Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3109 - Chapter 183 - Pseudo-Sword Emperor

Chapter 183 – Pseudo-Sword Emperor

After Shi Feng heavily injured one of the Abyssal Hounds, the four other Abyssal Hounds seemingly got stimulated as they stopped executing any evasive maneuvers. Instead, they began frenziedly trading blow for blow with Shi Feng. As soon as Shi Feng attacked one Abyssal Hound, the other three promptly moved to his sides and either tried to bite him or attack him with Tier 3 Skills and Spells.

This reckless way of fighting was one of the tactics players used most frequently in PvP. It was also the most troublesome fighting method for players to deal with.

Meanwhile, if the Abyssal Hounds were to employ this strategy against a Refinement Realm expert of the same level, the expert would have no choice but to trade life for life if they wanted to clear the trial.

This is a good decision. Unfortunately, it is useless against me!

Shi Feng smiled as he looked at the three Abyssal Hounds attacking him. Immediately, he switched his footwork and activated the Tier 3 Skill Dispersing Slash.

After drawing the magic array in his body, Shi Feng could feel the Mana suppression acting on him losing 80% of its effect. In his current state, not only could he use combat techniques normally, but he could also use Skills and Spells. Though, due to the surrounding environment, the effects of his Skills and Spells would be weakened significantly.

Immediately, several dozen sword lights shot out to Shi Feng’s surroundings, every one of these sword lights destabilizing the space around them as they pierced through the three Abyssal Hounds.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Once the sword lights disappeared, the forest around Shi Feng became littered with small craters. As for the three Abyssal Hounds, each of them lost over ten million HP and fell into a heavily injured state. Even an ordinary Tier 3 player could kill them effortlessly in their current state.

The magic array increased my destructive power to such an extent? Shi Feng was astonished when he saw how his attack had heavily injured the Abyssal Hounds and deformed the surrounding terrain. Isn’t this power already close to the level of a Tier 4 Skill used by an actual Tier 4 player?

The reason there was a massive gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 players was because the destructive power the two could exhibit were on entirely different levels.

It was true that Tier 3 players were akin to superhumans. However, when it came to destructive power, Tier 3 players were only at the level of destroying large boulders with their attacks. However, upon reaching Tier 4, players would have the ability to single-handedly destroy an entire city.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng undoubtedly possessed this ability already.

In addition to having Basic Attributes and Physique rivaling Tier 4 players, the strength of his Mana was also at the Tier 4 standard now. The only difference that separated him from an actual Tier 4 player now was his lack of Tier 4 Skills and Spells.

At this moment, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was a pseudo-Tier 4 Sword Emperor.

Subsequently, Shi Feng defeated all five Abyssal Hounds in under thirty seconds, received a huge amount of EXP, and leveled up to Level 111 directly.

After Shi Feng defeated the five Abyssal Hounds on the first floor, the scenery around him instantly changed, and he found himself standing on a desolate wasteland facing a bunch of Grand Lord ranked Minotaurs. Meanwhile, as soon as these large Minotaurs saw Shi Feng, they promptly attacked him with their tridents.

While time passed inside the Abyssal Tower, the number of players gathered in the Abyssal Tower’s lobby also continued increasing.

“What’s going on? Why are all of Death Curse’s experts here?”

“It’s not just Death Curse. Purple Light has also gathered all of its experts. Could they be planning on fighting here?”

“I heard that Death Curse tried to rob Purple Light’s caravan and failed. On top of that, Death Curse also lost an Advanced Combat Puppet. This is a huge loss for Death Curse since losing that Advanced Combat Puppet was no different than losing one of its mines. It’d be strange if Death Curse didn’t try to take revenge for this loss.”

“It’s not Purple Light that destroyed Death Curse’s Advanced Combat Puppet. I heard that it was the doing of a group of outsiders.”

