Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3309 - Chapter 383 - Apex Clash

Chapter 3309 - Chapter 383 - Apex Clash

Chapter 383 – Apex Clash

She died?

Storm got killed in one hit?

Meteor and the other Tier 4 experts present were at a loss for words when they saw Storm’s HP suddenly falling to zero, none of them knowing what had just happened.

Since when did Void Annihilation have a second form?


What a quick strike! Platinum Behemoth broke out in cold sweat as he looked at Laura’s distant figure.

Platinum Behemoth was currently a Tier 5 player, so unlike Meteor and the other Tier 4 experts, he had caught a glimpse of Laura’s attack just now. Or, more specifically, only those with Tier 5 physiques and reaction speeds could possibly hope to perceive Laura’s attack.

Meanwhile, from what Platinum Behemoth managed to see, Laura had executed five slashes after she finished speaking, each one faster than the last. By the fifth slash, he couldn’t even see her attack.

At the same time, Platinum Behemoth also saw Storm reacting to Laura’s attacks, the elven woman instinctively creating a magic barrier and raising her staff to defend herself. However, Storm only managed to defend against the first three strikes, whereas the fourth and fifth slashes struck her squarely on the body. With the cloth armor Storm wore, there was no way she could survive two full Tier 6 attacks.

Different from the Four Beast Warriors and the various Tier 4 experts, White Owl, Saint Arm, and Dira reacted calmly to Storm’s death.

Before Meteor and the others could make sense of the three’s reactions, they suddenly saw Storm’s body vanishing in the blink of an eye and reappearing at a location roughly 20 yards away. The elven woman was also alive and healthy at this time.

“You’ve even used Illusory World? Did you need to get so serious, Storm?” Saint Arm jokingly said as he watched Storm flying back.

When it came to pseudo-fifth-floor experts like them, it was incredibly difficult for opponents of the same tier to kill them. After all, by relying on the sixth sense they grasped after reaching the Beyond Domain Realm, they could predict most, if not all, dangers and take appropriate countermeasures.

Of course, it’d be a different story if the opponent had strength so overwhelming that it could render all of their countermeasures useless.

However, it should be known that Storm possessed many lifesaving capabilities. Not only did she possess numerous Tier 4 and Tier 5 Lifesaving Spells, but she also had the True Amulet, a Legendary Equipment that could let her avoid death once a day.

Unless the opponent was someone on the level of White Owl, it would take a significant amount of time to kill Storm. Moreover, that was under the precondition that Storm did not try to run away. If Storm focused on escaping, even White Owl could not kill her.

“Why don’t you try fighting her, then?” Storm said as she rolled her eyes at Saint Arm.

Illusory World was a Lifesaving Spell she learned after getting promoted to Tier 5. The Spell allowed her to enter an illusory space while leaving behind a phantom of herself in the real world. The phantom possessed all of her abilities, and it could attack her opponents while she waited for an opportunity to launch an ambush from the illusory space.

Originally, Storm had planned to launch a two-pronged attack with her phantom. However, the instant she harbored thoughts of attacking Laura, her sixth sense warned her of great danger, so she promptly dismissed her plan of attacking Laura with her main body as well. Instead, she decided to let her phantom do all the fighting while she stood by and observed what kind of cards Laura had up her sleeves.

Only, Storm didn’t think her phantom would get killed after only one exchange…

“Me?” Saint Arm shook his head. “I’m no fool. She has a Legendary Weapon. I’m no match for her in a one-on-one.”

“You!” Storm grew even more incensed upon hearing Saint Arm’s reply. She didn’t think Saint Arm would be such a coward, admitting defeat without even trying to fight Laura.

“Neither of you needs to take her on. Leave her to me,” White Owl, the short-haired woman, suddenly said before leaping into the air. Then, while making her way to Laura, she added, “You two take care of the kid over there.”


Storm and Saint Arm responded respectfully, neither of them questioning White Owl’s decision as they were fully confident in their commander’s capabilities. In addition to being one of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Ten Great Paragons, White Owl had also created an Epic Mana Body for her Tier 5 promotion. In her current state, she could even hold her ground against actual Tier 6 players.

Not to mention, Laura was only a Tier 5 Sword Saint. As a Tier 5 Divine Rune Warrior, White Owl could easily overpower Laura in terms of Strength.

As soon as Storm and Saint Arm voiced their responses, a greatsword wrapped in starlight appeared in White Owl’s right hand. Immediately afterward, White Owl swung the dazzling weapon with both hands, sending a blade of light flying in Laura’s direction. At the same time, the mana around White Owl transformed into a miniature star that covered a 300-yard radius and disintegrated everything caught within its range.

