Runaway Guide

Chapter 84

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—Where would you find an omega who’d protect their alpha?

Not far away, all the officers of the concealed Morningstar Corps, who had been preparing to reel in their prey, were collectively dumbstruck.

Everyone had originally wanted to open fire according to the general’s orders, but then the eldest prince arrived, and straightaway threw the Federal troops’s formation into disorder with three successive particle interference shots. Everyone felt that the general’s wife really knew how to give people a pleasant surprise!

Klaire, however, felt especially pleased. His omega was different, after all. Not only was his combat ability off the charts, he never dropped the ball, and he could even become his able assistant at the critical moment. In the entire Empire, Xi Wei was probably the only one dauntless enough to fly his mecha over alone to help his alpha.

Seeing Xi Wei’s steady gaze on the big screen, Klaire smiled slightly and said, “Alright, I’ll leave those three to you then!”

“No problem!” Xi Wei immediately flew Egret over to block the Federal spaceships’ way. He sent over another formidable shot from his photon cannon!

Under Bluestar and Egret’s joint bombardment, the small fleet was soon utterly defeated.

One of the high-grade smart mechas disguised as a hovercar wanted to change direction and escape, but crashed headlong into the Morningstar Corps’s encirclement. Klaire had evidently prepared for this; not a single fly could get out of his airtight ambush!

The other party clearly hadn’t expected that even though they’d been hiding in this unoccupied territory for so long, Klaire had actually already had his eye on them.

“Send a distress signal to the Direwolf Corps headquarters immediately!” The man sitting inside the hovercar said fiercely, “We actually ran into Xi Wei and Klaire, we’re really completely out of luck, damn it!”

However, before he could send out the distress signal, Klaire decisively used an electromagnetic interference wave to cut off the communication signals in a few battleships, and had Bluestar hack into their communications systems.

Klaire’s figure appeared on the viewscreen. He carried himself as gracefully as ever, and even had a smile on his lips.

“Use your head, it’s better to wait for capture with your hands tied, what do you say? Major General Joen?” Klaire smiled politely and said.

Joen: “...”

When he found out that Federal troops were waiting for additional troops nearby, Klaire had only guessed that there would likely be survivors of the rebel army escaping from the capital star. He hadn’t expected to accidentally catch Joen in the middle of his escape.

As the eldest grandson of the old General Auguste, Joen must know the inside story behind the Thunderclap Corps’s rebellion. Now it seemed that the Thunderclap Corps and the Federal enemy troops had already been in collusion for a long time. That time, they deliberately sent Klaire to the front lines to assist the marshal, and then informed the Federal enemy troops of his route ahead of time. They had wanted to seize the opportunity to get rid of Klaire, that thorn in their side.

But they probably hadn’t expected that Klaire and the marshal would be so fortunate as to survive the danger undamaged, even with them selling intelligence to the Federal enemy troops, and then turn around and smash their plans to overthrow the royal family to pieces.

Auguste had schemed for such a long time, and thought he could wipe out the royal family in one blow with his elaborate plan, but he didn’t know that His Majesty planned far ahead, and had arranged things even more meticulously than he did.

When he thought of this, Klaire couldn’t resist the corners of his lips rising into a smile. He said, “Joen, I really didn’t expect that we’d be able to meet in this kind of situation.”

Joen looked at Klaire, his eyes turned bloodshot, and his facial muscles even started twitching faintly. “Why is it you again?! Klaire, you’re practically haunting me!”

Klaire looked very innocent. Weren’t you the one who haunted people?

He hadn’t studied well when he was little, and bullied Xi Wei at school. After he grew up, his amount of moral integrity hadn’t changed. Without mentioning how he slipped Xi Wei drugs to force him, he actually colluded with the enemy military for the sake of his own selfish desires. In the end, his army was defeated and his grandfather was arrested. He, on the other hand, was pretty clever, sneakily escaping from the capital planet.

It was a pity that he couldn’t escape the long arm of the law. Halfway through his escape, he met his arch-nemesis.

Klaire smiled cheerfully. To him, catching Joen was an unexpected harvest and a truly pleasant surprise.

“What do you want?” Joen calmed down, fixed his eyes on Klaire and said, “As long as you’re willing to let me go, I can promise you any conditions. I still have a secret bank account, enough for you to spend extravagantly for a lifetime. I can give it all to you.”

“Do you think you’re still qualified to talk conditions with me?” Klaire looked at him in surprise. “Did your IQ go down after getting your memory removed?”

