Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Only Good Enough For a Political Marriage

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Zi Yi was being completely abnormal. In the past, she would have kicked up a huge fuss if she encountered such problems. Why was she so quiet today?

Li Peirong’s sense of uncertainty rose up in her heart once more.

She asked in concern, “Yiyi, are you unwell or upset? If you are unhappy, you must tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

A knowing look swept across Zi Yi’s eyes as she pursed her lips and looked at Li Peirong.

She was certainly a fantastic stepmother and it was no wonder that the original owner of the body would end up such a good for nothing.

Li Peirong thought she had guessed correctly, so she thoughtfully comforted her, “It’s okay. If you don’t want to go to the capital, I can talk your father out of it.”

“Who said anything about not wanting to go to the capital?”

Li Peirong would never allow her to marry into the He family, so the marriage proposal was the least of her concerns.

Since the examination for the Metropolis University’s independent enrolment was taking place in a couple of days, she naturally wanted to go.

The moment Zi Yi finished speaking, she walked out of the room, past Li Peirong who was standing in the doorway, and closed the door behind her before heading downstairs.

Li Peirong frowned as she looked at Zi Yi from behind.

What on earth happened to her yesterday that would lead to such a huge change in her personality?

She decided to ask some of the people that she had planted beside Zi Yi.

Zi Yi happened to hear Zi Xu call out to the rest of the Zi family when she got to the staircase.

From the sound of his voice, it seemed as though Zi Yi was about to marry into the He family immediately and it was time to celebrate.

Zi Yi came downstairs to catch Zi Xuan’s look of ridicule.

She spoke mockingly in a soft tone, so that it was inaudible to their father, “You are only useful for a political marriage.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and suddenly said, “Dad.”

Zi Xu pulled the phone away as he looked at her and could not stop smiling as he said, “I will take you to meet the He family tomorrow. If you perform well and they like you, you can marry into their family and make our family proud.”

Zi Yi looked at him with her bright and beautiful eyes. “Are you planning on selling me to obtain glory?”

“What are you saying?” Zi Xu did not see this coming at all. His face immediately flushed in fury.

He gritted his teeth as he asked, “Who told you that?”

Considering his daughter’s IQ, there was no way she was capable of coming up with such a conclusion.

Zi Yi pointed at Zi Xuan. Zi Xuan looked on in disbelief as Zi Yi said, “She did.”

Zi Xu was instantly furious.

Li Peirong was observing Zi Yi when this transpired. She suppressed the shock on her face as she hurried over.

She beat Zi Xu to it and scolded Zi Xuan, “How could you say that? Have you gone daft from all that studying? No dinner for you tonight. Go back to your room and reflect on what you have said this instant!”

Zi Xuan wanted to defend herself. “Mom, I…”

Li Peirong looked at her sternly. “Go this instant!”

Zi Xuan glanced at Zi Yi with her eyes fuming as she stood up and headed upstairs.

Zi Xu and Li Peirong brainwashed Zi Yi by telling her how wonderful it was to marry into the He family.

Zi Xu even promised her by saying, “If you perform well when we meet the He family, I will tell the assistant to activate your cards and you can spend the money freely.”

However, with every peace offering came a threat. “If you don’t do well, you can forget about taking a dime from me. Since you are a lousy student, you can work at my company.”

Zi Yi looked at Zi Xu as she pursed her lips without answering.

Zi Xu and Li Peirong thought she was just startled.

Li Peirong said to Zi Xu, “Yiyi is such a good kid. How could she perform badly? Stop scaring her.”

She suggested, “Why don’t we go to the capital the day after tomorrow? That way I can bring her shopping for some new outfits tomorrow.”

That way, she could find some way to prevent the He family from taking a liking to her.

Zi Xu finally recalled the awful clothes Zi Yi owned. He sensed a headache coming on and rubbed his temples. “Okay. Take her out and get her some nice clothes tomorrow.”

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