Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2966 - 2966 Whatever

Chapter 2966 - 2966 Whatever

2966 Whatever

Leng Xiaoyao had five female friends, and they all studied in Class 8 and sat in the same corner, the third row at the back of the fourth group.

Leng Xiaoyao gave them a light answer, then sat in her own seat. Then they began to gossip.

Leng Xiaoyao couldn’t stand it, so she snapped at them. “Alright, be quiet.”

Hearing that, the girls stopped at once and looked at Leng Xiaoyao in surprise as if they had done something wrong.


This wasn’t the first time that Leng Xiaoyao had shouted at them, and they weren’t afraid, but this time, Leng Xiaoyao seemed unusually powerful, so they were all shocked.

Right at that moment, their head teacher came and Leng Xiaoyao said, “Alright, stop talking now.”

The other girls remained silent when they saw the head teacher walking over.

It was the morning class, but their head teacher asked them to review books.

Although students in Class 8 were all terrible at studying, as the teacher, he still needed to teach them.

When the head teacher was helping them with the review, not many students were listening. Leng Xiaoyao’s friends were either sleeping or drawing randomly on books. The only good thing they did was that they stayed quiet and didn’t bother other people.

Although they weren’t good students, they were very loyal to Leng Xiaoyao, so Leng Xiaoyao didn’t want them to waste their time like that.

Therefore, Leng Xiaoyao decided to talk to them. If they were willing to listen to her, that would be best. If not, she wouldn’t interfere.

After all, they were just friends. She could kindly remind them to study hard, but she had no right to judge them.

Once they had a break, the girls surrounded Leng Xiaoyao, but they were much quieter this time.

“Boss, do you know that An Chenmeng wants to see us?” One girl asked Leng Xiaoyao. Her name was Gao Lele, and she was also born in a rich family.

“I know, but we won’t go to see her. If she wants to cause trouble, she can come and see us. Why should we go to see her? Who does she think she is?” Leng Xiaoyao sneered.

Hearing that, the other girls agreed.

That morning, Leng Xiaoyao had an absent look on her face the entire time. Anyway, she had already acquired all the knowledge, so there was no need for her to focus on it now.

An Chenmeng and her friends thought that Leng Xiaoyao and her friends would go to meet them in the woods after the classes were over, so they went there to wait for Leng Xiaoyao, but Leng Xiaoyao and her friends instead went to have a meal.

As a result, An Chenmeng and the other girls saw nobody even after waiting for a long time. They were furious, then An Chenmeng ordered one of her lackeys to call Leng Xiaoyao.

They knew each other’s phone number, so Leng Xiaoyao refused to answer the call.

After several declined calls, An Chenmeng was furious. She thought that Leng Xiaoyao must be scared, so she didn’t dare to come and meet them, nor did she answer her calls.

Even Leng Xiaoyao’s friends had the same idea. “Boss, if we don’t go to see them or answer their calls, will they think we’re scared of them?”

“Whatever, I don’t care,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

Hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, the other girls finally realized that Leng Xiaoyao was different. In the past, she really cared about it if anyone said she was scared, but now it seemed that she didn’t care about that at all.

“Boss, didn’t you use to care about other people’s opinions very much? Why are you…” one girl asked. Her name was Wu Minmin, and everyone called her Little Witch.

As soon as Wu Minmin finished speaking, the other girls agreed with a nod.

“People change. Do you want to be like this forever? Don’t you want to change? Don’t you think that you have no plans? Will you just live your life like this?” Leng Xiaoyao asked, starting to give them some advice.

When Leng Xiaoyao said that, the other girls were instantly upset, because what Leng Xiaoyao said was also their worry.

Their parents had repeatedly said that to them, and they understood that they were right. They didn’t want to fool around all day, and they were worried about their future, but they didn’t feel as if they could do anything.

They were bad at studying, and didn’t have any skills.

“But we’re bad at studying. We don’t have any skills either. What can we do?” Xiong Manxin said. She was an outgoing girl, but she suddenly became sad.

“Right!” The other girls chimed in.

Seeing their reaction, Leng Xiaoyao understood that there was still hope.

“Isn’t there anything you like and want to do?” Leng Xiaoyao asked.

“There is, but we don’t feel it’s decent,” Gao Lele said, slightly embarrassed.

“Do you think you can acquire any knowledge if you’re forced to study, given your current attitude?” Leng Xiaoyao asked. She didn’t think other skills were important right now. After all, they must pass the National College Entrance Examination firat.

No matter what, they must get into a university.


The other girls felt it was difficult, because they disliked studying.

“Boss, how about you? Can you focus?” asked Wu Minmin.

“Of course I can.” Leng Xiaoyao said, “I can get the knowledge and I have to say it’s easy for me to understand most of the knowledge. If you want to learn, I can help you.”


Hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, they were all surprised.

Leng Xiaoyao could understand and remember most of the knowledge and could even help them with that?

Wasn’t Leng Xiaoyao as bad at studying as them?

Actually, Leng Xiaoyao was worse than them at studying!

It was yrue, so Leng Xiaoyao felt nothing when they questioned her.

“That’s because I don’t take it seriously. If I want, I can get in the top 10 easily. If you don’t believe it, you can ask me questions in the classroom later,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

Hearing that, the other girls gasped in surprise, but it was hard for them to believe.

However, there was no need for Leng Xiaoyao to fool them like that, so they didn’t know whether to trust her.

After they had the meal, they walked out of the canteen. On their way back, they saw An Chenmeng and her friends who were rushing to find them.

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