Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3111 - Chapter 185 - Godly Relic

Chapter 185 – Godly Relic

Shi Feng couldn’t help but gasp when he finished reading the Seven Luminaries Codex’s Attribute Panel.

What powerful Skills! As expected of a Godly Relic birthed alongside God’s Domain! I can’t believe it has such power even in its current fragmented state!

[Seven Luminaries Codex] (Legendary Rank [Current])

One of the Godly Relics birthed along with God’s Domain. The Seven Luminaries Codex carries seven powers of creation. Currently, the Codex has been deprived of all seven of these powers and only retains a small trace of Eternal Energy. Only by collecting all seven powers can the Codex’s power be restored.

Cannot be destroyed.

Cannot be traded.

Cannot be dropped.

The Eternal Energy in the Codex will dissipate over time. (Currently, there are 365 days remaining until the Codex’s energy dissipates completely.)

Additional Active Skill 1-

Omni-Refinement: Refine all elements and substances unconditionally. No Cooldown.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Elemental Search: Reveal all mineral veins within a 100,000-yard radius.

Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Passive Skill-

Seven Luminaries Guidance: Automatically detects fragments of the Seven Luminaries Codex within a 1,000,000-yard radius.

Omni-Refinement’s ability to refine all elements and substances was a power that every power in God’s Domain would yearn to obtain. For Lifestyle Players, Omni-Refinement was a godly ability.

The process of refining materials was the foundation of any production process. It was also the most important step in manufacturing an item. Moreover, the higher the rank of an item, the more difficult the refining process would be, and the lower the success rate would be. However, Omni-Refinement could complete this step with perfection.

It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that players could get rich just by relying on the Omni-Refinement Skill.

For example, players could refine Magic Crystals into Mana Stones[1]. Typically, this was a process that required a Master Alchemist. Meanwhile, in addition to the material cost of 100 Magic Crystals per Mana Stone, Master Alchemists would also charge two Magic Crystals for their labor since the refinement process involved time and energy.

However, with the Seven Luminaries Codex, Shi Feng could refine 100 Magic Crystals into a Mana Stone with the push of a button, his efficiency many times greater than the average Master Alchemist. Even if he charged others a labor cost of only one Magic Crystal per Mana Stone, he could still make a killing. After all, he’d only need, at most, one second to produce a Mana Stone. That meant he could earn one Magic Crystal per second. With there being 48 hours a day in God’s Domain, he could easily earn up to 170,000 Magic Crystals per day.

In the current Miniature Ancient World, 170,000 Magic Crystals were already the daily Magic Crystal income of a first-rate Guild.

Aside from Omni-Refinement, Elemental Search was also a Skill that could cause the various powers in God’s Domain to lose their minds. Even the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers were no exception.

Whether it was the production of items or the construction of settlements, both required a large amount of ores. Meanwhile, the most reliable way of obtaining ores was through mining mineral veins.

However, mineral veins were extremely rare in God’s Domain, and even the most common Copper veins and Iron veins could cause powers to go to war with each other. This was because every mineral vein had a chance of Magic Stones. It was simply a question of how big the production volume was.

Meanwhile, Magic Stones were one of the basic materials needed in the construction of towns and cities. It was also used to produce various daily items and furniture. Hence, the demand for Magic Stones was always higher than its supply, and mineral veins were highly contested among the various powers.

In addition, the higher a mineral vein’s rank, the rarer it would be. Veins capable of producing Magic Crystals had even become a symbol of wealth and strength for Guilds. After all, no matter how powerful a Guild Settlement was, the amount of Magic Crystals it could generate per day couldn’t hold a candle to even the most common Magic Crystal-generating vein.

With the Elemental Search Skill, it would become much easier for Zero Wing to search for mineral veins.

So this is why none of the Greater God’s Domain’s peak and hegemonic powers stand a chance against the various apex powers. Just this damaged Seven Luminaries Codex is already enough to elevate a hegemonic power’s strength to the next level. An apex power with a complete Godly Relic simply isn’t an opponent any peak or hegemonic power can hope to compete against, Shi Feng thought to himself as he looked at the Seven Luminaries Codex.

Although Shi Feng had long since known that the Greater God’s Domain’s apex powers were not existences to be trifled with, only now did he understand just how frightening those apex powers were.

It should be known that only 99 Godly Relics had existed at God’s Domain’s birth, and every one of them possessed different functions.

Out of those 99 Godly Relics, the Seven Luminaries Codex only ranked 45th according to the Godly Relic Ranking List kept in the Great Galaxy Library. Yet, some of the Greater God’s Domain’s apex powers were in possession of Godly Relics ranked within the top 30.

Moreover, the amount of time these apex powers had existed far surpassed the various superpowers in his homeworld.

According to his knowledge, the youngest apex power in the Greater God’s Domain had risen to its position over 600 years ago. In other words, this apex power was already in possession of a Godly Relic for over 600 years. Just thinking about the advantages this apex power had racked up using its Godly Relic throughout all these years sent shivers down Shi Feng’s spine.

Not to mention, this was only the youngest apex power in the Greater God’s Domain. There were still apex powers that had existed for a much longer time, such as the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

A year? Shi Feng couldn’t help but frown when he saw the timer displayed on the Attribute Panel. It seems I’ll have to enter the Greater God’s Domain as soon as possible.

Although Shi Feng knew the clue for another Mythical Quest and said Mythical Quest was related to a top-30 Godly Relic, he would need to reach Tier 5 first to get ahold of this clue. There was also no saying whether this clue was reliable or not.

Hence, it would be much more realistic to rely on the Seven Luminaries Codex for his rise in God’s Domain.

However, the Seven Luminaries Codex’s fragments were scattered across the Greater God’s Domain, and finding them would be incredibly challenging. This was the case even with the help of the Seven Luminaries Guidance Skill.

Fortunately, his quest only required him to restore the Seven Luminaries Codex, not to restore it within a year. While the Codex might run out of energy in a year, so long as he managed to find one of the Codex’s fragments within a year, he should be able to restore some of the Codex’s energy and extend his quest’s time limit.

I guess I have no choice but to take things one step at a time.

Shi Feng sighed when he thought about the challenges that awaited him in the future. Then, he carefully put the Seven Luminaries Codex into his bag, called up the trial’s interface, and chose to leave the trial space.

Although he only needed to find one fragment for now, it was still an incredibly challenging task.

The Greater God’s Domain was simply massive. Out of the twelve Starfields that existed in the Greater God’s Domain, just one Starfield already contained over a thousand God’s Domains. Trying to find a fragment in these many God’s Domains was no different than finding a needle in a haystack…

TL Notes:

[1]players could refine Magic Crystals into Mana Stones:

Uh, I guess the author forgot that he used to categorize “refinement(精炼)” and “synthesis(合成)” separately? The process of turning Magic Crystals into Mana Stones used to be considered “synthesis” in the past.

An example of “refinement” and “synthesis” being categorized separately:

(Chapter 374)

[Philosopher’s Stone]

Active Effect: Due to being damaged, the Philosopher’s Stone possesses less than a seventh of its original strength. It can only be used for Alchemical Conversion, Elemental Refinement(元素精炼), Alchemical Synthesis(炼金合成), and Elemental Strengthening.


Changes made to Chapter 184:

This was because nobody had managed to obtain even the smallest of clues regarding the Seven Luminaries Codex throughout the several hundred years the Greater God’s Domain had existed.


This was because nobody had managed to obtain even the smallest of clues regarding the Seven Luminaries Codex throughout the past several hundred years.

Edit reason: I’m leaving this part vague since this chapter mentions that even the youngest apex power had risen to its position over 600 years ago.

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