Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3110 - Chapter 184 - Seven Luminaries Codex

Chapter 184 – Seven Luminaries Codex

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Abyssal Trial and gained the Abyssal Tower’s recognition. Rewarding the Abyss Legatee title.

System: With the Abyss Legatee title, you will enjoy status equivalent to a Magistrate in any city in the Stratified Abyssal Realm. In addition, all dark-type monsters within a 200-yard radius of you will be weakened by 30%.

System: You have activated the Mythical Quest Twilight of the Gods.

A Mythical Quest?

Shi Feng’s mind blanked out when he saw the system notifications, his mind having difficulty believing this to be true.

In the world of God’s Domain, even Epic Quests were already enough to cause apex experts to grow ecstatic. This was because the rewards of any Epic Quest could offer even Tier 5 experts to achieve qualitative improvements, the rewards ranging anywhere from Fragmented Legendary items to powerful Legacy items.

However, Epic Quests were both loved and hated by players. This was because players would be given a severe penalty should they fail to complete an Epic Quest. Some Epic Quests could even ruin a player’s whole account.

As for Legendary Quests, which were one rank above Epic Quests, they could cause an entire God’s Domain to go crazy.

This was because any Legendary Quest could rewrite the status quo in an entire God’s Domain. The completion of a Legendary Quest could easily result in the birth of a new superpower. Hence, even Tier 6 God-ranked experts were constantly searching for clues relating to Legendary Quests.

As for Mythical Quests, which were one rank above Legendary Quests, the chances of one appearing in a God’s Domain was almost zero. This was because quests of this rank could affect the entire Greater God’s Domain.

In the Greater God’s Domain, standing above the various peak powers and hegemonic powers were apex powers.

How powerful were apex powers exactly?

Any power that dared to bare its fangs against an apex power would disappear from the Greater God’s Domain. Either that or they would choose to submit under a different apex power. There was no third option.

Meanwhile, the main reason the Greater God’s Domain’s apex powers were able to achieve their current positions was because every one of them had completed a Mythical Quest. Thanks to the Mythical Quest they completed, they were able to establish foundations and gain power beyond the imagination of the various hegemonic powers.

Unfortunately, Mythical Quests were exceedingly rare, so much so that the various hegemonic powers were willing to pay one Legendary item just for a clue that could potentially lead to a Mythical Quest.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, he had spent several years just to find a few clues relating to Mythical Quests. Even then, his findings were more than enough to cause the various top-tier hegemonic powers to grow envious. After all, those top-tier hegemonic powers were only short of one Mythical Quest to become an apex power.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had directly activated a Mythical Quest…

Shortly after the system notifications appeared, a gigantic shadow figure suddenly appeared in front of Shi Feng.

The instant this shadowy figure appeared, Shi Feng felt an unprecedented power bearing down on his body. This power was so strong that it made the Divine Might of Tier 6 Gods look insignificant in comparison.

Right now, Shi Feng had a feeling that the shadowy figure before him could erase his entire existence with just a thought. Even Tier 6 Gods would probably have difficulty moving before this shadowy figure.

“You’ve done a good job completing the Abyssal Trial, little lifeform,” the shadowy figure said as he nodded at Shi Feng. “But you are still too leak to obtain my Legacy. Even holding onto my Legacy might cause you to suffer unimaginable disasters in God’s Domain. If you wish to inherit my Legacy, you will need to obtain one item first.”

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“Obtain one item?”

Shi Feng wasn’t all too surprised by the shadowy figure’s claim that his Legacy would bring unimaginable disasters. The shadowy figure might only be a phantom of his real self, but he was already the strongest existence Shi Feng had met to date.

If the shadowy figure appeared with his real body, Shi Feng couldn’t even begin to imagine how powerful the other party would be.

So, the difficulty of obtaining the shadowy figure’s Legacy would naturally be incredibly high.

“Yes. I’ll leave this item with you. Figure out a way to restore its power. Only after it has recovered can it help you inherit my Legacy.”

After saying so, the shadowy figure waved his hand and summoned a pitch-black ancient tome in front of Shi Feng.

Unlike the average book, this ancient tome exuded an aura rivaling that of Tier 6 Gods. An ordinary Tier 3 expert couldn’t even get near this ancient tome, let alone hold it with their hands.

The Seven Luminaries Codex?!

Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he received the ancient tome.

Current players of God’s Domain were most likely unfamiliar with the Seven Luminaries Codex. Even the various Super Guilds were unlikely to know about it. At best, they would know about the Seven Luminaries Scripture.

The complete Seven Luminaries Scripture’s value could be said to be above Legendary items. This was because the Scripture contained many forbidden magic arrays. With the complete Scripture in hand, players could even use Craftsman-rank Magic Arrays to seal Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

However, the Seven Luminaries Scripture was only a replica of the Seven Luminaries Codex. Even the Seven Treasures that existed in God’s Domain were merely items the Three Goddesses made to replicate the Codex.

Of course, the Seven Luminaries Codex before Shi Feng wasn’t the complete version. Instead, it was only a fragmented item. Or, more specifically, it was the Codex’s general outline.

It was rumored that the Seven Luminaries Codex was one of the Godly Relics that had existed since the birth of God’s Domain. It was also rumored that it had the power to destroy an entire God’s Domain.

Of course, these were merely the descriptions recorded in the Greater God’s Domain’s Great Galaxy Library. Whether these descriptions were true or false, nobody knew. This was because nobody had managed to obtain even the smallest of clues regarding the Seven Luminaries Codex throughout the several hundred years the Greater God’s Domain had existed.

“First, find a way to recover its power. We will meet again once it is fully recovered. However, you best restore it as soon as possible since it won’t last long with its current power. If you cannot find the seven remaining fragments in time, it will disappear completely with no hope of restoration,” the shadowy figure said before disappearing.

Before Shi Feng could say anything, another system notification rang in his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have accepted the Mythical Quest Twilight of the Gods.

Quest content: Restore the Seven Luminaries Codex before its power fades completely. Rewards unknown. Penalties unknown.

Sure enough, I don’t have any refusal rights.

Shi Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he looked at the Seven Luminaries Codex in his hands.

The Seven Luminaries Codex was a bona fide Godly Relic. If he managed to fully restore it, even Tier 6 God-ranked experts would have to run if they saw him. Even Tier 6 God-ranked experts with Legendary Weapons were no exception.

Of course, this great power came with a correspondingly great price. If he failed to complete this Mythical Quest, the consequences would be unimaginable. Even account deletion would probably be considered the lightest penalty for failing a Mythical Quest.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng couldn’t help but tap his finger on the Seven Luminaries Codex, eager to see what was on the Seven Luminaries Codex’s Attribute Panel.

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