Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 985 - 985 Yang Yuelan Injures Eldest Master Lu

Chapter 985 - 985 Yang Yuelan Injures Eldest Master Lu

985 Yang Yuelan Injures Eldest Master Lu

Yang Yuelan trembled powerlessly and was at a loss the moment she thought about divorcing Lu Zhiheng. She shouted hysterically, “Why should I? What gives you the right to make me divorce him?”

As she spoke, she wiped the tears from her eyes. She looked at Eldest Master Lu as though he were an evil monster. “You are no different from that crazy woman. Are you dying to see me divorce Zhiheng?”

Eldest Master Lu frowned. He certainly did not feel that way. He simply felt that Lu Zhiheng would get sent back to the military after he recovered. However, no one knew when he would return. He simply did not want his daughter-in-law to waste time on him.

Yang Yuelan laughed and cried desperately when Eldest Master Lu did not give her an answer. It was a hopeless and resentful smile making her look scary.


“You have a problem with our marriage just because your marriage was problematic. Sure enough, you’re destined to die lonely with no wife, son, or grandson. No one will be around to attend to your funeral.”

Eldest Master Lu finally lost his temper. “Yuelan, are you nuts? If you continue stirring trouble, I’m going to send you back to the Yang family.”

“Why should I go back? I’m Zhiheng’s legal wife. Since he didn’t divorce me, you have no right to send me home!”

The frown on Eldest Master Lu’s face deepened looking at her.

He was an elder, so he did not want to argue with a junior. Moreover, there was no reason to argue with her.

He wanted to go back inside the compound.

However, when Yang Yuelan saw him opening the door, she lost her mind. Eldest Master Lu was determined to make her divorce Lu Zhiheng and a murderous aura radiated from her.

She felt for the dagger hidden in her pocket and shouted, “No one can force me to divorce Zhiheng!”

The moment she finished her sentence, she lunged toward Eldest Master Lu and stabbed him.

The two of them were close to each other, and Eldest Master Lu had his back facing Yang Yuelan.

By the time he detected a threat, he only had enough time to dodge sideways slightly.

Sadly, he did not move in time to avoid Yang Yuelan’s dagger.

With a thud, Eldest Master Lu looked at the dagger, which was stabbed from behind, penetrating through the front of his chest in disbelief. Blood was pooling from his wounds. He was in shock.

His daughter-in-law wanted to kill him!

His fury made him automatically turn around and raise his hand to slap Yang Yuelan now in total shock.




Yang Yuelan was flung to the ground. As she watched blood pooling from Eldest Master Lu’s injuries, she trembled in shock.

Eldest Master Lu looked at her lividly as he quickly took out his phone and dialed a number.

The Lu residence went into complete chaos.

When Lu Jingye got the call, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were just preparing to turn in for the night.

The two of them swiftly changed and went downstairs.

Other people also went downstairs.

Second Master Lu looked livid as he spoke in a trembling tone. “Your third uncle said that your eldest uncle got stabbed by a dagger from behind near the heart. It was a penetrating injury and it looks life-threatening. The family doctor can’t even stop the bleeding.”

“Dad, don’t worry. Anya and I will go over and treat him now.”

As Zi Yi spoke, Anya nodded anxiously.

Zi Yi pulled Anya and ran out of the compound. As she ran, she said, “We’ll go first in my sports car. The rest of you can take your time to get there. With us around, he’ll be fine.”

The moment she finished her sentence, they ran out of the compound.

Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao hurriedly followed behind her.

Second Master Lu and Mrs. Lu also ran out.

When they got outside, they could hear Lu Jingye asking, “Little Yi, do you need anything?”

Zi Yi’s voice could be heard disappearing into the distance, “I’m good. Shadow can…”

The rest of the sentence disappeared into the air.

Second Master Lu said, “Let’s hurry over now.”

Lu Yunxiao went to bring the car over.

Mrs. Lu held Second Master Lu’s hand. When she noticed his hands trembling badly, she hurriedly called his name and said, “Don’t worry. Yiyi and Anya are there. Nothing will happen to Big Brother.”

Second Master Lu nodded. He had never looked so solemn in his life.

Lu Yunxiao brought the car over and the three of them quickly got into the car before it sped off.

Zi Yi drove her sportscar at top speed in the night sky. She glanced over at Anya to see her face was ghastly pale. She said, “Anya, please bear with this.”

“Uh huh,” said Anya.

In a few minutes, the car arrived at Eldest Master Lu’s compound in the main residence.

Third Madam was waiting for them in the yard.

The moment a flying car appeared in the sky, Third Madam hurriedly said, “Yiyi, Ya, I’m glad you’re here. Quickly now. Your eldest uncle can’t take it any longer.”

Zi Yi quickly got out of the car. When she saw Anya looking nauseous, she said, “Why don’t you give yourself some time to recover? I can check on him first.”

Anya did not insist. She genuinely felt very sick, so she ran outside to vomit.

Zi Yi entered the compound with Third Madam.

Third Madam spoke as she walked. “Big Brother lost a lot of blood and the family doctor didn’t dare to remove the dagger.”

As Third Madam spoke, they entered the compound.

Eldest Master Lu was in the living room, and Third Master Lu and Lu Ming were helping the doctor to stop the casualty’s bleeding.

Third Madam hurriedly said, “Yiyi is here.”

The three of them promptly looked at her as though she were their savior.

Third Master Lu said anxiously, “Yiyi, take a look at him. Your eldest uncle…”

Zi Yi walked up beside Eldest Master Lu and squatted down. After checking his wounds, she said, “Shadow, Shadow I.”

Shadow and Shadow I both appeared.

Zi Yi said to Third Master Lu, “Give him to Shadow and move back.”

Shadow came over to Eldest Master Lu.

Shadow I swiftly transformed into an operating table.

Shadow carried Eldest Master Lu and placed him on the operating table.

Shadow I promptly produced several test equipment and quickly conducted detailed testing of Eldest Master Lu’s condition.

After checking the report, she told the people standing beside her, “The dagger only managed to graze past the heart slightly, so it isn’t that serious.”

Everyone exhaled in relief.

Anya came over from outside.

She looked at the numbers showing on the board and said, “We have to remove the dagger immediately. Otherwise, we can’t stem the bleeding.”

Zi Yi acknowledged her remark and said, “You take care of it.”

She was still unaccustomed to performing surgeries with her own hands.

Anya did not say no and simply nodded. She told Zi Yi what surgical tools she needed and Shadow promptly took out all the surgical tools Anya needed. Zi Yi took out a ball and tossed it in mid-air.

The ball formed a barrier around Zi Yi, Anya, and the operating table.

Surgical lighting with 360-degree coverage appeared in the barrier.

Anya quickly disinfected her hands and started operating on Eldest Master Lu.

They were so fast that the people outside the barrier did not have the time to realize what they were doing.

Before they knew it, Anya had already removed the dagger from Eldest Master Lu.

Lu Jingye and the others rushed over as quickly as they could but when they got there, Anya and Zi Yi had already removed the dagger and Zi Yi was trying to staunch Eldest Master Lu’s bleeding.

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