Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Young Master He Is Interested in Her

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Li Peirong thought Zi Yi had finally caused some trouble and felt at ease. She instantly put on a worried expression. “She has been home all day and hasn’t gone out at all.”

Zi Xu could no longer suppress his excitement as he spoke in an airy voice, “The He family from the capital called me. Their fourth son is interested in her, so they want her to make a trip to the capital and meet the family asap.”


Li Peirong’s heart skipped a beat. She found it unbelievable. “Did you make a mistake? How could she be acquainted with Young Master He?”

She specially introduced people to Zi Yi to lead her down the wrong path, so Zi Yi’s circle mostly consisted of privileged brats or hooligans.

Li Peirong was 100 percent in control of Zi Yi’s social circles.

Zi Xuan’s heart was filled with contempt. Zi Yi was a good for nothing. Birds of a feather flock together, so what good could the fourth son of the He family be?

“Xu, are you sure? Does he really like Yiyi?”

“I’m positive. Their butler personally called me.”

Zi Xu was still reeling in the joy that they were about to get to know the He family. He urged Li Peirong, “Go tell Yiyi to get ready. We’re going to the capital tomorrow.”

Li Peirong tightly clenched her hands at her sides. She felt so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

The He family from the capital was an elite family. Although their clan was important in City S, they could not compare to them. What right did that little b*tch have to marry into their family?

Li Peirong’s heart contorted thinking about it, but she pretended to be happy as she said, “Okay. I will talk to her now.”

Zi Yi spent the day reading through the syllabus for senior high. Since she was an Interstellar Trooper with a top-level mental power, having a photographic memory came naturally to her.

Someone happened to knock on her door, after she was done finishing all the past year’s papers for the college entrance exam.

Zi Yi walked over to open the door and saw Li Peirong standing outside.

A maternal expression radiated from Li Peirong’s face. “Yiyi, you have spent the entire day stuck in your room. You must be really bored, right?”

Zi Yi looked at her with a distant expression.

Li Peirong was caught by surprise. She thought Zi Yi must be giving her this cold attitude because she did not help to defend her last night. A sad expression instantly appeared on her face.

“Yiyi, are you angry that I didn’t help you last night? Your father was too angry, so I did it for your own good. If I said too much, he might have ended up even angrier.”

She wanted to take Zi Yi’s hand and continue brainwashing her.

Zi Yi tilted her body sideways slightly and narrowed her eyes as she asked, “Yes?”

Although her voice was soft, it felt like a crushing weight on Li Peirong’s heart, so her hand froze.


Li Peirong felt that Zi Yi’s reaction was unusual. However, she could only suppress her curiosity and focus on the matter at hand, so she naturally pulled her hand back and asked, “When did you get acquainted with Young Master He, the fourth son of the He family from the capital?”

“Who’s that?” Zi Yi felt puzzled.

Li Peirong was perplexed. “Does that mean you don’t know him?”

“I don’t know him.”

Zi Yi was certain that the original owner of the body did not know the guy.

Li Peirong noticed that Zi Yi did not seem like she was lying, so she felt relieved. She put on a fake smile as she said, “He must have seen you without you realising it. Since you are pretty, it’s only natural that he fell for you, but…”

She swiftly got to the point. “If Young Master He wants to marry you, would you agree to it?”

Zi Yi looked into Li Peirong’s eyes. She felt that ancient people were certainly an intriguing lot; they were such great masters of hypocrisy.

Zi Yi pursed her lips and said nothing as she looked at Li Peirong and waited to see what she was actually trying to say.

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