Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3248 - Chapter 322 - Sacred Armament?

Chapter 3248 - Chapter 322 - Sacred Armament?

Chapter 322 – Sacred Armament?

As soon as the sloppy man jumped down from the cliff, everyone present couldn’t help but turn to look at him.

The sloppy man in question looked like he was in his mid-thirties. He wore a dark-gray chestplate that had magic runes engraved on it. His long hair was left scattered, making him look like a savage. Yet, despite his messy appearance, nobody present could ignore him because of his domineering words and, more importantly, aura that rivaled that of Tier 5 Legendary monsters.

Meanwhile, this sloppy man was none other than Markless Blade, one of the Heavenly Boa Guild’s Seven Great Paragons!

How did he arrive so quickly?


Midsummer and Wuxiaoxiao grew shocked and worried when they saw Markless Blade.

The Ancient River Secret Land’s central zone might only be limited to the peak of the central mountain, but the zone was by no means small. It could easily allow a thousand players to roam freely without meeting one another.

Normally, 100 players split into several dozen parties would have a very low chance of coming across one another in such a vast area.

Yet, even though only a few dozen seconds had passed since the official competition began, Markless Blade had already reached them. While it was obvious he had learned of their party of three’s starting location through his connections, the fact that he managed to reach them from his starting location so quickly was simply astonishing.

Now, because of this situation, their party would have to fight against Markless Blade before they could even kill any Tier 4 Heroic Spirits. If they ended up getting killed by Markless Blade, they would have to say goodbye to getting into the top 20, let alone getting into the top 10 and entering the Ancient River’s Heart.

“I can’t believe Markless Blade managed to improve so much in the time we haven’t met. A Tier 5 Magic Equipment truly is incredible,” the Red Star Kingdom’s Glorious Mantra said, a hint of dread appearing in his eyes after he scrutinized Markless Blade. “I doubt my odds of winning against him reaches even 20% now…”

“Rumors say that the Asura Sword Emperor is stronger than even Saint Nine and rivals the current Saint Three. I wonder how much strength he can get Markless Blade to use?” the Iron Lion Kingdom’s Martial Quadbeast wondered, his eyes brimming with fighting spirit. “It’d be great if he can get Markless Blade to use all of his strength.”

“Although I feel a little sorry for the Asura Sword Emperor, for the sake of ranking in the top 20 and having a better chance against Markless Blade in the Galaxy Conglomerate’s invitational competition afterward, I can only have him test Markless Blade’s current standards,” the Myriad Forest Empire’s Silent Saintess said, her lips curling into a faint smile. At the same time, her eyes scrutinized Markless Blade’s every move, eager to see how strong the Berserker had become already.

Meanwhile, this sudden development had also caused the number of players spectating Shi Feng’s broadcast to skyrocket, going from 300,000 to 600,000 in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the number of spectators was still rapidly increasing as time passed, showing no signs of slowing down.

“Crap! What’s going on? The official competition’s first clash is going to be an apex battle?”

“Markless Blade is incredible! He actually got Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess to help him! With this, even getting into the top 5 won’t be a problem for him!”

The players watching Shi Feng’s broadcast grew ecstatic at the sudden development. It was especially so for the players currently in the top 1,000 of the Star Lake Legion’s selection. They didn’t think Markless Blade’s influence would be so great that he could get three paragons to help him. Thus far, none of the Myriad Forest Empire’s paragons have shown such influence.

While everyone had their attention focused on Markless Blade, Markless Blade’s gaze stayed on Shi Feng from start to end, never deviating in the slightest.

“Asura Sword Emperor Black Flame? It seems I have underestimated you before,” Markless Blade said, a flash of admiration appearing in his eyes after he was done scrutinizing Shi Feng. He could tell that Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were not at all inferior to his current Basic Attributes. “No wonder you managed to defeat Unforgettable Leaf so easily. Both your Physique and Mana are at the Tier 5 standard. You can already be considered a pseudo-Tier 5 with such strength, and getting into the top 10 shouldn’t be out of the question. You indeed have some qualifications to be arrogant.”

“Qualifications to be arrogant?” Shi Feng chuckled when he heard Markless Blade’s evaluation of him. “I’m afraid I am still no match for you in this regard. Few people can put on a Tier 5 Magic Equipment even at Tier 5, yet you’ve already fused with one. Aside from the lack of Tier 5 Skills, you are already no different from a Tier 5 player. Moreover, I doubt that a piece of Tier 5 Magic Equipment is all that Heavenly Boa has given you, right?”

There were countless geniuses in the Greater God’s Domain, but geniuses who could grow to great heights were monopolized by the various hegemonic powers. As for independent experts, their chances of achieving true greatness in God’s Domain did not reach 1%.

As for why that was the case, it was because of the difference in weapons and equipment.

Independent experts needed to rely on themselves to get weapons and equipment. However, experts belonging to the various hegemonic powers could rely on weapons and equipment accumulated by their predecessors. They could easily get their hands on Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items without having to invest much time and effort or rely on luck.

Because of this, the gap between the various hegemonic powers’ experts and independent experts would only grow bigger and bigger as time passed. Or, more specifically, how were independent experts supposed to even catch up to the various hegemonic powers’ experts if they couldn’t even get weapons and equipment of passing quality?

“You are correct! This piece of Tier 5 Magic Equipment isn’t my only trump card!” Markless Blade said, a long saber appearing in his hand before anyone realized it.

The saber in Markless Blade’s hand was as long as he was tall. The blade of the weapon was made of unknown crimson metal. As soon as Markless Blade equipped it, the intensity of his aura increased significantly, and it felt as if he had become a completely different person. At this moment, every one of his movements could cause the space around him to tremble and destabilize.

“That is…the God Annihilator? The Myriad Forest Empire’s 53rd Sacred Armament?!”

“Are you kidding me?! Heavenly Boa actually gave him the God Annihilator?!”

“It seems competing with him is going to be impossible…”

Glorious Mantra’s, Martial Quadbeast’s, and Silent Saintess’s eyes widened when they saw the long saber in Markless Blade’s hand.

All kingdoms and empires in the Greater God’s Domain had their own Sacred Armament List. These lists were used to record the strongest weapons within their respective borders. Meanwhile, the God Annihilator was a terrifying saber recorded in the Myriad Forest Empire’s Sacred Armament List.

It should be known that the various kingdoms and empires in the Greater God’s Domain possessed many Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Legendary Weapons. These were all accumulated over many years. So, for a Fragmented Legendary Weapon to be capable of ranking 53rd in the Myriad Forest Empire’s Sacred Armament List, it was bound to have some aspects that allowed it to surpass Legendary Weapons.

Meanwhile, the God Annihilator was indeed superior to Legendary Weapons in certain aspects. Even though it was only a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, it could exhibit power rivaling Legendary Weapons; one slash from it was enough to reap the life out of a player’s soul. More importantly, the God Annihilator had a Passive Skill that prevented players from blocking its attacks with a shield. This made it an excellent weapon to harvest players.

With the combination of Tier 5 Magic Equipment and the Myriad Forest Empire’s 53rd Sacred Armament, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Markless Blade was invincible among Tier 4 players.

“Unforgettable Leaf had previously used the Void Walk I taught him against you. I wonder if you can defend against my Void Walk?”

After saying so, Markless Blade vanished from where he stood. Immediately afterward, an imperceptibly thin tear in space rapidly extended from his original location to Shi Feng. Although the spatial tear was incredibly thin, it had an incredible height that extended from the ground all the way into the sky, and it shattered everything in its path.

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