Runaway Guide

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Recognition (iv)

At that moment, Klaire's body wasn't the only one that had turned stiff, many students around them were also standing frozen, staring at the sandbag that was hit until one meter away by the omega.

His first time and he already could punch the sandbag like that. Even a lot of strong alphas were not necessarily able to do that, and he was an omega… how is it possible?

Carlo also looked back at Xi Wei in astonishment, he could not believe that Xi Wei was actually able to do this - is he really not an alpha who was mistakenly identified as an omega? Otherwise, how could there be such strength from him?

Xi Wei also realized that he had made a serious mistake after punching out. Probably because in his past life he liked doing various martial arts and often practiced boxing at home, when he looked at the familiar sandbag in front of him, all he could feel was a thrilling sensation, like his blood was boiling. His body felt like a string of arrows, so when Teacher Tony loudly shouted out one, two, three, he instinctively threw a punch following moves from his memory. It was so natural for him, almost as if he routinely trained this every morning.

This was a fatal mistake – because at that moment he forgot he was an omega and about his disguise.

Truthfully, the most instinctive actions were what one would find most harder to hide. When one did not want to show their expression, they could bow their heads; if one were afraid their expression would be leaked through their eyes, they could just close their eyes. However, the instinctive reaction at a critical moment was a condition buried deeply in one's mind. There was no way to deliberately disguise a conditioned reflex.

With Xi Wei's own physical fitness, it was simply impossible for him to punch a sandbag until it moved one meter away. However he had all of Ji Ran's memory in his mind, the guy who achieved black belt at the age of eighteen, and had the professional textbook-perfect postures. His mentor in the past life once told him that fighting was not only about using brute force, but also needed skills- with a flexible body, even someone who had a short stature could beat a tall brawny guy.

Xi Wei’s strength was not as good as alphas, but his skill was absolutely perfect – the perfection was almost shoulder to shoulder with Tony!

Still in surprise, Teacher Tony came forward with a serious look and asked: “How did you do this Xi Wei?”

Xi Wei immediately adjusted his expression, scratched his head innocently, smiled and answered: “Teacher, I don't know. I think this bag has a problem, just when I was about to punch, the rope seemed to be loose. I’ll try it again.”

“is it? “Tony looked at him with a puzzled look and checked the sandbag’s sling and said,” You try again. “

"Okay!” Xi Wei clenched his fist and punched the sandbag in front of him, but this time when his fist was about to hit the sandbag, he deliberately reign his force. The sandbag shook really gently, like it was being tickled. Xi Wei frowned at his red fist and put on a painful look.

The surrounding alphas breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but whisper: “Sure enough, the rope was loose, that's why the sandbag drifted away by itself!”

“Yes, how could an omega hit such a heavy sandbag?”

“What, that really scared me!”

Xi Wei’s explanation was reasonable, so Teacher Tony did not examine it carefully. He was very convinced of Xi Wei’s assertion that he subconsciously thought that it was impossible for an Omega to do that. Soon, he let go of Xi Wei's matter and returned to the front to continue his lecture.

Xi Wei, who was thrilled to get away from his slip, secretly sighed, but what he failed to notice was a pair of eyes which had been watching him from the side with a complicated look.

Standing next to him, Klaire was of course aware of Xi Wei's abnormal action – Xi Wei punches were very decisive, simply as natural as Ji Ran's. If this reasoning was established, then Ji Ran had just reacted to his own mistake, and immediately cleverly figured out ways to make up for it. Using superb acting, he was able to cover it up from Teacher Tony and the small children around them.

– But he could not hide from Klaire.

After all, they had gotten along day and night for many years, and once he had lived together with Ji Ran as Yu Qianhe. Every day he witnessed him practicing karate, he was very familiar with each of his movements. For the rookie First Prince Xi Wei who had never learned fighting skills to be able to do perfect postures on the first day of class….it really did not make sense.

– Unless he actually had Ji Ran's memory.

His punching motion before was obviously Ji Ran's most used karate hand-type punch!


During the entire fighting class, Klaire was in turmoil. He had been secretly observing Xi Wei's action, but unfortunately, the decisive punch from before never appeared again. It was as if the previous scene was a mere short-lived illusion of his.

After Tony left, Xi Wei's every punch came out soft. Not to mention moving the sandbag, he would also frown and rub his hand from time to time, putting on a “my fist hurts” expression.

Klaire believed he definitely did not make a mistake, and Xi Wei was actually fine.

However, Klaire kept his composure, he could not directly run to Xi Wei and ask, “You are Ji Ran, right?” In case he was wrong, it would be bad if Xi Wei knew that he had complete memories of his past life… So, he must look for some other evidence before confirming.

Klaire was looking for the right time to confirm his guess with Xi Wei, but unexpectedly, the opportunity took the initiative to find him itself.

At about half past ten that night, the sky was already dark and some dormitories had already turned off their lights. When he had estimated that Xi Wei's roommate Aiden had also fallen asleep, Klaire sent a message to Xi Wei saying, “Xi Wei, I'm waiting for you at the five-star fruit forest behind the school's dormitory. I want to tell you something, so come If you find it convenient.”

Xi Wei received this message and thought that Klaire must have had a nightmare and wanted to talk to him about it. He put on his clothes and went to the forest behind the dormitory's buildings.

Five-Star Fruit forest was still very beautiful, the silver-white leaves were shining brightly and made this place look like daytime.

