Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 12: I will take care of you for life

Chapter 12 – I will take care of you for life

Han QingWu clearly did not expect that Tang Xiu would kiss her when she went to find him to talk.

Other than being with her dad when she was young, Han QingWu had never been so intimate with someone of the opposite gender before, thus, when she was embraced by Tang Xiu, she froze momentarily, unable to reacted to the situation.

While smelling the light soap scent from Tang Xiu’s body and feeling his strong arm, Han QingWu fell into a daze and forgot to resist.

Only when Tang Xiu’s action was being more inappropriate where he forcefully stuck his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her butt and chest with his hands did Han QingWu realised what was happening.

Feeling ashamed and angry, Han QingWu slapped Tang Xiu’s face fiercely.

“Tang Xiu, you’re too much!” Han QingWu’s tears uncontrollably trickled down as she recalled that her first kiss she had preciously preserved was gone just like that.

“Shouldn’t you repay what you owe me?” These words subconsciously came out of Tang Xiu’s mouth.

Only after Tang Xiu finish saying his lines did he awoke from his frenzied kiss and realised that this was not in the Immortal World but on Earth. The woman in front of his eyes was also not his lover Xue QingCheng who had once betrayed him but his class’ teacher-in-charge Han QingWu, causing Tang Xiu to uncontrollably freeze at that moment.

The reason why Tang Xiu mistook Han QingWu for Xue QingCheng was because during this period of time, he has been trying to select different kinds of cultivation techniques and martial skills that belong to the Immortal world. Having been living in the memories of the Immortal World for a whole half a month, he often mixed up the Immortal World and reality.

Under Han QingWu’s gaze, Tang Xiu looked down with guilt as he did not dare to look at Han QingWu.

Just when Tang Xiu was prepared to apologise, his peripheral vision unintentionally landed on Han QingWu’s delicate and slender thigh and the faintly discernible panty mark under her pink short skirt, his nose suddenly felt a hot surge.

After touching his nose a few times and confirming that he did not have a nose bleed, Tang Xiu let out a breath of relief as he revealed a self-mocking expression.

Han QingWu seems to have just washed her hair as her damp red hair was sticking onto her cheeks, appearing mesmerising like a flower. Her body was releasing an indistinct sexiness that was more impactful than her beautiful looks, causing Tang Xiu to be unable to control his body’s natural reaction.

“Tang Xiu, so you already knew?” After listening to Tang Xiu’s words, Han QingWu’s tender body quivered as her the anger on her face instantly dissolved, replaced with a face filled with guilt, “Tang Xiu, I’m sorry. You saved me one year ago but I did not dare to reveal myself due to some predicaments that were hard for me to speak, and after that because of my own selfishness, I did not come forward to apologise to you.”

Just when Tang Xiu was worrying that his vile conduct would cause him to be expelled from school, Han QingWu’s words abruptly startled him.

Shouldn’t Han QingWu be scolding me sternly or finding the principal to lodge a complaint while crying? Why did she apologise to me instead?

After thinking over Han QingWu’s words once more, an old memory suddenly sprang up in Tang Xiu’s mind as a dismayed expression unconsciously surfaced on his face.

“It’s you, so you’re that person from one year ago…” Tang Xiu’s gaze was fixated on Han QingWu. After a brief moment, his pupils contracted and his mouth opened widely as he subconsciously cried out in alarm.

Before Tang Xiu could finish his sentence, his mouth was covered by Han QingWu’s hand.

“I beg you, don’t say anymore, please don’t tell anyone about this matter.” After hearing the first few words that Tang Xiu had said, Han QingWu’s expression changed drastically as she pleadingly replied.

However, Han QingWu was puzzled by Tang Xiu’s action as she pleaded Tang Xiu not to reveal her identity out.

Unless Tang Xiu did not recognise me before I went out honest with him… then why did he say that I should repay what I owed him?

What Han QingWu did not notice was that because she was flustered right now, her position with Tang Xiu was very ambiguous. Her body was literally sticking in Tang Xiu’s embrace with one hand over Tang Xiu’s neck and the other hand covering his mouth as if she was seducing Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu felt both pain and happiness during this time. With only a thin clothing separating them, Tang Xiu could feel Han QingWu’s warm and astonishingly elastic body. Even if he wanted to take a step back, there was no space. Han QingWu was almost the same height as Tang Xiu while wearing her heels, and with their eyes less than 10 centimetres apart, he could almost see the watermarks in Han QingWu’s eyes, seducing people’s soul.

Both of their faces accidentally touched slightly and they could feel the warm breath on their ears. Having a sudden urge, Tang Xiu looked down and saw a plump chest being squashed out of shape. Looking passed the collar, he could even see a big patch of snow-white skin as well as a very eye-catching deep valley.

Tang Xiu wanted to kiss Han QingWu again but thinking back of that slap from before and of the status of Han QingWu, Tang Xiu who is now vigilant did not want to defile the goddess in front of him.

Only when she noticed that Tang Xiu’s breathing was becoming more restless and the way he looked at her was becoming more hectic did Han QingWu realise that she had lost control in that moment. She let go of Tang Xiu’s mouth hastily as her fair and exquisite face gradually grew intoxicatingly red and her eyes radiated an alluring expression.

“Tang Xiu, I am not the type to be ungrateful to someone whom I’m indebted to. It wasn’t convenient for me to find you during that time but when I wanted to find you to explain myself, there had been some problems with your mind, that’s why I could only secretly take care of you in the dark.” Seeing that Tang Xiu’s feverish gaze was gradually dissipating, Han QingWu let out a breath of relief while her heart felt a little disappointed.