Joen glared at Klaire and clenched his fists tight, looking like he was about to blow his top.

Klaire smiled and said lightly, “I’m actually very petty. I absolutely won’t let anyone who dared to touch Xi Wei go. Just on the basis of the tricks you used on Xi Wei, I’m itching to hack you into a thousand pieces. Since you’ve fallen into my hands, you’d better accept your fate.”

Xi Wei was the one he loved at the depths of his heart. This bastard actually dared to slip Xi Wei drugs to force him. Klaire had already put up with him long enough! Back then, if he hadn’t been worried about the Thunderclap Corps’s influence, Klaire would have wanted to crush him to death long ago. Now, the old general of the Thunderclap Corps had been arrested, and there was no reason for Klaire to let Joen go again.

When he heard Klaire say this, Joen was left with only despair at heart. But he was also a little confused. “What tricks did I use on Xi Wei, to make you this enraged?”

“You can’t remember anymore, is that so?” Klaire smiled and said, “Since you can’t remember, then go to the military underground prison and keep your grandfather company, and think it over slowly.”

After he said this, he had Bluestar take out a huge electromagnetic net and drop it straight over Joen’s little hovercar, as if he was catching a big fish.

On Xi Wei’s side, he quickly dispatched the fleet that was under interference and followed suit by containing the last small battleship. Then he sent a message to Klaire saying: “Who did you catch? Do you have to talk to them for such a long time?”

“An old friend.” Klaire smiled and said, “Joen.”

Xi Wei’s expression was a little shocked, but it quickly calmed down again. He shook his head and said, “It’s really what goes around, comes around.”

“Let’s go back.” Klaire smiled and said, “Let’s go inside the Morningstar Corps mothership, I want to see you.”


Piloting Egret, Xi Wei flew back to the Morningstar Corps mothership together with Bluestar.

This was Bluestar’s first time flying shoulder to shoulder with Egret. From the distance, one blue and one white mecha opened their great wings and flew together to the Morningstar Corps mothership, carrying their owners. It was like they were flying side by side into a bright and beautiful future.


On the Morningstar Corps mothership, as soon as Klaire saw Xi Wei, he took the initiative to open his arms, and Xi Wei went and embraced him.

He made this movement very naturally. It was just like all the times in the previous world when he received an award and descended from the stage to hug his manager. But today, this hug that seemed like it was between good brothers had clearly taken on a little tenderness and ambiguity.

Klaire gently stroked Xi Wei’s hair and said softly, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, I really missed you.”

Xi Wei had actually missed him as well. It was just that the Underground Alliance had lots of internal affairs for him to deal with, and he’d been busy for the last few days. Today, he finally saw him, and at the moment of this embrace, Xi Wei felt particularly at peace.

Was this how it felt to love someone? It was only when they were together that he could feel safe and reassured.

Xi Wei didn’t speak, and quietly let Klaire hug him. After hugging him for just a while, Klaire wasn’t satisfied anymore, and reached out and lifted up Xi Wei’s chin, kissing him tenderly.

Xi Wei didn’t resist at all, and instead held the back of Klaire’s head on his own, meeting his lips passionately.

Having received a response, Klaire immediately held Xi Wei’s waist tight and reached his tongue into his mouth, conquering him tenderly.


Klaire’s kiss was very gentle, and he considerately took care of Xi Wei’s feelings, not making him feel uncomfortable at all. Xi Wei was soon kissed until his mind went blank. He held Klaire, his eyes half-closed with pleasure.

After the long kiss was over, Xi Wei leaned against Klaire’s chest, his mouth open, panting hard. Klaire held him tight and gently stroked his hair. He didn’t speak, but his heart was filled with intense happiness. Xi Wei finally didn’t reject him anymore. After a long and difficult wait in two worlds, Xi Wei had finally turned around to face him. How could he not be happy?

After their breathing returned to normal, Klaire smiled slightly, and kissed Xi Wei lightly on the forehead. He said in a low voice, “Xi Wei.”

“Yes?” Xi Wei looked up in confusion. “What are you calling me for?”

“I want to say something to you.” Klaire smiled slightly, looked at Xi Wei earnestly and said, “I love you.”

His smile was as warm as spring, and his eyes were as gentle as water.

Gazed at with love from the depths of those blue eyes, hearing “I love you” in that deep voice, Xi Wei felt like some force was tugging at his heart. He couldn’t control himself, and sank into it.


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