Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2965 - 2965 Not Everyone Deserves Kindness

Chapter 2965 - 2965 Not Everyone Deserves Kindness

2965 Not Everyone Deserves Kindness

After she finished, Leng Xiaoyao went to have breakfast before going to class.

Because her home was far from her school, the Leng family arranged for a chauffeur to send her and pick her up at school.

Leng Xiaoyao was bad at studying, but she was still enrolled in the best high school in City Chang as was Leng Yuqi, but Leng Yuqi was in the best class, while Leng Xiaoyao was in the worst class, which was full of students with connections.

Leng Xiaoyao was notorious in their school and there was a group of girls who often caused trouble with her.


Actually, Leng Xiaoyao fought mostly because other people offended them.

Upon thinking of the bunch of girls, Leng Xiaoyao felt she could continue to be friends with them and help them become good girls.

Because they were all born in rich or powerful families, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if she had a good relationship with them.

Leng Yuqi felt uneasy ever since she saw Leng Xiaoyao that morning, but Leng Xiaoyao barely paid attention to her. Instead, Leng Xiaoyao focused on herself.

They sat in the same car to school, but hardly talked. Even when they arrived at school, Leng Xiaoyao quickly walked away before Leng Yuqi.

Walking on campus, Leng Xiaoyao didn’t feel it was strange at all because she had kept her memories.

Because she was also a senior student in a high school before traveling in time, she didn’t hate studying.

“Hey, boss!”

At that moment, a girl called her from behind. Without turning around, Leng Xiaoyao knew who she was. The girl was one of her friends.

Leng Xiaoyao stopped and turned to look at her.

The girl was called Xiong Manxin. She had a beautiful, heart-shaped face, short hair to her shoulders, and bangs. At a glance, people would think that she was a good, quiet student, but she was actually very naughty.

Among Leng Xiaoyao’s friends, she wasn’t the richest. In fact, there were two girls who were born in richer families than her, but because Leng Xiaoyao was very bold, they agreed to call her their boss.

Xiong Manxin was one of the two girls. Her grandparents were from the Ye family, a wealthy family in City Chang, and her father was a senior official in the capital.

Because Xiong Manxin was too bad at studying and too naughty, the Xiong family sent her to her grandparents’ place and asked her to study hard and get back to the capital on her own.

However, Xiong Manxin was still lazy. She didn’t care about whether she could get back to the capital after the exams, because she felt that she could live an easier life in City Chang.

“Boss, the girl from Class 3, An Chenmeng, came to see us at the evening class last night. She wanted to have a meeting in the woods this afternoon. Do you want to go?” Xiong Manxin asked.

“No,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Why?” Xiong Manxin was surprised. Although she asked Leng Xiaoyao about that, she couldn’t believe that Leng Xiaoyao would refuse.

“Why should we go as she wants? We won’t listen to her. If she wants to meet us, she should come and see us,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She wouldn’t be so obedient and go to see the girl.

She had no interest in causing trouble, because she was different now.

If An Chenmeng really came to cause trouble, she would fight back, but she was unwilling to go to see the girl unless she did something to them, forcing them to do something.

“You’re right. We’ll listen to you. If she wants to see us, come and meet us.” Xiong Manxin felt that Leng Xiaoyao’s words made sense. She had no idea that Leng Xiaoyao was different now.

In the past, Leng Xiaoyao would immediately lose her temper after hearing that, but now she stayed very calm. However, it couldn’t prove anything.

An Chenmeng was also a spoiled rich girl, and she had a group of friends too. They never liked Leng Xiaoyao and her friends, so they often had conflicts.

However, contrary to them, An Chenmeng was good at studying, so the teachers preferred to defend An Chenmeng when she had conflicts with Leng Xiaoyao.

As a result, the teachers seemed more protective of An Chenmeng.

As they walked, an idea dawned on Leng Xiaoyao. She remembered that Xiong Manxin’s younger uncle was caught in an accident during a car race. Leng Xiaoyao didn’t know the details, because she didn’t pay much attention to it. She had only heard Xiong Manxin mention it once.

“Oh, Little Panda, I heard that your younger uncle loves car racing. I suddenly have an interest in it as well. Why don’t we go to watch it if he has time?” Leng Xiaoyao said.

Little Panda was the nickname Leng Xiaoyao gave Xiong Manxin, and now they all called her Little Panda.

At the beginning, Xiong Manxin disliked it, but she gradually accepted it.

Leng Xiaoyao wanted Xiong Manxin’s younger uncle to take them to watch car racing simply because she wanted to know her younger uncle’s condition. If she was really interested in car racing, she could go to watch it by herself, but since Xiong Manxin was her friend and she knew that her friend’s relative was in trouble, she had to do something to help.

Although Leng Xiaoyao was as aloof as Gu Ning, she was born in a happy family, so she was kind and sympathetic.

However, she wasn’t a saint, and not everyone deserved her kindness.

If anyone offended her, she wouldn’t hesitate to pay them back.

“Sure! I want to watch it too. Oh, I heard that there is a grand competition this Saturday. We can go there at that time,” Xiong Manxin said. Although they needed to attend class on Saturday as senior students in the high school, they didn’t care about that.

“Great,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

After they arrived at the classroom, Leng Xiaoyao’s friends called her boss at once. In an instant, Leng Xiaoyao felt as if she was the head of a gang and was a little embarrassed.

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