Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3307 - Chapter 381 - Pseudo-Fifth-Floor Expert

Chapter 3307 - Chapter 381 - Pseudo-Fifth-Floor Expert

Chapter 381 – Pseudo-Fifth-Floor Expert

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“A Legendary Main Storyline Quest for the Greater God’s Domain?”

Everyone from Zero Wing subconsciously gulped when they saw the system notification they had just received. They did not know whether they should be smiling or crying over this situation.

According to the information they gathered, Legendary Quests remained incredibly rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Most Tier 6 experts would only come across one or two Legendary Quests throughout their careers in God’s Domain. As for Legendary Main Storyline Quests related to the Greater God’s Domain, their rarity was even higher, and most players in the Greater God’s Domain would spend their entire careers in God’s Domain without ever seeing one.

Meanwhile, so long as players could complete such a Legendary Main Storyline Quest, the resulting effects could affect the entire Greater God’s Domain. The rewards players could receive from completing such a quest would also be beyond their wildest imaginations. Though conversely, the penalty would be unbelievably harsh if they fail such a quest.

Out of everyone present, Shi Feng was the only person unfazed by the quest notification. After looking at the notification, he said through the team chat, “Anyone who wishes to attempt becoming a Void Saint can accept the quest. The system won’t assign the actual quest to you until you become a Void Saint. So, if you fail the class-change, the only penalty you’ll receive is a prohibition from attempting the Void Saint class-change in the future.”

The Void Saint class was different from his Sword Law Saint class in that it wasn’t unique. There was no limit to the number of players who could become a Void Saint. However, every player would only ever have one opportunity to attempt to class-change into a Void Saint. So long as they failed, they couldn’t attempt the class-change again, even if they started a new account.

When Zero Wing’s members heard Shi Feng’s explanation, they breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, though, everyone couldn’t help but be surprised by Shi Feng’s explanation. It was especially true for Laura Crader and the other members of the Glimmer adventurer team.

The details of becoming a Void Saint were a secret known by only those standing at the apex of the Greater God’s Domain. So, Laura and the others couldn’t help but wonder how Shi Feng, someone who supposedly lacked a powerful background, would know about this secret.

Subsequently, everyone apart from Shi Feng and Laura chose to accept the quest. Then, after everyone had made their decisions, a large phantom suddenly appeared in front of the town.

The phantom was a 100-meter-tall giant that looked like someone had cut out a portion of a starry sky and shaped it into a person. The instant the phantom appeared, everyone present could feel a powerful Divine Might washing over them. The Divine Might was so powerful that even Shi Feng and Laura found themselves completely immobilized.

[Void Phantom (? ? ?)] (God, Void Saint)

Level ? ? ?

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?

What a powerful doppelganger!

It should be known that Laura was already a bona fide Tier 5 Sword Saint, whereas Shi Feng might not have reached Tier 5 yet, but he was already strong enough to match Tier 5 players. In their current states, not even Tier 6 Gods could immobilize them using only Divine Might. Yet, now, the two of them were rendered immobile by the Divine Might of a mere doppelganger.

“Humans! I’ve warned you!” the Void Phantom coldly said. “Since you insist on entering, be prepared to accept the consequences!”

As soon as the Void Phantom finished speaking, it made a grabbing gesture with its hand, instantly causing everyone except Shi Feng and Laura to vanish into thin air. Then, the Void Phantom gradually dissipated and disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Shi Feng and Laura did not panic. They also didn’t choose to leave their current location, opting to wait outside the town for the others to return. After all, there were dangers all over the island, and it would be difficult for most Tier 4 players to survive against the Level 150-plus, Tier 5 Legendary monsters that occupied the island.

Hopefully, someone can succeed, Shi Feng inwardly prayed as he looked at the town that was wrapped in void chains. It would be a huge jackpot for Zero Wing if anyone manages to become a Void Saint.

