Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Are You Going to Hit Me?

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Zi Yi walked around aimlessly for over an hour after leaving the Zi residence.

Although she possessed memories belonging to the original owner of the body, she was groomed to be a good for nothing, so her mind was only filled with ways to throw money around and have fun. She was unable to find anything useful.

Zi Yi contemplated before she decided to go to an internet cafe.

The moment she caught sight of a café full of LCD screens, she was shocked.

“This many antiques?”

“Pfft…” The cashier was tickled. She asked, “Are you trying to be funny?”

Zi Yi spoke with a straight face, “Do you think I am?”

The cashier was stunned by her solemn reaction. She wondered if she misunderstood Zi Yi, so she asked, “Are you here to use the internet? If you are, then give me your ID, so that I can register it for you.”

Zi Yi recollected what an ID looked like before she placed her purse on the counter and looked for it.

A group of overly trendy young men surrounded her the moment she retrieved her ID.

“Hey, gorgeous. Did you come here alone?”

“Do you want to hang out with us? We can play video games with you.”

Zi Yi coldly glanced at them. The ways that men hit on women in ancient times were certainly awful. She realised she was undoubtedly in ancient times because of this. “I’m not interested.”

She handed her ID to the cashier.

The cashier took her ID and asked as she registered Zi Yi, “Do you want to stay in the main hall or take a private room?”

“A private room.”

The main hall was filled with people and computers, so she was worried she might do something she would regret if she got frustrated.

“Sure. A private room costs $50 an hour. Please pay a $200 deposit.”

Zi Yi paid electronically before she headed to the private room.

The young men drooled as they looked at her longingly from behind.

“Tsk tsk… Just look at that face and figure of hers… Wow…”

“I wonder if we can hit on her.”

The cashier reminded them, “She is the eldest daughter of the Zi family, so I suggest you put those thoughts away.”

Zi Yi not only had a reputation in the elite circles, but she was also well-known in society in general.

She was loaded, so she often paid off hooligans to beat up the people who provoked her.

The moment the young men found out it was her, they decided to not hit on her.

Zi Yi’s phone rang after she entered the private room and sat down.

She took a look at the screen and ignored the call.

She combed through her memories and learned how to turn on the computer. The moment she caught sight of the system, Zi Yi sighed, “This is such an antique!”

Fortunately, she had studied the history of earth in her free time before, so she knew every generations’ software.

She placed her long slender fingers on the keyboard and practiced for a while, before she started typing code.

Since she wanted to know how developed the world was, she decided to start with the top-secret archives of the wealthiest nations in the world.

After an hour, she was done going through dozens of global top-secret archives.

Not a single country caught on to her presence.

She decided to head home when she lost interest in looking at the archives.

Based on human psychology, even if Zi Xu was angry with her, he would not hit her.

By the time Zi Yi got home, it was already past 8:00 pm.

Zi Xu, Li Peirong, and Zi Xuan were all sitting on the couch clearly waiting for her.

The moment she stepped in, Zi Xu’s angry face became a degree sterner. “About time you came back!”

He stood up from the couch right away and exploded in rage.

Zi Yi was a little surprised. She wondered whether she was mistaken.

Zi Yi asked particularly calmly, just to confirm, “Are you going to hit me?”

Zi Xu was infuriated by her question. “How dare you? Do you mean I shouldn’t hit you? If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you are going to get me in trouble one day!”

Li Peirong hurriedly pulled Zi Xu back and defended Zi Yi, “Xu, calm down. You are scaring the girl. She was not to blame.”

Zi Xu said angrily, “I don’t care whether she was at fault. She shouldn’t have gone racing with those people.”

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