Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Stop Talking

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Everyone started gossiping after their initial shock wore off.

“Young Master He just returned back to town. What is he thinking? Why is he getting involved in a fight between Young Master Xiang and Young Master Peng?”

“God knows. No one can afford to provoke him either. He disappeared for years but I heard Young Master Lu brought him home.”

“No wonder.”

“Look at what Young Master used as the bet.”

“Oh God… He used his horse racing course as the bet!”

“Look at the driver he sent.”

“Where did he find such confidence? Why did he send out a completely unknown racer?”

“He’s bound to lose.”

Zi Lian suddenly hoped that Zi Yi would make the mistake of betting on He Fei’s racer after hearing what everyone said.

Her lips curved upwards. Since He Fei was here, she ought to find a chance to stage a fake chance encounter

She decisively handed Zi Yi her gold card after just thinking about the opportunity and said, “I have over $6 million in my bank account. If you want, you can have it all.”

Zi Yi glanced at her before she took the card and headed to the betting area.

After He Fei suddenly joined the race, no one betted on him.

Zi Yi quickly placed her bet. Earlier on she had hacked into the banking system to create a new account for herself using a fake name. This way, she could avoid trouble when she won.

After placing their bets, everyone entered the race track and went up to the spectators’ stand.

The stands were segregated into four zones: A, B, C, and D. Zi Yi and Zi Liang had entered zone A, so they could see the starting lineup.

All the drivers had started to prepare.

Many women leaned against the railing and shouted excitedly at the drivers.

Zi Yi and Zi Lian sat down after finding their seats and Zi Lian purposely asked Zi Yi, “Since Young Master He is here too, why don’t you go over and say hi later?”

“No, I’m not going to,” Zi Yi succinctly replied before her eyes turned to the racers.

Zi Lian deliberately said, “Why did you decide to bet on Young Master He’s racer? Is it because you are his…”

“Stop talking.” Zi Yi frowned. She turned her head and said, “If you aren’t interested in such races, then go and wait outside. Stop getting in my way.”

Zi Lian was angry. Although she did not care about racing, she had just loaned Zi Yi a lot of money, so she wanted to stay and witness her loss.

She suppressed her displeasure after thinking about this and promised Zi Yi. “Fine. I’ll stop.”

Zi Yi continued looking at the racers and since she had a top-level mental power, it was easy for her to make someone win.

Zi Yi suddenly stood up and walked forward.

Zi Lian did not see this coming. She wanted to catch up to Zi Yi, but there were so many screaming women in front of her that she found it somewhat unbearable.

She could only sit down.

Zi Yi went up to the railing closest to the track. She was stunned when she saw He Fei. She did not expect that he was the man who wanted to marry her.

The moment Zi Yi caught sight of He Fei, she inexplicably thought about the owner of the supercar workshop, Lu Jingye. She was briefly stunned before she veered her eyes away and released mental power towards the driver next to He Fei.

The race was about to begin.

At the end of the countdown the race cars swiftly drove away from the starting line like rockets.

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