Unexpectedly, Xi Wei did not see Klaire, but found two senior boys chatting there instead. The two of them seemed to be talking about about some relevant knowledge of omegas that they had just learned in the physiological class. When they saw the cute little Xi Wei approaching the place, they immediately stopped talking and shared meaningful glances.

One of them asked with a smile, “Junior brother, how old are you? What are you doing here?”

Xi Wei answered, “Sophomore, I'm here to find someone."

After saying this, he turned to go, but his arm was caught by one of the boys. The boy squatted down, smiled, and said, “You look so cute, must be an omega?”

Xi Wei was annoyed to death. The smiles on those boys' faces were making him nauseous, and the tone they used when asking him about “must be an omega” was like that of a pervert. After asking, the boy actually stretched out his hands to pinch little Xi Wei's face while saying: “Oh, don't be afraid, I will come to protect you later.”

Xi Wei: “………………”

In school, higher grade students bullying their juniors was common occurrence, however, Xi Wei absolutely could not tolerate bullying.

The moment he saw the boy stretched out his hand to touch his face, Xi Wei's eyes turned cold. He accurately caught the boy's approaching wrist, and reverse-twisted it.

“Ah… ah …”

The sound of bones' dislocation along with an ear-piercing scream was soon heard - that boy’s wrist joint was unloaded by Xi Wei!

The other boy who witnessed Xi Wei dislocating his companion's wrist stood there in a daze for a moment before suddenly reacting. He stepped forward and reached out to grab Xi Wei, however Xi Wei hurriedly squatted sideways and deftly avoided his movements, then he righted his stance, successfully stabilizing his body. Xi Wei clenched his hand into a fist and landed a decisive punch on the boy's waist, while his left foot hit the boy's armpit at the same time. Before the boy had the chance to react to what was going on, Xi Wei had already put him to the ground!

The two upper-graders glanced at each other, then looked at Xi Wei in horror as if they were facing a big monster.

Xi Wei just clapped his hands, smiled and said, “Don't think that it's an omega bullying you, I'm actually an alpha, one who is a hundred times stronger than you. My spiritual innate power is more than 120 too, afraid yet?”

The two boys, “………………”

Xi Wei said coldly, “Get lost.”

The two students ran like hell. Xi Wei rubbed his wrist, and thought depressingly, That punch just now…my height is too short, so there are many restrictions. If I was using the adult version's body of Xi Wei, who would dare to bully me? If that was the case, he was sure that he would even able to dislocate the whole bones on their bodies.

Xi Wei put down his hand and started walking around, yet he still did not find any traces of Klaire.

Little did he know, at this time Klaire was hiding in the back of a tree, his hands firmly clenched.

– It is Ji Ran!

– Absolutely Ji Ran!

Xi Wei's posture when he threw that punch just now, it was Xi Wei's favorite move for middle-high attack! This move was very similar with straight punching, however when he made the fist, he would deliberately highlight his middle finger a little upright in the clenching fist before clamping it along the other fingers. The focus of this move was the knuckle of that middle finger. It might seem like an ordinary punch at first, but the protruding middle finger knuckle would jab at the victim's body and the sharpness would make them feel extremely painful.

Xi Wei had used this punching move to strike the other boy's soft waist before. Then, while taking advantage of the boy's painful feeling, he decisively kicked his armpit, making Xi Wei able to easily bring him to the ground.

Ji Ran's character had always been the same, he did not like to drag things out. He always used the simplest and easiest way to subdue his opponent. Those shrimps were not even a match for him at all, therefore he did not have to waste time on them .

Even if those punches in today’s fighting class could be seen as a coincidence, then how about the fight with two enemies in the forest this evening? Those boys were more than a head taller than Xi Wei, and yet he was still able to beat them calmly- it was absolutely impossible to be a mere coincidence!

Klaire heard the violent beating of his own heart.

As a child, Xi Wei rarely played with childrens' toys. It was because Xi Wei had Ji Ran's memory, so he did not like those naive things.

When Klaire was a kid, he used to ask Xi Wei what book he was reading, and the boy always pushed at his head while saying, “It's a book that you won't understand.” Turned out, he was not joking back then. Unlike Klaire, Xi Wei had Ji Ran's memory, so he could understand things much more than children his age.

He was also born on June 21st, just 5 minutes later than Klaire himself. From an early age, he had shown signs of being sensible and smarter than other children, and he has the same tenacious and unyielding character as an Alpha!

With all of these clues together, there could only be one conclusion for this.

The First Prince Xi Wei was the one who he had been looking for - Ji Ran!

At that moment, Klaire suddenly had an urge to laugh at himself.

–Great! Finally found him!

He had been looking for so long, checked so much useless information, yet all of it only led him to feel frustrated, disappointed, and dazed. However, he never thought that the one he wanted to find, Ji Ran, was right in front of him. All along, he was always by his side, born together with him, grew up together, and walked in this strange world together for these six years.

Suddenly he remembered a poem: Looking through the thousand faces in the crowd but not seeing you, in dejection I turned around, there you are, waiting behind me all this while under the dim light.

– Ji Ran, fortunately you are still alive. It's really fortunate that I finally found you in the crowd!

Klaire took a deep breath and walked step by step toward Xi Wei's small figure. When the other boy finally spotted him, Klaire looked at him gently, smiled, and said, “Xiao Ran, do you still remember a movie named 'Troubled Time'?"

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