Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2967 - 2967 It's a Joke

Chapter 2967 - 2967 It's a Joke

2967 It’s a Joke

There were eight of them and they all looked aggressive. As they walked over, other people were scared away.

Leng Xiaoyao, however, wasn’t scared at all.

Xiong Manxin and the others were slightly worried, because they outnumbered them, but she had no intention of stepping back.

Anyway, since they met, Leng Xiaoyao didn’t avoid them, and met their eyes.


Even though Leng Xiaoyao had lived two incarnations, she was still a teenager. Therefore, she could be impulsive and disobedient sometimes. When she faced An Chenmeng and the other girls, she didn’t think she was bullying them.

An Chenmeng and the other girls immediately stood in their way.

“Leng Xiaoyao, why didn’t you go to the woods to see me? Are you scared?” An Chenmeng mocked.

“Scared? I’ve never been afraid of anyone. I just don’t want to see you.” Leng Xiaoyao sneered. Then she said arrogantly, “And, who do you think you are? Do you think you can order me to do anything? I won’t. If you dislike me or want to cause trouble for me, you can do it. I will fight back. Do you think you can hurt me?”

“You…” An Chenmeng and her friends were angry that Leng Xiaoyao laughed at them.

“Leng Xiaoyao, don’t be so arrogant. You’ll only embarrass yourself.” One of An Chenmeng’s lackeys shouted at Leng Xiaoyao.

“Lin Xiaoxiao, it’s you who shouldn’t be so arrogant. If you had the ability, you would have overshadowed us long ago. You wouldn’t keep on causing trouble. There are eight of you, but we only have six people.” Xiong Manxin was also mad.

There were eight people in An Chenmeng’s group, while there were only six in Leng Xiaoyao’s group. Whether they argued or fought, neither of them could win. It was always even or both lost.

Precisely because of that, An Chenmeng seemed weaker than Leng Xiaoyao. After all, she had more supporters than Leng Xiaoyao.

Therefore, An Chenmeng and her friends felt humiliated and angered by Xiong Manxin’s words.

“You…” An Chenmeng wanted to say something, but suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“What do you want?” Leng Xiaoyao challenged An Chenmeng.

“Let’s have a fight!” An Chenmeng said, voice filled with hatred. Whenever they met, they always had a fight.

“No problem, but I can fight against the eight of you alone. If you lose, don’t ever cause trouble for us again. What do you think?” Leng Xiaoyao said. Although she wouldn’t avoid An Chenmeng, she didn’t want them to cause trouble for her all the time.

It was meaningless to argue with them, and she didn’t want to waste time on that.

However, the other people were shocked and couldn’t believe their ears.

What did Leng Xiaoyao say? Did Leng Xiaoyao say she could fight against eight girls alone?

“Boss, did I hear correctly? Did you say that you will fight against the eight of them alone?” Wu Minmin asked in shock.

“Are you serious?” Xiong Manxin and the other girls chimed in.

“Yes, you heard correctly. I can fight against the eight of them by myself. I wonder whether they dare to accept this challenge?” Leng Xiaoyao said.

She stayed calm, but looked arrogant in other people’s eyes.

“Leng Xiaoyao, how arrogant you are! Even the six of you can’t defeat us. Do you think you can do it alone? That’s ridiculous!” An Chenmeng said. She was astonished by Leng Xiaoyao’s words, but she was even more disdainful.

If Leng Xiaoyao wanted to fight against the eight of them alone, she would be defeated in a second.

“Right, boss, it’s not a good idea!” Gao Ziyin agreed.

Gao Ziyin and Gao Lele were cousins. Gao Ziyin was five months older than Gao Lele. Because they always caused trouble together, the Gao family was bothered by their naughty behavior.

“Boss, what happened to you? Why do you suddenly want to do that?” Tong Xiaobei asked. She was a little angry, but she was mostly worried.

“Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you,” Leng Xiaoyao reassured.

Even though Leng Xiaoyao said that, Xiong Manxin and the other girls still couldn’t relax, because they knew Leng Xiaoyao better than anyone else.

“Fine, since you asked for it, we can satisfy you. No matter what the result is, you can’t tell the teacher,” An Chenmeng said.

Although she didn’t think Leng Xiaoyao had the ability to defeat eight of them alone, since Leng Xiaoyao wanted it, she decided to seize this chance to teach her a lesson.

“Great,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Fine, let’s go to the woods now,” An Chenmeng said.

“No need, we can do it right here,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Great, we can do that right here.” An Chenmeng agreed.

“Alright, you all step back.” Leng Xiaoyao said to Xiong Manxin and the other girls.

“Boss…” Xiong Manxin and the others were extremely worried and tried to stop Leng Xiaoyao.

“Just do it,” Leng Xiaoyao said with determination. Xiong Manxin and the other girls had to listen to her, so they stepped back.

Afterwards, Leng Xiaoyao turned to look at An Chenmeng and the other girls. “Let’s begin!”

There was no need for Leng Xiaoyao to attack them. She would give them a chance to attack her, otherwise it would seem as if she was bullying them.

“Let’s beat her together,” An Chenmeng commanded coldly. The next moment, a group of eight girls rushed towards Leng Xiaoyao.

Seeing that, onlookers were nervous. Only Xiong Manxin and the other girls were anxious.

The onlookers disliked Leng Xiaoyao and An Chenmeng. Honestly, they hated both of them, so they wouldn’t feel any sympathy if either of them was injured.

However, this time, they felt that Leng Xiaoyao was too arrogant and self-centered, so they wanted to see her seriously injured.

Precisely because no one thought Leng Xiaoyao could win, the moment Leng Xiaoyao fought against An Chenmeng and the other girls, everyone was amazed.

The moment An Chenmeng and her friends came closer, Leng Xiaoyao beat all of them, leaving them no chance to fight back.

Everyone was shocked by the scene, because it happened within a few seconds.

It was like a joke!

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