Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 987 - 987 If You Weren’t From the Lu Family, I Wouldn’t Help You

Chapter 987 - 987 If You Weren’t From the Lu Family, I Wouldn’t Help You

987 If You Weren’t From the Lu Family, I Wouldn’t Help You

Zi Yi and the others quickly learned about Yang Yuelan’s request.

It was already the 24th today and the international racing competition was taking place tomorrow. Also, her babies would be coming out of the nutrient solution container.

Even though Mrs. Lu did not like Yang Yuelan, she sighed and said, “She was a nice girl at the beginning and genuinely loved Zhiheng. Sadly, she encountered a terrible mother-in-law like Chu Qinglian. If Chu Qinglian did not keep forcing her, I’m sure she would never have done this.”

As she spoke, she looked at her daughters-in-law and felt she was very fortunate to have them. She felt a little sorry for Yang Yuelan, so she said to Lu Jingye, Lu Yunxiao, and their father, “Why don’t we let her see Zhiheng?”


Lu Zhiheng was severely injured. Zi Yi had planned on keeping him in the nutrient solution for a week before taking him out. Eventually, she left him in there for a few days more.

Zi Yi said, “Sure thing. I will remove him from the solution later.”

She asked, “Where are they seeing each other?”

“Let’s do it here,” said Second Master Lu. “After they are done meeting, Third Brother can take Zhiheng away.”

Things were quickly settled.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye went back home to their place near Metropolis University.

As she watched the robots carry Lu Zhiheng out of the nutrient solution, Zi Yi suddenly asked Lu Jingye, “Do you think he will forgive his wife after hearing about her attack on his father?”

Lu Jingye pondered briefly and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Lu Jingye did not want to think about how they might think. He simply said, “It’s really up to him.”

If Lu Zhiheng still loved Yang Yuelan, he would definitely forgive her. Otherwise, there was only one option.

The two of them went quiet thinking about this.

After the robots retrieved Lu Zhiheng from the nutrient solution, Zi Yi made him regain consciousness.

Lu Zhiheng felt as though he had had a very long dream. In his dream, he stopped listening to his parents and competing with his second brother. He could have all the women he wanted. The dream was so beautiful that he did not want to wake up.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Jingye and Zi Yi looking at him coolly. He knew his dream was over.

Since it was them, he could not bother being polite.

“Did you save me?”

On seeing his bad attitude, Zi Yi sneered and said in a mocking tone, “If you were not from the Lu family, do you think I would bother helping you?”

“I didn’t ask you to help.”

Zi Yi fired a silver needle in annoyance.




He clutched his chest as he knelt on the ground. Zi Yi looked at him and laughed coldly. “Since you don’t want my help, why don’t you continue to suffer in pain, then?”

Lu Zhiheng’s face promptly turned livid, but he was powerless against Zi Yi.

Lu Jingye raised his hand to touch Zi Yi’s head as she stood beside him. After calming her down, he said, “We’re taking you to see Yang Yuelan now.”

“I don’t want to see her!” The moment Lu Zhiheng heard the name, his expression became distorted as he roared. “Never mind she’s ugly, how dare she try to control me? Why should I see her?”

“Hmph!” scoffed Zi Yi before she said, “You are just seeing her for the last time. Don’t worry. In the future, even if you want to see her, you can’t anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Zhiheng’s heart sank.

“What do I mean? If you see her, she will naturally tell you about it.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye did not tell Lu Zhiheng anything in advance. When he saw Yang Yuelan, it was down to her. If she did not bring it up, they would not bother telling him about things.

Zi Yi got a robot to lift Lu Zhiheng from the ground into the car outside.

They brought Lu Zhiheng straight to the yard in the Second Lu’s villa.

Yang Yuelan stood in Mrs. Lu’s rose garden waiting for her.

Yang Yuelan had clearly dressed up today. She was wearing a nice dress with her long hair behind her shoulders and she wore exquisite make-up on her face. Lu Zhiheng was stunned to see her.

Yang Yuelan watched as Lu Zhiheng walked over and looked at him lovingly. She smiled and strode toward him as well.

“Zhiheng, how are you?”

Lu Zhiheng had not seen Yang Yuelan dress up in a long time. The way she looked today seemed to only exist as a memory from the past. Now that he had finally gotten to see her this way, he was astonished.

His wife was genuinely pretty.


Lu Zhiheng parted his lips wanting to speak. As Yang Yuelan looked at him expectantly, he suddenly did not know what to say and shut his mouth.

Yang Yuelan was a little disappointed, but she did not show it on her face. She simply held his hand and walked over to the wooden benches by the side.

After taking a seat, she leaned her head against his shoulder and asked, “Zhiheng, do you remember where we met the first time?”

The scene of their first encounter inexplicably rose in Lu Zhiheng’s mind.

Since the Yang family could help Lu Zhiheng, his mother chose their eldest daughter, Yang Yuelan, as his wife.

Lu Zhiheng did not like the idea, so he wanted to secretly threaten Yang Yuelan and make her promise not to accept the marriage. He made arrangements to meet her at a bar and when she got there, he deliberately did not go out to see her.

Instead, he sent his men to take advantage of her. She was so scared that she passed out. In the end, he could not bear to dump her there, so he brought her home.

Yang Yuelan looked innocent and pretty. She foolishly did everything he wanted, making him feel deeply gratified. He unexpectedly slept with her and married her.

For the first two years of their marriage, he genuinely liked Yang Yuelan. He liked it that she was besotted by him. Also, she was very thoughtful. Whenever he got tired, she would find all kinds of ways to make him happy. She was able to make him feel like a real man.

Sadly, Yang Yuelan was unable to bear children, so his mother kept complaining about her. Also, he was determined to surpass Lu Jingye and take over the family business. Eventually, he started treating her coldly. As time progressed, thanks to his mother, they drifted apart. However, she kept loving him.

Lu Zhiheng felt a little guilty thinking about this.

Yang Yuelan was still talking about the things she loved about Lu Zhiheng. She unexpectedly started crying mid-sentence.

She said, “Zhiheng, I really love you. For your sake, I can do anything. I just want you to take care of yourself and be happy.”

By now, she was crying in torrents.

Lu Zhiheng felt even worse inside. He raised his hand and held her by her shoulder.

Yang Yuelan calmed down and continued speaking, “I know you don’t like me anymore. It’s okay. I don’t mind if you like other women. In the future, you can raise some adorable kids with some other woman. Then I can go with no regrets.”

Lu Zhiheng felt something weighing on him inside but he remained quiet.

Yang Yuelan raised her head to look at him. She asked cautiously, “Zhiheng, can you kiss me? Just one last kiss. You haven’t done it in ages.”

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