Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Lend Me Five Million

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Lu Ming asked quizzically, when he noticed that He Fei did not answer the phone after a long time, “Who’s that? Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

The moment he finished his sentence, he craned his neck and glanced at the screen, and instinctively shifted two steps to the side.

He reminded He Fei, “Since it’s Second Older Brother calling, you had better answer it quickly. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble.”

He Fei glanced at him angrily. “Do you think I’m a wuss?”

Just as Lu Ming was about to goad him not to answer, He Fei slid his finger and answered it before he promptly kissed up to the caller. “Yes, Second Older Brother?”

“Uh huh… I’m free… Sure sure. I promise to fulfill the task.”

The moment he finished, he hung up the phone and headed out.

Lu Ming hurriedly pulled on his arm and suppressed his laughter as he asked, “Fei, why did he call?”

He Fei glanced at him and said smugly, “He told me to send someone to race and win the bar and club.” He continued heading out.

Lu Ming was stunned. He hurriedly followed behind him. “Why does he want their bar and club?”

He Fei shrugged. “God knows. If you want to know, you can always ask him. Tell me when you find out.”

Lu Ming was speechless, “…”

At the international racetrack in the capital.

Zi Yi waited for Zi Lian to come back from buying the entrance tickets and candidly asked, “Can you lend me five million?”

Zi Lian was startled and quickly asked, “Why do you need the money?”

Zi Lian was not alone. Even the men around them were startled.

Zi Yi pulled her lips into a smile and said, with the airs of a privileged brat, “I naturally want to make a bet.”

“Who do you want to bet on?”

The men did not expect her to be so brave.

Zi Yi said nothing and headed over to the betting area.

Zi Lian hurriedly followed behind her as she mentally prepared herself.

No pain no gain. Although she had spent a lot of time saving five million, it was worthwhile lending the money to ensure Zi Yi embarrassed herself in the capital.

She subtly told the men behind Zi Yi, “My cousin loves racing back in City S, so she knows a lot about gambling.”

“I see. She is truly a racing enthusiast.”

The men’s eyes glinted.

The bets were made using touch screens surrounded by many guards. There were several booths available, and the patrons could bet for the racers they liked.

Zi Yi stood outside and looked at them for a while.

Many people were analyzing which racer would win.

“Young Master Xiang hired a three-time international champion from Country R, Yi Teng. He is the ultimate underdog in the racing industry, so I think he will win.”

“I don’t think so. Young Master Peng has invited the highly experienced God of Wind from America. Yi Teng only started to make a name for himself in recent years. How could he compete with the God of Wind?”

Zi Yi took out her phone to quickly do some research on them.

Zi Lian started feeling impatient as she stood by the side. “Who do you like? Just place your bet.”

Zi Yi remained calm and did not even look up. “Hang on.”

The men glanced at Zi Yi before they looked at each other knowingly, before Zhang Shen then told Zi Yi softly, “Why don’t you go for Yi Teng? He is the latest underdog in the racing world and on a winning streak, so I’m sure he will win.”

The others chimed in with their opinions.

Zi Yi disregarded them and continued swiping through her phone.

A few minutes later, Zi Lian rushed her again. “The race is about to start in 20 minutes, so we have to go in if we want good seats.”

“Why the hurry?” Zi Yi glanced at Zi Lian before she looked at the touch screens up ahead. The moment she suddenly saw a new participant, she instantly put her phone away to reach her hand out to Zi Lian. “Give me the money. I know who will win.”

At the same time, the punters looking at the touch screens exclaimed in shock.

“Oh god! A new racer was suddenly added!”

“Wow. It’s Young Master He!”

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