Void Saints were known to be invincible among those of the same tier when fighting in the void. They could even transcend tiers. So, even at Tier 5, a Void Saint could be a formidable force. If Zero Wing could have a Void Saint on its side, it would have the qualifications to fight for a foothold in the Void Zones between Realms. Those were places where upper-ranking hegemonic powers mainly operated.

Time quickly passed, and two hours went by in the blink of an eye. At this time, a large group of players arrived a short distance away from the island.

Among this group of players were Dira’s party of five and paragons such as Trecht and Saint Nine. However, out of this group of several dozen, Dira, surprisingly, wasn’t the one standing in the lead. Instead, it was a short-haired woman wearing a suit of silver armor and a crown that had a sacred appearance.

Upon closer observation, one would notice two other Tier 5 experts were standing next to this short-haired woman. Of these two Tier 5 experts, one was a middle-aged elven woman wielding a staff that looked like it was wrapped by lightning bolts, while the other was a six-meter-tall middle-aged man with a muscular body and tanned skin. Both these two Tier 5 experts and the short-haired woman were at Level 140, and all three of them were clad in equipment that could absolutely blind the eyes of all players in the Miniature Ancient World.

All three of these players were clad in Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets, with the short-haired woman’s set being an eight-piece set and the other two’s sets being six-piece sets. However, for the two with six-piece sets, each of them was equipped with a piece of Legendary Equipment. Meanwhile, the auras these three players radiated were so powerful that ordinary Tier 4 players would have difficulty breathing in their presence.

“This place can make for an excellent training ground. It’s a pity that Saint Arm and I have already ascended to Tier 5,” the middle-aged elven woman said after briefly scanning the island with her eyes. Then, she turned to Meteor and Star Snail and continued, “But you two have lucked out.”

“Don’t tease us, Big Sis Storm,” the red-haired youth named Meteor tamely said. “Star Snail and I admire you and Big Brother Saint Arm a lot. You two are only half a step away from reaching the fifth-floor standard, whereas Star Snail and I are still far from even reaching the pseudo-fifth-floor standard…”

When Trecht and the other paragons saw how the middle-aged elven woman treated Meteor and Star Snail like they were her juniors and how Meteor’s and Star Snail’s obedient responses, they couldn’t help but gape in shock.

Meteor and Star Snail were both ranked among the top 10 of the Miniature Ancient World’s God List. They had also become internal paragons of the Paimon Conglomerate at a young age. With their current achievements, it was only a matter of time before they became core members of the Paimon Conglomerate.

Because of their statuses, Meteor and Star Snail didn’t even have to behave respectfully when dealing with the Four Beast Warriors. Yet, in front of the elven woman and tanned man, they behaved no differently than obedient kittens…

However, when Meteor and Star Snail saw the reactions of Trecht and the other paragons, they simply rolled their eyes in response.

Ignorant fools! Meteor inwardly sneered as he looked at Trecht and the others.

Whether it was the middle-aged elven woman or the middle-aged giant man, both were core paragons nurtured by the Paimon Conglomerate. In terms of combat standards, both of them have already reached the pseudo-fifth-floor standard.

Although they were met with failure when competing with the position of Paimon’s Ten Great Paragons and forced to ascend to Tier 5, so long as they reached Tier 6, they would be instantly promoted to Elders in the Paimon Conglomerate. At that time, they would only be one rank beneath the Three Overlords in the conglomerate’s chain of command, and their statuses would be vastly superior to existences like the Four Beast Warriors.

Meanwhile, when the middle-aged elven woman saw the two cloaked figures standing outside the distant town, she looked to Platinum Behemoth and asked, “Are those two Zero Wing’s members?”

“Yes!” Platinum Behemoth hurriedly nodded.

Apart from their group, the only players that could possibly be on this floating island right now were Zero Wing’s members.

After hearing Platinum Behemoth’s answer, the elven woman promptly swung the staff she wielded.

“Disappear, you nuisances!”

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