Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 11: A kiss to QingCheng

Maybe it was due to Cheng YanNan’s intimidating words, or because the final-year examination was getting nearer and nearer, but everyone gradually lost the desire to fool around. During this time, nobody went to disturb Tang Xiu and Yuan ChuLing.

With the returned of his soul and especially after successfully cultivating the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space, Tang Xiu realised that his memory was really terrifying. As long as he glance through any book once, it would be deeply imprinted in his mind and would not be able to forget even if he wanted to.

Together with his memory being astonishing, his comprehension skills was equally hard for normal people to catch up to.

Tang Xiu had only used two days to devour a ten over centimetres thick English dictionary and stored them all in his mind completely. The rest of the students, including Yuan ChuLing, had still thought that Tang Xiu was only flipping the dictionary for two days out of boredom.

After that, Tang Xiu spent another day’s time to finish flipping through the English studying materials from year 1 to year 3 and thus, finally able to stop revising English as a subject.

When his mind had contained all the information from the whole book of Oxford dictionary and all of the high school English studying materials, Tang Xiu realised that he could actually completely understand Han QingWu’s lesson that was in English and was also confident that he could converse with Han QingWu in English.

Next, Tang Xiu began to flip through all the Literature textbook once and at the same time, can’t help but look through all of the Literature past year papers and outstanding compositions that was on his desk. After that, he was surprised to find out that doing Literature questions were becoming an enjoyment to him.

After finish revising English and Literature which requires a large amount of memory work as a subject, Tang Xiu then placed his energy on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Relying on his powerful memory, terrifying comprehension skills, and also his initial foundations, Tang Xiu was able to use less than 10 days to grasp back this three subjects.

Tang Xiu was enjoying the quiet and calm days which he was unable to live back in the Immortal World. There were no endless training and no endless slaughter, every day was only about going to school, going to the cafeteria and going back to the dormitory.

This was the first time Tang Xiu had tried spending his time and effort on things other than cultivating which was a new and strange feeling to him.

In just half a month, Tang Xiu began to feel bored.

This was because Tang Xiu realised that there was nothing for him to learn anymore. Any practice paper that was on his desk could be easily completed and could even attain full marks, any Olympiad-level questions could be mentally solved by Tang Xiu, and even all the theories and formulas from the given studying materials could be counter-argued by Tang Xiu.

“The knowledge that I have learned so far is enough for me to handle the final year examination, I could even snatched back the first place that initially belonged to me without any problem if I am want to. So what should I do to spend away the remaining two more months?” After sweeping through all the studying materials and practice papers on Tang Xiu’s desk, Tang Xiu felt disappointed and frustrated.

When Tang Xiu’s gaze unintentionally landed on Su XiangFei, he realised that Su XiangFei was glaring at him with eyes filled with hatred. In that instance, Tang Xiu quivered and immediately became more awake.

“How could I have forgotten about the matter on cultivating? Although the world on Earth isn’t filled with bloodshed and slaughter like the Immortal World and not too high a martial skill is needed, but I should at least have the ability to defend myself right?” Tang Xiu smacked his head and after that began to select the most suitable cultivation technique from his enormous memory bank.

The first cultivation technique that surfaced in Tang Xiu’s mind was the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space. In this short period of time, although he did not intentionally cultivate the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space, but he realised that ever since he successfully cultivated this cultivation technique subconsciously in the hospital, cultivating this technique seemed to be his instinct. Every time he went to sleep, his body would involuntarily start cultivating the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space.

The good thing was that this kind of subconscious cultivation was rather slow and would not cause any harm to Tang Xiu. On the contrary, Tang Xiu would feel very refreshed, full of spirit, and could even vaguely feel that his mental strength was gradually becoming stronger.

However, recalling back on the pain from the first time cultivating the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space, the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched violently as he firmly decided to filter out the Supreme Art of Quintessential Space cultivation technique.

Art of Golden Swarn, Sapphire Flame Art, Art of Frozen Heart…

The amount of cultivation technique and martial skills for Tang Xiu to select was simply too many. Other people may fret the lack of cultivation technique and martial skills to train in but Tang Xiu was fretting over which type of cultivation technique and martial skills to select.

However Tang Xiu quickly realised that he was thinking too much.

In this ten days, Tang Xiu was thinking through all the knowledge and experiences that he had gathered and in the end realised that all the countless secret martial skills and top notch cultivation technique that had let the people in the Immortal World shed blood and lose their lives were like worthless ornaments.

This was because all these cultivation techniques and martial skills was created for those whose physiques were already very strong and have a decent foundation to cultivate. Tang Xiu already had a decent foundation when he first crossed over to the Immortal World, therefore improving tremendously by relying on those cultivation techniques and martial skills.

The body that he had now was extremely feeble, his cultivation aptitude was also horrible, adding on to the fact that there was barely any spiritual energy around on Earth, thus there was no way to train using all those cultivation technique and martial skills that was contained in his mind.

