Runaway Guide

Chapter 2

Chapter 02 - Reborn (b)

Ji Ran woke up to the sound of some weird voices. As the sound began to gradually cleared up, he recognized it was actually a mechanized female voice with an emotionless tone. The voice said: "Queen, Your Majesty was still in the middle of a military meeting, but he have learned the news about your premature delivery, and is heading for the Imperial Palace now."

Then came a woman's gentle voice: "Yes."

--Your Majesty? Queen?Is someone watching TV?

Ji Ran felt a bit unsure, he remembered he and his broker were driving on his holiday and then encountered an unlucky accident. According to normal logic, at that time their injuries should not be light, so he should be in hospital right now. But why were these strange conversations happening here? Was the patient in this ward watching TV?

Ji Ran opened his eyes, hoping it would make whoever it was making those voices to turn their volume down. Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his eyes, a woman's face appeared in his sight.

The woman looked very beautiful, with skin as white as jade, a small exquisite figure, a pair of bright and clear black eyes, and thick black curls scattered around her head. Although her hair was a bit messy, her facial expression looked slightly pale, but her body still gave off a kind of gentle aura, prompting people to like her even at first glance.

To Ji Ran's surprise, the woman was very close to him, it felt like he had shrunk into a baby size and was carried in her arms.

The woman gently stroked his head, and smiled when she saw him opening his eyes: "Xi Wei, be good, father will come soon to see you."

Ji Ran: "....."

It's not a TV show, it's a nightmare.

Ji Ran stretched out his hand, wanting to bite on it to make himself sober, however, tragically, as a newborn baby he had no teeth, so even if he put his hands in his mouth he had nothing to bite it with.

The woman smiled as she saw the baby in her bosom trying to push his small hand into his mouth. She gently took his hand back, and said: "He must be hungry, quick, bring me some food to give to him."

"Yes, Queen. " The robotic female voice answered, then, immediately a small silver trolley rolled automatically to the bedside. The woman took a bottle of best quality baby nutrition milk from the trolley, poured it in a similar bottle-like device, and then stuffed the tip into Ji Ran's mouth while encouraging softly: " Eat it."

Ji Ran: "........"

This nightmare is terrible.

Ji Ran really wanted to call his broker over to shake him awake, but in his memory, he could remember very clearly the full-of-blood appearance of his agent after that accident. His wounds were even more serious than Ji Ran himself, therefore right now he should be in a coma.

Perhaps my injuries were too heavy it's causing me to have some brain damage, that's why I have this strange dream?

Ji Ran struggled to force himself to wake up from this nightmare, but still, nothing changed . Instead, this dream got even more complicated as a man suddenly opened the door and came into the room.

The woman saw him and immediately rejoiced: "Your Majesty."

The man walked closer to the bedside, reached out a hand to hold her, and said softly: "Anna, it's been hard on you. How did you suddenly have premature birth? Are you okay? "

"I'm all right." Queen Anna smiled and said, "The doctor came in time, the operation was very smooth, and the child is healthy."

"Then that's good. Come, show me the child," said His Majesty with a sigh of relief.

The shrinking version of Ji Ran was transferred to His Majesty's bosom. Ji Ran took a careful look at the man with his big eyes, and found out that this man is still very young, had a handsome and tough features, with a powerful yet kind aura. The man's eyes became extremely soft as he looked at the baby in his arms and pinched his cheek gently.

Now Ji Ran really felt like crying-because their touches were real and not like a dream at all. These two people's arms, their breaths, he could really feel them, especially when His Majesty pinched him, his face could clearly feel the man's powerful fingers.

The King hugged his son for a moment, before returning him to the Queen's hands. He asked, "Craig, is the expert in charge of genetic identification here yet?"

A man in uniform came forward respectfully and said gravely: "Answering Your Majesty, Professor Brown has just taken his people to General Byron's home to give genetic identification to his newly born son when Queen's premature delivery information reached him, they are on the way to the palace now, and are expected to arrive in 1 minute."

His Majesty Trand frowned slightly: "General Byron of the Star Corps? Was his baby born today too? "

"Yes." Craig replied, "The time of birth was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, 5 minutes before the big prince."

"What is the result of his appraisal?"

"Alpha Male. " Just as Craig finished saying this, the ring on his finger suddenly lit up and immediately reported: " Your Majesty, Professor Brown and his people have reached the entrance of the palace, and now are currently stopped by the Royal Guard. "

Trand nodded and said, "Let them in."


A moment later, three people came in together, wearing a clean white coat, led by a man wearing glasses with gray hair, apparently they were the so-called "expert",

They came forward respectfully and saluted: "Your Majesty."

His Majesty Trand waved his hand and said humbly: "Do genetic identification on the big prince."