“No wonder Death Curse has mobilized so many people. Death Curse has always vied to become the fourth-ranking power in Slumber City. Now that Solitary Soul has become a Vice City Lord, he’s probably thinking of putting on a show of force by dealing with those outsiders.”

“Quick, look! Wolf Emperor is here!”

When the players in the lobby saw how many experts were gathered in the Abyssal Tower, they faintly realized that the status quo in Slumber City might be changing today. It was especially true after they saw Wolf Emperor, one of Slumber City’s top five experts, making an appearance.

“Why is Wolf Emperor here?” Night Revenant’s expression turned somber when he looked at the middle-aged man carrying two greatswords on his back.

Wolf Emperor!

This was a name known by every player operating in Slumber City. He was also the role model for the many independent experts in Slumber City.

Wolf Emperor had merely been your average Refinement Realm expert twenty years ago. Wolf Emperor had also been in his thirties already at the time, so one could say that he had already reached the limits of his potential. The best he could hope for with his slowed growth was to reach the Flowing Water Realm in this lifetime.

However, that wasn’t what had happened at all.

Unlike the average genius who’d shine from a young age, Wolf Emperor was the very definition of a late bloomer. He had reached the Void Realm at 40, the Domain Realm at 45, and Slumber City’s top 50 rankings at 50. Now, at the age of 54, Wolf Emperor had become publicly acknowledged as one of Slumber City’s top five experts.

Moreover, Wolf Emperor didn’t become famous just by growing stronger at a late age. He had also grown his fame through a series of battles.

Wolf Emperor was a living inspiration for many players who were either deemed to have no talent or exhausted their potential. In fact, some of the current Temple Knights in Slumber City had only gained their current status because of the motivation they received from looking at Wolf Emperor’s achievements.

Hence, Wolf Emperor had become a living legend in Slumber City, and many Temple Knight-level experts had willingly become his followers.

Although Wolf Emperor had never established an organization of his own, he was the player with the most Temple Knight-level experts under his command. Wolf Emperor himself was also an Upper-class Noble, an existence inferior to only Slumber City’s three administrators.

Now that Wolf Emperor had shown up in the Abyssal Tower, Night Revenant would be delusional if he said that Wolf Emperor’s appearance wouldn’t affect Death Curse’s plans.

While Night Revenant was having a headache over Wolf Emperor’s appearance, a dark figure suddenly appeared in the lobby.

This dark figure moved silently. However, the instant this dark figure appeared, everyone in the lobby felt chills crawling down their backs. Some Temple Knight-level experts even stepped back, their minds subconsciously telling them to keep their distance from this dark figure.


When Night Revenant saw this dark figure, confidence surged within him once more. This was because this dark figure was none other than Solitary Soul, the commander of the Death Curse adventurer team and Slumber City’s publicly acknowledged number one expert!

“What’s the situation?” Solitary Soul asked Night Revenant in a low voice.

“They’ll be coming out soon. Once they come out, we’ll lock onto them immediately and ensure that none of them can hide their names or run away!” Night Revenant reported respectfully.

While Slumber City’s various powers and experts were gradually gathering in the Abyssal Tower, Shi Feng had finally defeated the last Mythic ranked Twin-Headed Flying Dragon on the Abyssal Tower’s fourth floor. At the same time, his level had also gone up from 112 to 113.

Thank goodness I’m a pseudo-Tier 4 right now. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to clear this fourth floor.

Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the nine Twin-Headed Flying Dragons around him. He had to die several times to eliminate all nine of these Mythic monsters.

The Twin-Headed Flying Dragons had two billion HP each. If his Mana hadn’t been strengthened to the Tier 4 standard, he would have never been able to kill all nine of these Mythic monsters. After all, even with his Mana strengthened, he could only deal a few million damage with his Tier 3 Skills and Spells. Even a solid blow with a Bronze Combat Technique only allowed him to deal four to five million damage.

Meanwhile, along with the collapse of the final Twin-Headed Flying Dragon, a system notification rang in Shi Feng’s ears.

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