Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 986 - 986 Count Yourself Lucky For Having Zi Yi As Family

Chapter 986 - 986 Count Yourself Lucky For Having Zi Yi As Family

986 Count Yourself Lucky For Having Zi Yi As Family

Second Master Lu hurriedly asked, “What’s the situation? How’s Big Brother?”

Third Master Lu replied, “Yiyi and Anya have already completed the surgery.”

Second Master Lu and Mrs. Lu knew their daughters-in-law were medical geniuses, but they remained blown away by the speed of their surgery.

Zi Yi deactivated the barrier and said, “All done. The surgery was a success. Now, he just needs to recuperate.”


Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu looked at each other. Third Master Lu asked, “Considering his situation, who can we get to take care of him?”

It was a tough question.

Lu Jingye pondered and made a suggestion. “Why don’t we send him to the National Sanatorium? I’m sure they can do a better job than us.”

Everyone was busy working. This meant that Third Madam was the only one who spent the most time at home. But since the patient was her brother-in-law, it seemed inappropriate and tongues might wag.

Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu thought a little and agreed.

“Since Dad is also there to keep an eye on Big Brother, we feel better sending him there.”

Zi Yi and Anya prescribed medicine for Eldest Master Lu and proceeded to video conference a doctor from the National Sanatorium and discuss the treatment plan. After they were done, Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu sent Eldest Master Lu to the facility.

Most of the people in the National Sanatorium were retired or sick national leaders. When Eldest Master Lu arrived there, a lot of people swarmed over to watch.

“Who got sent here at this hour?”

“I hear it’s Lu Jiancheng from the Lu family.”

“What happened? Why did he suddenly get sent here? I saw doctors carrying him in.”

“I heard he was stabbed from the back near the heart. It was a penetrating wound.”

“Sigh. Who did Elder Master Lu offend? How could anyone do this?”

“God knows. Perhaps they encountered someone dangerous.”

“That can’t be right. When Eldest Master Lu goes out, he usually has bodyguards. How could someone attack him at close range?”

Before long, Elder Lu caught wind of this.

Elder Lu used to have a bad temper when he first got here. As time went on, people started to ignore him. The higher-ups had given the order, so the medical staff did not let him get what he wanted. As time progressed, he became more well-behaved.

When he was halfway through sleeping, someone suddenly knocked on the door in the middle of the night. He simply complained a little as he opened the door.

Old Zhang was standing outside the door. He had only started talking to Elder Lu recently.

Old Zhang said, “Something happened in your family.”

The moment he heard what Old Zhang said, Elder Lu sneered and said in a nonchalant tone, “I thought they knew everything, right? Why would they need me?”

“It’s not that.” Old Zhang did not like Elder Lu’s attitude, but he continued trying to tell Elder Lu about the matter.

“Your eldest son was stabbed from behind with a penetrating injury. I hear he was pushed into the facility on a stretcher. No one knows how he’s doing.”

Since everyone was talking about it, Old Zhang heard some things about Eldest Master Lu. He even threw in some imagination of his own. “I hear he was stabbed right through the heart. You should go see him.”

Among all the sons, Elder Lu’s eldest son resembled him the most, so he was the favorite. The moment he heard that his favorite son was dying, his expression changed as he quickly darted out of the room.

Before Old Zhang knew it, Elder Lu had already run to the staircase.

“Hey, wait for me.”

When Elder Lu got to the infirmary, he saw a circle of medical staff outside the door discussing something.

Elder Lu’s face turned dark as he roared, “What happened to my boy?”

Elder Lu looked very scary and agitated. He looked as though his son had died startling the medical staff.

Mr. He hurriedly explained, “Elder Lu, calm down, okay?”

“It’s not your son! What would you know? The man lying there is my son. Of course, I’m worried, alright?”

Elder Lu exploded like a firecracker as he roared at Mr. He. When he was done, he grabbed Mr. He by the collar and asked with his eyes red, “Who did this to my boy? I’m going to shoot the guy.”

Everyone came over to save Mr. He from Elder Lu when they saw how agitated Elder Lu was.

Mr. He nearly got strangled by Elder Lu’s powerful hands. He lost his temper and raised his voice. “Comrade Lu Jinghong, calm down, okay? He’s okay. He didn’t die!”

The moment Elder Lu heard what he said, he finally managed to calm down a little.

Mr. He finally told him about the situation that had transpired earlier.

He ended with. “If not for Little Yi and Anya, Eldest Master Lu would be dead by now. You should count yourself lucky for having them as family.”

Mr. He was very highly respected around here. Usually, he was there to help people with illnesses and despite his young age, no one dared to offend him.

The moment he finished his sentence, he turned to say to the guard taking care of Elder Lu and said, “Bring him back. We have lots to do now, so we can talk tomorrow.”

“I want to take a look at my son!”

“Eldest Master Lu is still in ICU, so you can’t see him yet.”

“I will just look at him from the door.”

Mr. He knew Elder Lu had quite the temper. The moment he made up his mind, there was no stopping him. He thought for a while before he brought Elder Lu outside the ICU ward.

After Elder Lu got a look at his son lying inside with his eyes closed, Mr. He said, “Although we managed to save him, he has to recuperate for at least half a year. Elder Lu, from now on, he will recuperate here. This means you still have a lot of time to see him. It’s getting late, why don’t you go rest first?”

Elder Lu looked at Eldest Master Lu for some time before he looked at Mr. He solemnly and asked, “Who did it?”

Mr. He did not want to bring this up.

Elder Lu seemed to read his mind and said sternly, “Tell me.”

His imposing aura left Mr. He briefly frozen before he eventually answered, “His son’s wife did it.”

Since he had already told the truth, Mr. He shared everything he knew about the attack.

Elder Lu knew nothing about the incidents that had transpired in his eldest son’s family. After hearing about everything, Elder Lu swayed slightly and nearly stumbled.

He could not accept the fact that his eldest son’s family was fractured beyond repair.

Mr. He quickly supported him and said, “Elder Lu, why don’t you go back and rest first?”

Elder Lu glared at Mr. He and asked, “Who sent him here? Where are my other sons?”

“Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu are at the director’s office…”

Before Mr. He could finish his sentence, Elder Lu turned and charged toward the office.

Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu did not bring up what had happened following this to Mr. He.

As Eldest Master Lu was sent to the National Sanatorium, Yang Yuelan was thrown directly into jail.

Yang Yuelan had confessed her crimes. But before she was sentenced, she asked to see Lu Zhiheng one last time.

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