"Yes, sir. "

Those three people hurriedly crowded around the newborn baby, the old man then took a needle, grabbed the child's arm and stabbed down.

Ji Ran: "........"

The sharp stinging coming from his arm was indeed the painful feeling of a needle piercing one's skin. The real pain seemed to be telling him clearly: it is not a dream, but a more terrifying reality than a dream.

Logically, scenes and dialogues should not be so clear in dreams, and dreams were often happened incoherently, but now, Ji Ran discovered that that the looks and sounds of everyone around him were very clear, and their dialogue very complete, as if they were immersive.

Did I die in that car accident?

And then reborn again, with my past memory intact?

If that was the case, then it would explain his current situation. But what he could not understand was, that although he could understand the people around him, many of their words had no clear meaning. This seemed to be a strange world, at least in his knowledge, he had never heard of any dynasty or foreign royal family that had to do genetic identification right after birth, and he also had no clue what's the meaning of that "alpha" result.

The old man divided the blood taken into two halves, one half was stored, and the other half was put into an instrument for testing.

The big screen on that instrument showed weird numbers and graphics, much like a DNA gene chain that he once learned in biology class, and though Ji Ran didn't know what those numbers and graphs mean, but he could still recognize the letters written on the identification result.

--Omega? What the hell is this?

"Your Majesty, the result showed that the big Prince is an Omega male."The old professor said excitedly with bright eyes, "and his mental strength reached 120, for a newborn baby, such high mental strength is extremely rare. "

The old man is really excited, so the result of the appraisal seems to be good?

His Majesty, however, did not show a slightest pleased look, he only nodded calmly, and said, "I understand, call the people from Omega Protection Association to register his data."

Not long after, three more people came into the room, wearing uniformed white clothes, presumably the so-called "Omega Protection Association". They did not only enter the detailed result of his genetic identification into the database, but also took the big Prince's fingerprints, pupil detail, and other information, all of them were recorded.

Then His Majesty took out a platinum-gold card, grabbed his son's hand and pressed it on the card. Ji Ran didn't know what it's for, but as soon as his hand pressed down on it, the card emitted a soft platinum-colored light with a line of small characters on it, seemingly very high-end.

The king returned the card and the child back to the Queen, saying, "Xi Wei's identity card will be kept by you for the time being. "

"Yes, Your Majesty." The Queen took her son, and saved the card carefully.

Ji Ran finally realized that the platinum-gold card must be his identification card--he was just born, but he not only had to do genetic identification, but also had to use his fingerprints to make an identity card, this really is a very strange world.

The group of people gathered around the newly-born prince to register all kinds of data, and then left after finishing their work, leaving only three person there, the baby, His Majesty and the Queen.

Queen Anna was evidently fond her son, tenderly coaxing him in her arms. On the other hand, His Majesty Trand seemed not very happy, looking at the baby who was nestled in Anna's bosom. Trand reached out and touched his son's head, sighing softly.

"What's the matter, Your Majesty?" Anna saw him sighing and asked hesitantly, "Xi Wei is an Omega, you ... You don't like it? "

Trand was silent for a moment, before finally whispered: "How can it be? This is our first child, of course I like it. "

Only then would Anna calmed her heart down, gently holding the baby's small hands. Seeing this scene, Trand also could not help but smile, stretching out his hand to hold his wife and son's hands in his bigger one.

This view gave off a very wonderful feeling, the child's hand was gently held by the mother, and then both of their hands were covered by the father's generous and powerful palm, three hands together, is this what it feels like to have a family?

Ji Ran could not help but felt moved. God really did treat him fairly, after experiencing a car accident, He gave him a new opportunity to live, also allow him to finally have the parents he never had.

In his previous life, he grew up in an orphanage and didn't know who his parents were, so he never knew the warmth of home. When he was a child, every time he saw some children with their parents, he always felt particularly envious. When he grew up, he tried to find his parents, but eventually he found nothing. No father, and no mother, this was his deepest regret.

Now he had become a child, it didn't matter what kind of world this was, at least, he finally had his own father and mother.

Although there were a lot of unfinished business in his original world, like the fact that he had just won the best actor award, which made him still very unwilling to let go, but it's not like he had any other choice. He didn't know how to go back, and in addition of the very obvious fact that he was just a newborn baby right now, he also had the identity as a "Big Prince", if someone found out something was wrong with him, he might be taken and sliced open in the name of research.

'Now that I need to do it all over again, I'll just try to start over,'Ji Ran thought optimisticly, after all, he played so many roles in his last life, acting as a good child should not be difficult.

But he had to figure out what "Omega" meant as soon as possible.

He could see that His Majesty father did not seem too pleased to know that he was an "omega".


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