Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3308 - Chapter 382 - Another Lunatic?

Chapter 3308 - Chapter 382 - Another Lunatic?

Chapter 382 – Another Lunatic?

A thousand yards away outside the town on the floating island…

When the middle-aged elven woman swung the staff she wielded, three magic arrays with a 500-yard radius instantly formed in the sky, every one of them being a magic array for a Tier 5 Spell.

Tier 5 Spell, Forbidden Realm!

Tier 5 Spell, Life Bondage!


Tier 5 Spell, Thunder’s Fury!

All three of these Spells were top-tier among Tier 5 Spells. A Tier 5 Grand Wizard at the fourth-floor standard would be fortunate if they could silent-cast one of them, while a titled expert could only barely silent-cast two simultaneously. After all, the complexity of Spells increased exponentially along with the increase of their tiers.

Yet, the elven woman had easily silent-cast three Tier 5 Spells simultaneously. The level of control she just displayed was simply ungodly, and even the Four Beast Warriors and paragons such as Trecht couldn’t help but widen their eyes in shock.

Is this the strength of a pseudo-fifth-floor expert?

Meteor couldn’t help but sigh ruefully as he watched the three Tier 5 Spells taking shape. Although he was regarded as a titled expert, which essentially meant he had reached the peak of the fourth-floor standard, it was evident that there was still a huge gap between him and someone who had already taken half a step into the fifth-floor standard.

When can I also reach this standard? Star Snail wondered enviously.

It might seem like titled experts were only one step away from matching pseudo-fifth-floor experts, but there was an insurmountable gap between the two. After all, a titled expert was still only at the Domain Realm, whereas a pseudo-fifth-floor expert was already in the Beyond Domain Realm.

A pseudo-fifth-floor expert could maintain peak focus at all times. They could even grasp their sixth sense, becoming able to predict all of their opponents’ movements ahead of time and move in response to those predictions. On top of that, they could instinctively exhibit the power of Silver Combat Techniques with their every move. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a pseudo-fifth-floor expert could beat titled experts to a point where the latter couldn’t even resist.

Meanwhile, when Saint Arm, the six-meter-tall man, saw the magic arrays in the sky, he said in dissatisfaction, “Aren’t you a little too quick to act, Storm? How am I supposed to get any action like this?”

“First come, first served. It’s your fault for being slow,” the elven woman named Storm nonchalantly responded.

While Storm was speaking, the three Tier 5 Spells she cast also began their performance.

However, just when everyone thought the three Tier 5 Spells would devastate the land outside the town, one of the cloaked figures—a woman—targeted by Storm’s Spells suddenly stood up from the ground and drew her sword. Then, following her actions was a bright flash.

When the bright flash disappeared, all mana in the sky vanished along with it. As a result, the three Tier 5 Spells crumbled apart, failing to activate properly. Naturally, none of the lands outside the town was subjected to any devastation.

“Void Annihilation! The 26th-ranked Absolute Technique!” Platinum Behemoth exclaimed when he saw the empty space in the sky distorting.

If the average player in the Greater God’s Domain were to see someone distorting space in the void, they would most likely think nothing of it. However, for any expert yearning to learn the Greater God’s Domain’s 99 Absolute Techniques, they would instantly recognize it as the product of Void Annihilation, the 26th-ranked Absolute Technique.

This was because a certain Tier 6 powerhouse had relied on this technique to secure the championship of the Seven Luminaries League’s A-League!

In terms of raw power, Void Annihilation was already comparable to Gold Combat Techniques. The only reason it was evaluated as an Advanced Silver Combat Technique was due to a limitation that prevented users from using the combat technique consecutively. Otherwise, it’d be no different than Gold Combat Techniques.

Before everyone could get over their shock from seeing Void Annihilation, the cloaked woman drew her sword once more.


A thunderous explosion immediately echoed across the floating island. Then, before anyone could process what just happened, the space next to Storm suddenly distorted, forming a distorted barrier of sorts.

“This will be your only warning! Turn back now!” Laura declared as she looked in Storm’s direction. Then, she sheathed her longsword and sat back down under the shade of the tree next to her, closing her eyes to rest.

Is she crazy?

Meteor and the others couldn’t help but look at Laura with stupefied looks on their faces.

It should be known that even Dira had to curb his arrogance in front of White Owl’s party. Yet, Laura had threatened White Owl’s party…

What are these people from Zero Wing made of?

Trecht was at a loss for words when he saw Laura threatening White Owl’s party. Previously, he thought he had already seen the limits of insanity when he saw Black Flame killing Dira. He never thought he would see the day when someone would threaten a party of core paragons from the Paimon Conglomerate to withdraw.

For a moment, Trecht even had the urge to ask what Zero Wing’s members actually thought of the Paimon Conglomerate.

“Do you think you’re invincible just because you’ve grasped Void Annihilation?” Storm was incensed by Laura’s threat.

Immediately, Storm executed Elven Heart, a God-ranked Mana Technique that elevated her Concentration and Mana standards. Then, two Tier 5 Curses could be seen forming above and under Laura, both Curses capable of exhibiting power comparable to Laura’s Void Annihilation.

Sensing the change in mana flow around her, Laura leisurely stood up and placed her hand around the hilt of her sword.

“Second Form, Soul Break!”

There was no bright flash this time. Apart from seeing Laura mutter a few words, Meteor and the others saw nothing else happening. Instead, only silence followed after Laura stopped speaking.

Then, before anyone realized it, Storm’s HP fell to zero…

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