Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Grounded

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Zi Yi looked at Zi Xu. He looked like he wanted to skin her alive. She felt that people from ancient times certainly had a strange thought process. She decided to stay quiet.

While Zi Xu threw his temper on Zi Yi, she did not make a peep, so his fury finally subsided a little.

He recalled something important and asked, “Why didn’t you attend your monthly exam?”

Before Zi Yi uttered a word, he roared, “Do you want to be a dropout?”

Zi Xuan finally broke her silence and suddenly said, “She says that Dad’s rich, so it doesn’t matter if she studies.”

Zi Yi’s eyes glinted as she looked at Zi Xuan while she sat obediently on the couch.

She must be dying for Zi Xu to scold her, right?

Sure enough, Zi Xu seethed in anger the moment he heard this. “Is that what you have been thinking? Very well!”

He roared at her disappointedly and his face was livid. “In that case, you have no business attending school or taking the college entrance exam.”

“From now on, I’m not giving you a dime and I’m confiscating all your race cars! I’d like to see what you are capable of if you don’t have any allowance!”

He warned Li Peirong, “If you secretly give her any allowance, I will make her work at the office.”

“Xu, don’t…”

“Say no more.” Zi Xu looked at Zi Yi. “Go to your room and repent on your actions.”

Zi Yi headed upstairs.

Zi Xuan’s sweet voice suddenly came from behind. “Don’t be angry, Dad. My homeroom teacher said that I did very well for my recent monthly exams, so I have no problems making it into Metropolis University.”

Zi Xu’s voice, as expected, calmed down. “I’m glad you can make it into Metropolis University. You have to work hard. If you need anything, just tell your mother. Make sure you eat well at lunch in school.”

“Okay, Dad.”

“If you make it to Metropolis University, I will buy a small condo for you to live in near the campus.”

“Okay, Dad.”

Zi Yi entered her room and closed the door. The first thing she did was remove her makeup, bathe, and get changed.

She had just come out of the bathroom, and was dressed in her pajamas while drying her hair, when she heard someone knocking on the door.

She walked over to open the door to see Zi Xuan standing outside.

Zi Xuan’s eyes were filled with contempt as she sternly warned her. “I have to study hard, so you better not make a sound.”

The moment she finished talking, she left.

Zi Yi coldly pursed her lips as she looked at Zi Xuan from behind.

She closed the door and accessed the internet on her phone. College was important to the people in this country. Since Metropolis University was the best university, hundreds of thousands of students vied for the 1000-2000 available spots in the school.

However, there were slightly over ten independent recruitment slots at Metropolis University each year.

Zi Yi suddenly felt that it could be fun to enter Metropolis University when she thought about Zi Xuan’s attitude, so she hacked into Metropolis University’s independent recruitment page and signed herself up.

Zi Xu certainly meant what he said. The next day, he got his assistant to take Zi Yi out of school.

Zi Yi did not kick up a fuss and stayed in her room for the entire day.

This made Li Peirong anxious.

After school, Zi Xuan came home to see her mother sitting there looking worried. She walked over, sat beside her, and asked quizzically, “Mom, isn’t it great that she’s staying at home? That way, Dad won’t get angry.”

Li Peirong glanced at her and said, “You are still a kid, so you don’t understand.”

She felt uneasy when Zi Yi did not cause any trouble.

Zi Xuan was not interested. She stood up and said, “Whatever it is, I just don’t want her to affect my revision.”

She headed upstairs.

Suddenly a car could be heard pulling up outside in the yard.

Zi Xuan halted in her steps and waited.

Before long, Zi Xu quickly walked in with a nervous expression on his face as he asked, “Where is Yiyi?”

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