Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3112 - Chapter 186 - Gathering of Hegemons

Chapter 186 – Gathering of Hegemons

TL Notes:

Changed “Shimmering Sword” to “Glimmering Sword” for reasons.

Slumber City, Abyssal Tower’s lobby:

“Everyone from our main force is here now, Commander. The outer team’s 600-plus Novice Temple Knights have also finished gathering outside the city. With this, Purple Light will be utterly powerless to protect those people,” Night Revenant reported to Solitary Soul. Then, he smiled and added, “If Purple Light’s members dare to intervene outside the city, we’ll make it so that none of them can return to the city alive!”

The Purple Light Chamber of Commerce might be one of Slumber City’s peak powers, but it had the fewest Temple Knights and Novice Temple Knights out of all the peak powers in Slumber City. More specifically, Purple Light had fewer than 30 Temple Knights and a little over 300 Novice Temple Knights.

The only reason Purple Light was even considered a peak power was because of its wide business connections. Purple Light had trade deals with even the peak powers of several neighboring cities. Because of these connections, Purple Light had the most Combat Puppets out of all powers in Slumber City, its Combat Puppet count exceeding 100.

If a Novice Temple Knight was given control of a Basic Combat Puppet, they could exhibit combat power rivaling official Temple Knights. However, Purple Light’s Combat Puppets were typically reserved for the protection of important resource nodes, and few of its Combat Puppets were stationed in Slumber City.

Meanwhile, the transportation of Combat Puppets was incredibly troublesome since they couldn’t be stored in ordinary Spatial Bags. Only Epic Spatial Bags could store Combat Puppets, and the average Epic Spatial Bag could store around ten Combat Puppets.

However, Epic Spatial Bags were rarer and more expensive than even Fragmented Legendary items, and Purple Light only had a few of them. Not to mention, Purple Light’s Combat Puppets were still needed to defend its resource nodes.

All in all, the combat power Purple Light could afford to mobilize in Slumber City was, at most, around a dozen Temple Knights and a hundred Novice Temple Knights.

“Good. Have everyone get ready. Those people should be coming out soon,” Solitary Soul said, nodding.

“Wolf Emperor’s side remains a problem, Commander. Seeing as Wolf Emperor is still here, it’s clear that he plans on watching. If he decides to help the other side in a crucial moment, we’ll most likely have difficulty taking down those people…” Night Revenant said as he warily glanced at the middle-aged man drinking alcohol at the distant bar.

In addition to being one of the top five experts of Slumber City, Wolf Emperor also had around fifty Temple Knight-level experts following him. If he decided to help Purple Light’s side, it would put Death Curse at a considerable disadvantage.

“Ignore him. That battle maniac has already promised not to intervene on the condition that I duel him afterward,” Solitary Soul said nonchalantly.

“He’s growing restless already?” Night Revenant couldn’t help but take a few extra glances at Wolf Emperor when he heard Solitary Soul’s words.

It was widely known that Wolf Emperor was a battle maniac. It was also obvious that Wolf Emperor had already converted to a higher race, so his strength must have seen significant improvements. Although Night Revenant had guessed that Wolf Emperor would challenge the other top five experts of Slumber City after making these improvements, he didn’t think that the other party would make a move so soon.

“It’s fine. Even if he didn’t come to find me, I would have gone to find him for a duel sooner or later,” Solitary Soul said, a trace of fighting spirit surfacing in his eyes.

Slumber City’s three administrators were extremely elusive and hard to meet.

Although Solitary Soul had recently become one of Slumber City’s administrators, he still had no idea how strong he was compared to the other top five experts. He also didn’t know whether he could become the strongest expert in the city, so he needed to test his strength against a sufficiently strong opponent.

However, out of the four other top-five experts, three were Slumber City’s administrators, and all three were extremely elusive and hard to meet. This left only Wolf Emperor as a potential opponent for Solitary Soul. Now that Wolf Emperor had taken the initiative to challenge him, it couldn’t be better news for him.

While Solitary Soul and Night Revenant were talking, a commotion suddenly erupted in the lobby. Immediately, Solitary Soul, Night Revenant, and the other Death Curse members turned toward the source of the commotion.

