Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3249 - Chapter 323 - Sword and Saber

Chapter 3249 - Chapter 323 - Sword and Saber

Chapter 323 – Sword and Saber

When the world-dividing spatial tear rapidly extended toward Shi Feng, whether it was the three other parties nearby or the spectating players outside, everyone couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

The space within the Ancient River Secret Land was incredibly stable. It was especially so for the central zone’s space. The space was so stable here that Tier 3 players would find themselves immobilized completely. Because of the space’s stability, destructive attacks that could normally create spatial tears measuring several hundred meters in length couldn’t even create a spatial tear over a dozen meters in the Ancient River Secret Land’s central zone.

Yet, now, not only did Markless Blade exhibit phenomenal destructive power with his one attack, but he had also exhibited incredible mastery over the Void Walk technique. At this moment, let alone the three spectating paragons, even Shi Feng, the target of Markless Blade’s attack, could not detect Markless Blade’s presence in the slightest. It was as if the Berserker had vanished into thin air, disappearing without a trace.

As expected of the God Annihilator. Its speed and power are already close to matching Legendary Weapons, Shi Feng thought, a smile forming on his face as he looked at the numerous spatial tears extending toward him. These spatial tears carried incredible power, and even one of them was enough to instantly kill the average Tier 4 player. But between my sword and your saber, I wonder which is stronger?


Immediately, Shi Feng unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and brandished it against the oncoming spatial tears.

Sword’s Transmigration!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sparks and explosions filled the battlefield as the Winter of Eternal Night collided with the spatial tears attacking Shi Feng from multiple directions.

Over a hundred exchanges had taken place in the blink of an eye, the shockwaves from the clashes causing the surrounding space to crack like tempered glass. The surrounding terrain was also deformed beyond recognition. From an outsider’s perspective, the clash between the inconspicuous Swordsman and sloppy Berserker didn’t look like a clash between players at all. Instead, it looked more like a brawl between two natural disasters.

A moment later, Markless Blade suddenly reappeared in everyone’s view. However, before anyone realized it, nearly half of his HP bar was missing. As for Shi Feng, he had also lost a little over 20% of his HP. At a glance, it was obvious who had the advantage in raw power.

“You blocked all of my Void Walk attacks? What about this move, then?!”

After saying so, Markless Blade abruptly slammed the God Annihilator into the ground, causing the ground to sink and creating a brilliant mana pillar that rapidly expanded out from him.

Universal Destruction!

This was an Additional Skill that came with the God Annihilator. It allowed the God Annihilator’s wielder to exhibit their Strength to the extreme, instantly increasing the effect of the wielder’s Strength by five times for one attack that could reduce a 100-yard radius into nothingness.

“You want to fight using brute force?”

Shi Feng took a deep breath as he looked at the rapidly expanding mana pillar. Then, he gripped the Winter of Eternal Night with both hands and executed a downward slash.

Demon God’s Armament!

Radiant Night!

Subsequently, Shi Feng’s mana experienced a qualitative improvement, and matching divine runes appeared on his weapon and equipment one after another, the runes increasing the effects of his weapon and equipment by 100%. Immediately afterward, darkness bloomed from the Winter of Eternal Night, devouring everything in its path.


When light and darkness collided, the thick fog covering the sky thinned slightly, and a continuous explosion echoed throughout the mountaintop. Every player in the central zone felt the powerful explosion, and many couldn’t help but look toward the source of this explosion.

He didn’t die?

Markless Blade revealed a look of surprise when he saw that Shi Feng had over 60% of his HP remaining.

Universal Destruction was the strongest move that came with the God Annihilator. When paired with his Tier 5 Magic Equipment, he could send even Tier 5 Legendary monsters of the same level flying. If a Tier 5 MT tried to receive this move without any Lifesaving Skills active, there was a real chance they could get killed from full HP.

Yet, Shi Feng, a Tier 4 Sword Emperor, had received this move without dying. His Strength Attribute could practically rival Tier 5 Berserkers.

Markless Blade wasn’t the only one surprised by this outcome. When Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess saw that Shi Feng remained alive and healthy, they couldn’t help but gasp, their minds failing to understand how Shi Feng had survived Markless Blade’s attack.

“Isn’t he only wearing Dark-Gold Immortal Equipment? How can he match Markless Blade’s Tier 5 Magic Equipment and God Annihilator?” Martial Quadbeast had trouble keeping his jaw from hanging when he saw that Shi Feng had over half his HP remaining.

Martial Quadbeast had fought Markless Blade when the latter had his Tier 5 Magic Equipment equipped in the past, so he knew that Markless Blade’s Strength had already reached an unbelievable level for a Tier 4 player. Even the Superior Mythic ranked Ancient Bone Dragon he had summoned using a Tier 4 Curse was sent flying over a dozen yards when it ate a direct attack from Markless Blade.

It should be known that the Ancient Bone Dragon had Strength rivaling Tier 5 Legendary monsters. A normal attack from it could shatter a Basic City’s defensive magic array in one hit. If a Tier 4 MT tried to block its attack without a Lifesaving Skill, they would get killed in one hit. Yet, the Ancient Bone Dragon was sent flying when it tried to block Markless Blade’s attack.

Now that Markless Blade had received the God Annihilator, a weapon known for its Strength, from Heavenly Boa, his Strength had undoubtedly reached an even more frightening level.

Against Markless Blade’s Universal Destruction, Martial Quadbeast doubted he could survive the attack even if he activated a Lifesaving Skill. Yet, Shi Feng had blocked the attack without any Lifesaving Skills and survived…

“It should be because of his sword. He only has a set of Dark-Gold Immortal Equipment. It is logically impossible for him to match Markless Blade’s Basic Attributes. The only explanation is that his sword offers a lot more Strength than the God Annihilator,” Glorious Mantra said as he looked at the black longsword Shi Feng wielded. “But God Annihilator’s Strength bonus is already extraordinary. Could his longsword be on par with the Myriad Forest Empire’s top 20 Sacred Armaments?”

The players spectating the battle from outside the competition venue also looked at Shi Feng’s Winter of Eternal Night with eyes full of curiosity and greed.

Any weapon capable of entering the Sacred Armament List of any country in the Greater God’s Domain would either be a Legendary Weapon or a Fragmented Legendary Weapon that rivaled Legendary Weapons in certain aspects. Meanwhile, every one of these weapons was treated like a precious baby by the various hegemonic powers. Even the various hegemonic powers’ executives would need permission from their respective Grand Elders before using these weapons.

After all, weapons that had reached the level of Sacred Armaments could be of great help to even Tier 6 players. Rather than let Tier 4 and Tier 5 players use them, it’d be much more effective to let a Tier 6 powerhouse equip it.

Only a pseudo-upper-ranking hegemonic power like Heavenly Boa would be willing to let a Tier 4 paragon equip such a weapon. The average hegemonic power absolutely wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. After all, not only was this a waste of opportunity, but there was also a great risk of the weapon being snatched.

Weapons at the Sacred Armament caliber could be sold for astronomical prices. They were so valuable that even Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts would be willing to disregard the rules set by the various powers.

While everyone was talking about Shi Feng’s Winter of Eternal Night, Shi Feng looked at his remaining HP before glancing at Markless Blade, who was getting ready to attack him again. Then, Shi Feng released the Winter of Eternal Night, letting it merge with the void. Immediately afterward, nine frost blades materialized around Markless Blade, gradually lingering around him like satellites.

“I’ve seen your saber already. Now, it’s time for you to see my sword!”

World of Frost!

Ninefold Sword’s Orbit!

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