Under Tang Xiu’s inquiring gaze, Han QingWu narrated the incident that happened that time.

Two years ago a college entrance exam fraud incident in the province of ShuangQing had shocked the whole nation, warranting a thorough investigation from the top management all the way down in ShuangQing province’s education system. During that time, the deputy head of Star City’s ministry of education, Han Fu, was also implicated and was directly sent to prison.

Han QingWu strongly believed that her father was innocent but at that time she had just stepped out of her university compound and all of her father’s friends went missing, even their relatives hid away from them.

With no solution on hand, Han Qing Wu could only think of a solution herself.

Alas, the heaven did not disappoint people who persevere. Under Han QingWu’s many days of tracking down and gathering information, she finally understood the truth behind the incident. After that, without any regards, she dressed up in a sexy and seductive manner to get close to a key witness, seizing a very important evidence from him.

But never did she think that the key witness would be so vigilant as he felt that something was amiss just when Han QingWu had taken the evidence away, therefore chasing after her.

Agitated, Han QingWu crossed the road without much thought and before she knew it, she was already in a sea of cars.

Even if the speed of the cars in the city area were rather slow, generally, there would still be an exception in any situation. When she realised that a car was swerving its way towards her direction rapidly, she screamed in fright as she could not react in any other way.

Luckily, Tang Xiu stepped in during the critical moment and saved Han QingWu, but Tang Xiu was hit and sent flying by the car.

After being rescued, Han QingWu was afraid that the evidence in her hand would be snatched back, thus she quickly concealed herself in the crowd and fled without even taking a look at Tang Xiu.

With this key evidence, Han QingWu’ father, Han Fu, was cleared of all his grievances while the head of Star City’s ministry of education, who was initially sitting at the side watching the storm, was thrown in jail. Even a few of Han Fu’s strong competitors went inside as well, thus Han Fu sat on the throne of being the head of the ministry of education without many obstacles.

When Han QingWu’s consciousness had calmed down from her father’s incident, two months had already passed. It was also at this time that she recalled back on her saviour during those critical moments, making her search frantically for him after that.

Han QingWu knew that if this person did not step in to save her in those critical moments, then not only would she have lost her life but her father would also be locked in jail for many years and her initially happy and blissful family would be shattered.

Although the incident happened two months ago, Han QingWu still managed to pick out the case of the car accident from the traffic police easily.

The taxi driver that swerved and drove the car towards her was drunk that night. He mistook the oil pedal for the break and steered the steering wheel in the wrong direction out of panic, thus causing the accident.

The person who saved her was a student from Star City (Grade 1) High school and was even ranked first among the whole cohort when he entered Star City (Grade 1) High school.

Han QingWu pestered her father and managed to fight for Tang Xiu the award of being a good student in ShuangQing province, and at the same time, made the traffic police give out a certificate and a medal for being courageous through her connections.

Just when Han QingWu wanted to thank Tang Xiu in person, she heard some news that almost made her collapse from the doctors: Tang Xiu’s brain got severely impacted during the car accident, leaving behind a repercussion that was almost impossible to recover from. In the next few years, not only would Tang Xiu’s intelligent seriously fall, his memory would gradually disappear. In the end, he would gradually be reduced to a vegetative state.

Han QingWu could not accept this cruel reality and she did not even dare to meet Tang Xiu.

However, the gratitude and guilt in her heart could not let her walk away just like that. After agonising for a month, the haggard Han QingWu gave up on her high paying job and chose to enter Star City (Grade 1) High School to accompany Tang Xiu.

After a year of observation, Han QingWu found out that not only did Tang Xiu’s intelligent dropped severely but his memory also became atrocious. His understanding and thinking capabilities were only barely passable, however, the difference, compared to the time he just entered the school, was like heaven and earth.

The worse Tang Xiu’s condition becomes, the guiltier Han QingWu feels. She did not dare to get close to Tang Xiu nor dare to disclose the truth of the car accident to Tang Xiu or Su LingYun.

Han QingWu did not know how she should repay or compensate Tang Xiu, the only thing she could do was to pay attention to Tang Xiu secretly, and if she hears anybody bad mouthing Tang Xiu, she would lightly berate them.

Han QingWu even almost fell out with the principal regarding the discussion on the issue of expelling Tang Xiu by the school and cohort team. The original mastermind, Hu QiuSheng, had even been blacklisted by Han QingWu.

“Tang Xiu, I’m sorry, I was the one being too selfish. I should have apologised to you long ago but I was afraid that my reputation would be tarnished so I hesitated for a very long time and did not dare to say the truth out. It was really hard for me to bear deep inside my heart……” Han QingWu felt relaxed immediately after saying finish her lines.

Ever since the accident happened, Han QingWu would be woken up from a nightmare almost every day.

Over the past one year plus, Han QingWu had always carried a heavy moral chain.

The guilt in her heart had tortured her, making her toss and turn, unable to fall asleep. She even despised and loathed herself.

“Tang Xiu, I can finally stop experiencing the inner criticism towards myself in my heart from today onwards. I will always be by your side protecting you and if you really become a person in a vegetative state then, I will take care of you for the rest of your life!” As if saying an oath, Han QingWu stared at Tang Xiu’s face as she said those words, one word at a time.

By this time, Tang Xiu was completely dumbstruck.

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