Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3250 - Chapter 324 - Tier 5?

Chapter 3250 - Chapter 324 - Tier 5?

Chapter 324 – Tier 5?

Each of the nine frost swords possessed 120% of Shi Feng’s Strength.

Under the enhancement of Demon God’s Armament and World Creation, each frost sword could execute Sword’s Orbit flawlessly and create dozens of stars that carried power at the Tier 5 standard. When these stars intersected, they caused the space around them to tremble.

The nine frost swords attacked Markless Blade from multiple directions simultaneously, forming a tight network of hundreds of stars. There was no room whatsoever for Markless Blade to carry out evasive maneuvers.

When high-tiered players in God’s Domain wished to quickly decide on the outcome of a duel, there were generally only two methods they could employ.


The first method was to defeat the opponent with overwhelming power. So long as one had an absolute advantage in strength, one’s opponent would be incapable of defending against one’s attacks. It was a crude yet effective method. It was also the method high-tiered players used most often when dealing with lower-tiered players.

The second method was to launch attacks at extraordinary speeds. If one could overwhelm the reaction speed of one’s opponent with enough attacks, even if each attack wasn’t exceptionally strong, so long as the attacks could do some damage, one could quickly end the duel.

The Winter of Eternal Night was never a longsword focused on raw power. Instead, its strong suit was attacking at high frequencies.

In his current state, Shi Feng could execute several hundred attacks simultaneously. This was already well beyond the number of attacks a Tier 4 player could react to simultaneously.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng executed his ninefold Sword’s Orbit, Markless Blade immediately felt the threat of death looming over him. He could sense that if he allowed around a dozen of these stars to hit him, even with the Tier 5 Magic Equipment protecting him, he would die nonetheless.

Markless Blade was honestly shocked by this development. He never thought Shi Feng could control nine individual weapons to such a masterful degree.

It was common for players to control multiple weapons summoned via Skills or Spells in God’s Domain. However, doing so would usually reduce the amount of control they could exert over each weapon. To manipulate multiple weapons normally was an incredibly challenging feat, and the difficulty would increase exponentially with each additional weapon.

Normally, a Tier 4 magical class player could easily launch over a hundred magic projectiles. However, while launching so many attacks might make for a spectacular sight, the player would only have full control over three or four of these projectiles. As for the other projectiles, the player could only have them move in a simple trajectory. As a result, these other projectiles were very predictable and could be easily dodged.

However, it was a different story for Shi Feng’s frost swords. All nine frost swords moved as if Shi Feng was wielding them in person. When targeted by the nine frost swords, Markless Blade felt as if he was being attacked by nine Shi Fengs simultaneously.

Rampaging Blade!

At this moment, Markless Blade finally stopped holding back. After letting out a loud roar, he instantly split into four copies of himself and executed a peerless slash, shattering the space before him and sending countless spatial fragments flying in multiple specific directions.

Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess were deeply shocked when they saw this scene.

For Tier 4 titled experts like themselves, shattering space wasn’t a difficult feat. However, shattering space and having the resulting spatial fragments group up and move in groups like several dozen weapons was something they couldn’t do. This feat required an unbelievable amount of control over one’s strength and the void.

Subsequently, the weapons made of spatial fragments collided with the stars in the air, every collision stirring up a powerful spatial storm. Over a hundred collisions took place in the blink of an eye, the resulting explosions and shockwaves making it feel as if over a dozen Great Wizards were bombarding each other with Spells in mid-air.

At this moment, if any Tier 4 player were to jump into the air without taking any defensive measures, they would instantly be bombarded into smithereens.

Even Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess had trouble keeping up with the flurry of exchanges taking place in mid-air. They would die without question if they were to abruptly join this fight without any Lifesaving Skills active.

After several hundred explosions erupted in mid-air, the sky had already transformed into a pitch-black void. However, at this time, Markless Blade could no longer keep up with the nine frost swords’ attacks. Immediately, the several hundred stars created by the nine frost swords bypassed Markless Blade’s spatial fragments and threatened to attack Markless Blade directly.


Markless Blade remained unfazed even in the face of the approaching stars. After letting out a shout, he willed his three doppelgangers to gather around him with their sabers held in a defensive stance. Immediately afterward, magic runes appeared on the doppelgangers’ bodies, the runes forming a translucent mana barrier around them.

