It seemed that someone had been here.

Qiao Jiusheng said, “It should be Shan Shan and Aunt Xu.”

Other than them, no one else would come to see Fang Mu.

The family left after giving Fang Mu some paper money and some sacrifices. At the entrance of the cemetery, they met Xu Pingfei and Fang Shan, who had yet to leave. Fang Yu’an was with them. They, who were supposed to be family, felt unfamiliar when they met.

Fang Yusheng called out to Aunt Xu, and Xu Pingfei greeted them. Qiao Jiusheng then asked Xu Pingfei, “Qingqing isn’t back?”


Chi Baoguang suddenly took out two red packets from his pocket, one for Fang Shan and the other for Fang Yu’an. Fang Shan accepted the red packets with a smile and said obediently, “Thank you, Eldest Grandpa.”

Fang Yulan stared at the red packet in front of him and was stunned.

Chi Baoguang said, “I’ve never given you a red packet in your life. Take it.”

Fang Yu’an hesitated for a moment before accepting the red packet. “Thank you.”

After chatting, Fang Yusheng kept looking at the red packet in Fang Yu’an’s hand. His gaze seemed a little unhappy.

Fang Yu’an could sense it. He held the red packet and felt his fingers burning. After hesitating for a moment, Fang Yulan put the red packet into his pocket. He thought, “If I keep the red packet, Big Brother will probably not look at me again.”

He put away the red packet and looked at Fang Yusheng again. He realized that Fang Yusheng’s gaze seemed even more malicious.

Fang Yu’an was speechless.

How did I offend you!

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