However Tang Xiu was not discouraged as he tried to briefly recall his deeper memories captured from his other body back when he crossed over during that body’s younger days. Although recalling from this two memories were very difficult, but in the end he still managed to recall back on some elementary chants that does not have a high requirement on spiritual energy and aptitude.

During this one week, Tang Xiu was patiently trying out these outstanding basic chants one by one, but his body that was born on Earth with no existence of spiritual energy was simply too atrocious. If it was put in the Immortal World, his body may even be put below that of the half-demon human race.

As time continues to flow, Tang Xiu’s knitted brows were getting deeper and deeper after half a month and he gradually felt anxious.

“Calm down, I must calm down, there is a broad and wide amount of techniques in the Immortal World so there is definitely a cultivation technique that is suitable for me, just that I have not recalled it yet. Just what cultivation technique have I not tried yet…” Tang Xiu kept on comforting and encouraging himself as he continued to rack his brains.

However what Tang Xiu did not know was that when he suddenly stopped looking at his books to learn and sat on his seat “daydreaming” every day and even frequently ignoring Yuan ChuLing’s question, Yuan ChuLing’s heart sank straight down as he looked at Tang Xiu feeling worried and anxious.

Not only was Yuan ChuLing feeling this way but even Han QingWu and Cheng YanNan who secretly cares for Tang Xiu were worried.

Although there were people who were worried about Tang Xiu, but there were also people who subconsciously breathe a sigh of relief and rejoicing.

“That scared me, Tang Xiu was always reading books and doing practice papers all day long, not leaving his seat when he just came into our class. I still thought that his mind had recovered back to normal and would pull up his grades during this last three months.” After reaching home, Su XiangFei took off his shoe, threw his bag to one side and jumped onto the wide and soft sofa.

“You’re saying that Tang Xiu isn’t looking at his books and doing practice papers anymore?” Hearing Su XiangFei’s words, Zhang MeiYun who was paying attention to the television program became energetic instantly.

“Either he can’t continue acting anymore or that he has no more energy to continue studying even when he wants to. Every day he is just sitting at his seat with his mind somewhere else, he would even daydream when the teacher calls his name, angering the teacher.” Su XiangFei’s mouth twitched as he said in disdain.

“Mum, you’re thinking too much, how could Tang Xiu’s mind could have recovered. The incident last month was definitely a coincidence, most probably it was due to us pressuring him too much, that’s why he would ramble all that to dad. If Tang Xiu’s mind was really recovered then why would he use his head to knock onto dad? Su YaNing said without much thought as she peeled a pine and put it in her mouth.

Su ShangWen kept feeling that there was something wrong when he recalled being knocked and stabbed all over by Tang Xiu. Although one month have passed, but Su ShangWen could not forget that incident as he have never felt so ashamed before in this ten over years.

“Was it really just all a coincidence?” Su ShangWen gradually began to believe their judgement when he couldn’t think of any possible reason after thinking for a long while.

“ShangWen, stop being suspicious already. Did you really believe Su LingYun this bitch when she said that her son’s mind had recovered? With our son monitoring Tang Xiu every day, do you still need to worry that he will escape from our hands? As long as he dares to walk out of the school compound, even if his mind had really recovered, we would also be able to make it not normal again!” Seeing the worried expression on her husband’s face, Zhang MeiYun walked to her husband’s side and pursed her lips as she whispered softly beside his ears.

Even though Su ShangWen did not like Tang Xiu, but he still felt uncomfortable inside when he heard his wife spew out words like bitch and bastard from her mouth.

When Su ShangWen heard that his wife had already found people to deal with Tang Xiu, his heart skipped a beat and subconsciously wanted to open his mouth to stop her, but after thinking back on humiliation given by Tang Xiu, he stopped immediately.

A month’s time flew pass unknowingly and the second monthly test for year 3 students were coming. During this time, Tang Xiu had still not found a suitable cultivation technique for himself. It was not that Tang Xiu did not want to recover his cultivation that he had in the Immortal World as soon as possible, but it was because he simply could not do it.

Compared to the Immortal World that was concentrated with spiritual energy, Earth was like a barren wasteland with spiritual energy being too sparse.

When Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World, he had collected countless cultivation techniques and martial skills, and had also bought and exchanged countless heirloom and secret manuals. However with Earth having such sparse spiritual energy, Tang Xiu realised that not a single cultivation technique and martial skill could be trained after trying all of them.

“Tang Xiu, you must really work hard for this upcoming monthly test. I just had a gamble with Teacher Hu in the office that if your results drop again this time then my next month’s pay would be given to him, and if your result is not the lowest in the cohort then his next month’s pay would all be given to me. Whether I could hold onto my pay would depend on you.”

When Han QingWu realise that Tang Xiu was still daydreaming and not in his right state of mind even though the test was coming soon, she could not help calling Tang Xiu into her office to plead him, almost flirtatiously.

Listening to Han QingWu’s close whispering voice and looking at her playful expression, Han QingWu’s face and Xue QingCheng, his lover in the Immortal World, gradually combined into one. With a sudden realisation, Tang Xiu embraced Han QingWu’s body as he lightly imprinted his kiss on Han QingWu’s ice cold cherry lips.

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