Starfall, the 49th-ranked Absolute Technique!

Is this the strength of one of Paimon’s Ten Great Paragons? Trecht couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the miniature star that had formed before him.


True devastation!

Sensing the power contained within this miniature star, Trecht had no doubt that it could destroy an entire island in the Miniature Ancient World.

Meanwhile, Laura finally got serious when going up against this devastating attack, choosing to unsheath the longsword by her waist as she got ready to welcome White Owl’s attack.

What an amazing sword! Shi Feng mentally exclaimed as he looked at the dark longsword in Laura’s hand. The entire weapon was pitch-black like the night sky, and the blade was as thin as a cicada’s wing. Yet, despite its dark appearance, the weapon radiated a faint silver glow.

In the past, Laura would sheath her longsword as soon as she was done executing her attacks. So, this was the first time Shi Feng could inspect it in detail.

When it came to knowledge about one-handed swords, Shi Feng wouldn’t say that he was the most knowledgeable in the Greater God’s Domain, but he dared to say that he ranked among the top 3. Yet, the longsword Laura wielded did not match the appearance of any Legendary Sword in his knowledge. In fact, it didn’t even have the basic mana-gathering properties of a Legendary Weapon.

However, there was no way Laura’s longsword was beneath the Legendary rank. Not on his life would Shi Feng believe the weapon was inferior to Legendary Weapons.

In that case, Shi Feng could only think of one possibility to explain why he had no knowledge of Laura’s weapon and why the longsword could exhibit the power of Legendary Weapons without having the basic properties of a Legendary Weapon.

A Fragmented Divine Artifact!

What Laura wielded in her hand was a weapon Shi Feng had constantly dreamed of obtaining during his previous life. For the sake of obtaining a Fragmented Divine Weapon, he had even paid numerous powers exorbitant prices to help him in searching for clues.

At this moment, Shi Feng finally understood why Laura was confident she could break through the Paimon Conglomerate’s blockade once she got promoted to Tier 5.

After all, a Fragmented Divine Weapon could instantly elevate the average fourth-floor expert to the apex of the Greater God’s Domain once this expert reached Tier 6. If such a weapon was put into the hands of Laura’s caliber, anything could become possible.

Subsequently, Laura could be seen charging forward and stabbing her longsword into the miniature star that White Owl had transformed into. When both sides made contact, dazzling lights emerged from the point of contact. Then, the miniature star could be seen rapidly dimming before eventually bursting apart and revealing White Owl using both hands to swing her starlight greatsword into Laura’s dark longsword.


A powerful explosion resulted from the collision of weapons. However, it wasn’t the last explosion, but rather the first of many as White Owl began brandishing her starlight greatsword and sending a barrage of attacks at Laura as if she were firing a machine gun.

Tier 5 Taboo Skill, Self-Acceleration!

Heaven’s Collapse, the 30th Absolute Technique!

The Taboo Skill and Absolute Technique combined allowed White Owl to become a machine of mass destruction. She executed over a hundred attacks in the blink of an eye, and not even Tier 5 players like the Four Beast Warriors could keep up with the attacks.

However, Laura was not at all inferior to White Owl. With a simple thrust of her longsword, over a hundred streamers formed before her, each streamer carrying power at the Tier 6 standard.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

After hundreds of exchanges between Laura and White Owl, the sky above the floating island began to distort, and even the Legendary monsters on the island started to distance themselves from the town.

However, as the number of exchanges increased, those spectating the fight quickly noticed a problem—White Owl’s HP was decreasing bit by bit.

Although White Owl would only lose small amounts of HP in every exchange, her HP had already fallen to 70% after several hundred exchanges. At this rate, it was clear that it was only a matter of time before White Owl got killed.

Partway through the fight, White Owl suddenly distanced herself from Laura. Then, she glared at Storm and Saint Arm, shouting, ”

“Why aren’t you two getting rid of that kid yet?!”

Storm and Saint Arm instantly snapped out of their dazes when they heard White Owl’s words. Their commander’s intentions were clear—they were to work with her to deal with Laura after taking care of Black Flame. Understanding this, Storm and Saint Arm promptly charged at Shi Feng, who had similarly been watching the show this entire time.

“Don’t blame big sister for this, kid! It’ll only hurt for a moment!” Storm said, licking her lips as she looked at Shi Feng. Then, she transformed her staff into a large thunderbolt and threw it at Shi Feng.

The move Storm just used was Thunder God’s Spear, an Additional Active Profound Inheritance that came with her staff. Meanwhile, the speed and power of this move were not at all inferior to Laura’s Void Annihilation.

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