Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Chapter 151 – With Smiles and Anger

With Smiles and Anger

「Just what in the world did you go to the bathhouse to do?」

*Gogogogogo* (Threatening aura)

The Empress of the large magic country Leezelion, Sylvia, was smiling.

「I did not invite you to the bathhouse just to let you peep at the women’s bath, Yuu.」

While she directed an immense amount of bloodlust towards me.

……Hello, this is the one that acted as the Hero a long time ago, Yashiro Yuu.

When I tried and failed to peep at the public bathhouse, it was exposed to my guardian (Sylvia) in the end, and now I am being scolded.

The location is at a coffee shop that was a bit of a distance from the main street, and the scolding was done on the shop’s open terrace.

「Honestly, you really are……」

Sylvia’s cheeks swelled, and she was mad with anger (bloodlust).

In the old days, Sylvia was the type whose hands would immediately go flying, but it seems like she’s changed a bit in these three years as she didn’t lay a hand on me.

But, however, that instead turned into fear that rushed through me.

「S, sorry, Sylvia.」

「You are greatly mistaken if you think that things will be settled just by apologizing, you utter fool! Today is a day where I will not forgive you!今日と言う日は許さん!」

Ahh, I knew it. It looks like it’s going to be more troublesome than being hit……

No, well, it all really is my bad though.

「To begin with, why is it that you think of nothing but such immoral behavior!」

「……Is this about my philosophy or something?」

Why am I perverted. Is it because I am a Japanese boy, or is it that I am simply perverted……Uumu, I don’t know. Is it that, something like “I am perverted, therefore I am”?

「Not that, you fool!」

「Ouch! So you are just hitting me!」

I received her fist on the top of my head.

It was a fist that was strengthened through Maryoku. The tingling pain that remained was tougher to endure than the pain from that Impact from before.

「I was happy that you had not changed after three years had passed but……Honestly, I wanted those bad habits to have been changed.」

「It’s because there was no reason for them to change. These three years have been a life of self-indulgence for me.」

「Self-indulgence……Did you not think of trying to do anything?」

I did think. Upon thinking about it, there was nothing that I wanted to do in Japan.

「I didn’t think of anything other than wanting to live in this world. I accepted things after three years had passed, but there was no index to live by.」

Though, right when I had accepted the fact that I couldn’t return to this world, I was summoned once again.

「I see……」

「Yeah, that’s why I was happy when I returned to this world. ……Though it would have been the worst if I was summoned as the Hero.」

Come to think of it, close to two months have passed since I returned to this world……It feels like it’s been short, yet long at the same time.

「So, why are we in a place like this? You even made Marco go home.」

That’s right, the ones currently in this coffee shop were me, Sylvia, and then the three escort Imperial Guards. No one but us five.

When Sylvia said that he didn’t need to guide us anymore for today, Marco left while making a salute to me who was a man whose dream was broken. Moreover, with his left hand.

「Muu……You are trying to change the subject, are you not?」

How did she figure it out! Even though I mixed in a somewhat solemn story to try and leave the peeping matter unsettled!

「I, I’m totally~ not! So, why?」

「……Good grief.」

Going *Jiro*, Sylvia’s long slit eyes pierced through me, then, *fuu*, their sharpness softened.

「I thought that we could have talk with the present day Hero-donos after this.」

「Ha? With me?……Wait, by present day, you mean “now”!?」

「Correct. ……Amagi Kaito, I intend to meet with them. Being here at this coffee shop is simply to kill time.」

Come to think of it, the reason why I am participating in the tournament is for her to meet with Kaito and the others.

「Killing time huh……Then, in that case, we now have free time, right?」

「It certainly is free but……What is it? Are you thinking of indecent things again?」

「I’m not, just how much doubt do you have for me! Do you really distrust me that much!? We’re comrades……that traveled together three years ago, aren’t we!?」

「Shut it, you peeping tom.」

「I really am sorryー!!」

I dove into a minefield all on my own.

「……You will let me hear the reason, right?」

Huh? The minefield didn’t explode. It was a misfire.

「No, well, at the time I tried to peep at the women’s bath, you see? It felt like……I met with someone I knew.」

Having jumped high using physical strength that far surpassed that of an ordinary person, I normally should have been able to peep with ease.

However, my peeping failed. Most likely, it was due to the hands of that little girl with bright green hair that I saw at that time.

It was way too sudden, and I wasn’t able to get a proper look in that one moment but……Most likely, that was……――.

「Felt like?」

「I only saw her for a bit, so I can’t confirm that it was the person herself. Though, since she had the same hair color, I think that she’s probably the same person.」

「I see……And so, you are saying to want to look for her, correct?」

「Yeah. If she really is my acquaintance, I think that she is also searching for me.」

Though she’s probably disgusted with me.

「I see, in that case――」

「There is no need for that.」

Before Sylvia could finish what she was saying, something white gently appeared at the edge of our vision.

It was all too sudden, as if it had come falling from the sky, and after I instinctively looked up, I saw that while something.

At the table Sylvia and I were facing each other at, it sat down in an open seat.

That thing, covered in a pure white hooded robe, took a sip of my milk coffee (that was full of sugar) with a mouth that was hidden in the hood.

「Who are you!」


In a beat, Sylvia’s escorts gripped the handles of their swords, but Sylvia reined them in.

「If you draw, your heads would fly.」

「Oya, so you even noticed me? ……As expected of the 『Princess Knight』-sama.」

Next, an alluring voice echoed, and a woman appeared from the nearby shadows.

Tan skin and golden hair, and then proportions that makes men’s gazes glue onto it.

That woman, is someone I recognize.


「It’s been a while, Yuu.」

The female Adventurer that I met in Luxeria, Tre.

It’s been a little over a month since we separated, but I can feel a composure like that which an influential person gives off coming from the current Tre-san.

「Excuse me for a bit. I’m just an escort, well, more like a guardian, I suppose. If you’re not gonna fight, I won’t either.」

When Tre-san sat down in the other open seat, she smiled with a grin and looked at me.

Tre-san is an escort……Then that means that this white hood really is……!

When I looked at the white hood as if it here pulled down, it……No, that girl took off the hood, and showed her face to us.

「It’s been a while, Yuu. ……I didn’t want to have that kind of reunion.」

While puffing out her cheeks, the Elven little girl, Lililuri said that.

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