When Shi Feng saw a defensive barrier suddenly forming around Markless Blade’s three doppelgangers, he reacted instantly and switched his manipulation method on the spot. Suddenly, the dozen stars closest to reaching Markless Blade grouped up into pairs and merged, forming six stars of greater radiance. Then, these six stars bombarded Markless Blade’s defensive barrier one after another.


The defensive barrier mitigated the first four stars without fail. However, when the fifth star landed, the barrier shattered. Then, the sixth star landed on the doppelganger directly in front of Markless Blade, the impact sending the doppelganger and Markless Blade himself flying several dozen yards back…

Eventually, Markless Blade and his doppelganger crash-landed on the ground, their impact shattering the ground and forming a large crater. Subsequently, the doppelganger disappeared, revealing Markless Blade’s body. After receiving Shi Feng’s attack, Markless Blade had lost another one-third of his HP, and there was a visible sword mark in his Tier 5 Magic Equipment.

“Crap! How is that even possible?!”

“Are those two really just Tier 4 players?”

The players spectating the broadcast of the fight were dumbfounded.

Even though the two fighters were a Swordsman and a Berserker, the exchange between the two felt like an exchange between a dozen Great Wizards.

Moreover, even though Shi Feng’s and Markless Blade’s attack rates were already beyond the reaction speed of Tier 4 players, the two of them could not only keep up with each other’s attacks, but they could also alter their attack methods halfway through their attacks.

“Markless Blade failed to keep up?”

When Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess saw that Markless Blade had lost a lot of HP, their expressions changed, and they could no longer remain calm like before.

If the three of them were standing in Shi Feng’s shoes, they definitely wouldn’t be able to react to Markless Blade’s sudden transition into a defensive stance. Yet, Shi Feng had not only reacted to the sudden transition, but he had even merged his attacks on the spot to further strengthen them. His reaction speed was simply monstrous.

“This Black Flame guy is amazing! He took away one-third of Vice Commander Markless’s HP in one move! How absurd is his reaction speed?”

“Don’t tell me Vice Commander Markless is going to lose?”

Star Lake City’s spectating players never thought that the mighty Markless Blade would be put at a disadvantage in a fight against a player with little to no fame in the Greater God’s Domain. Moreover, Markless Blade lost one-third of his HP to Shi Feng in one move. No matter how they looked at it, Markless Blade’s defeat was inevitable.

However, just when everyone thought Markless Blade was slated for defeat, Markless Blade suddenly patted the sword mark on his chest plate and revealed an excited smile. Immediately afterward, his aura skyrocketed in intensity yet again, causing Martial Quadbeast and the other spectating players nearby to take a step back in shock and fear.

“Wonderful! This is truly wonderful!” Markless Blade suddenly laughed, the combination of his ruffled hair and cackling making him look even more like a savage. Then, he looked at Shi Feng ecstatically and said, “I really want to thank you! If you didn’t make me feel the threat of death, my Concentration would have remained stuck at the limit of Tier 4 until I got promoted! I also wouldn’t be able to fully exhibit my Tier 5 Magic Equipment’s strength at Tier 4 as I can now!”

When the players rooting for Markless Blade heard the man’s words, they couldn’t help but grow excited.

Tier 5 Magic Equipment!

If a Tier 4 player could fully exhibit a piece of Tier 5 Magic Equipment’s strength, this player would be able to reach the Tier 5 standard directly. At that point, not only would they have Tier 5 Basic Attributes and Physique, but they would also have access to the Tier 5 Magic Equipment’s Tier 5 Additional Skills.

With this sudden development, there was a very real possibility that Markless Blade could compete for first place in the Rookie Competition.

“Black Flame! I admit your attack frequency is incredible. If I am only at the Tier 4 standard, I definitely wouldn’t be your match,” Markless Blade said, smiling as he looked at Shi Feng. “But it’s over now. I’ll let you know what a true difference in Strength is!”

After saying so, Markless Blade brandished his saber, sending several hundred spatial blades flying at Shi Feng. Markless Blade’s spatial blades outnumbered even the stars formed by Shi Feng’s ninefold Sword’s Orbit by over one hundred. Moreover, the Strength these spatial blades carried was superior to that of Shi Feng’s stars.

However, Shi Feng did not look surprised even when he went up against these several hundred spatial blades. Instead, he calmly said, “Do you really think you can beat me just because you’ve reached Tier 5?”

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, a dazzling brilliance suddenly burst from the Winter of Eternal Night, and an indescribable power flowed into Shi Feng’s body.


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