At this time, the crowd in the lobby suddenly moved aside and opened up a path for a woman with long light-blue hair. The woman wore a silver crown on her head, covered her body in silvery-white light armor, and carried a beautiful longsword that gave off a light-blue sheen around her waist. The woman looked like a goddess of war as she slowly walked down the aisle created by the crowd.

“The Glimmering Sword!”

“I must be hallucinating! Why is the Glimmering Sword here?”

“Crap! What day is it today? I can’t believe three out of Slumber City’s five hegemons have gathered in the Abyssal Tower!”

Many players in the lobby widened their eyes in shock when they saw the Level 120 woman with light-blue hair appearing in the Abyssal Tower.

Lauder Crader!

In addition to being the owner of the nickname “Glimmering Sword,” Laura Crader was also publicly recognized as the most talented individual Slumber City had seen in the past few decades. Unlike Wolf Emperor, who had carved his legacy in Slumber City step by step, Laura Crader had appeared very abruptly. By the time people learned about her existence, she had already defeated the two administrators of Slumber City at the time and became Slumber City’s number one expert.

Good! Quicksand made it in time! Echoing Judgment breathed a deep sigh of relief when he saw Laura Crader appearing in the lobby.

Unlike what most people assumed, the Purple Light Chamber of Commerce wasn’t subordinated to Laura Crader. Instead, Lauder Crader owed Purple Light a favor due to the help Purple Light had offered her many years ago. Hence, Laura Crader publicly announced that Purple Light was under her protection.

It was also because of Lauder Crader’s announcement that most powers in Slumber City dared not provoke Purple Light throughout all these years. Death Curse was the only exception since the adventurer team sought to dominate the entire Slumber City.

“Glimmering Sword! I didn’t think you would make an appearance for Purple Light. It seems I have underestimated Purple Light’s place in your heart,” Solitary Soul said, a hint of astonishment in his eyes when he saw Laura Crader approaching him.

“I owe Purple Light a huge favor. Now that Purple Light needs my help, I naturally won’t stand by and do nothing,” Laura Crader said as she looked at Solitary Soul calmly. “I’ll get to the point. Give up on targeting those people. Otherwise, our two adventurer teams will have no choice but to go to war!”

After Laura Crader finished speaking, the lobby fell silent as everyone stared at her in surprise. They didn’t think that the Glimmering Sword would be willing to go to war with Death Curse for the sake of some outsiders.

Laura Crader’s Glimmer adventurer team might be powerful, but Death Curse was no pushover. If the two adventurer teams went to war, both sides would suffer severe losses.

“What a wonderful threat!” Solitary Soul laughed. “Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop those people from dying today! Moreover, I’m very curious to test whether you really are as strong as the rumors make you out to be!”

After Solitary Soul finished speaking, the intensity of his aura suddenly spiked. Immediately, most of the players present, including Echoing Judgment and the others, felt their hearts constrict in fear.

Tier 4! Echoing Judgment couldn’t help but look at Solitary Soul in disbelief. How can his aura be at the Tier 4 standard?!

Tier 4 was a tier no player in the Stratified Abyssal Realm could reach. However, Echoing Judgment wasn’t a stranger to a Tier 4 existence’s aura because he had watched a fight between Tier 4 NPCs in the past. Meanwhile, the aura Solitary Soul currently radiated was just as strong as the aura those Tier 4 NPCs exuded.

He got himself a piece of Legendary Equipment? Wolf Emperor thought as he looked at Solitary Soul, a hint of fear and excitement appearing in his eyes. This is interesting. I didn’t think that old fox had kept so much strength hidden. With this, even the Glimmering Sword will have trouble against him.

Wolf Emperor would often wander around picking fights. So, this wasn’t the first time he had come across a player with a Tier 4 aura.

While silence enveloped the lobby, multiple streaks of light suddenly appeared in the Abyssal Tower’s teleportation hall, signifying that someone had just completed their test in the tower. Meanwhile, these people were none other than Shi Feng and his team.

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