Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Chapter 152 – The Preceding Hero and the Witch of Time

The Preceding Hero and the Witch of Time

「It’s been a while, Lililuri!」

「Nn. ……It has, Yuu.」

Lililuri, who I met after so long, showed a smile that showed a gap from the matureness that was within her innocence.

Even though it only a month has passed since we separated at Luxeria, her ambiance has changed considerably.

「From how you look, it looks like you’ve trained for several months already.」

「Yes, I have trained for three years.」

Only a month has passed since I parted with Lililuri.

Yet, why had she trained for three years, is probably what you’re thinking. That of course is due to the power of Norn-baa-chan who is the 『Witch of Time』.

And its name is 『Labyrinth of Time』.

Filled with the Time Magic that the 『Witch of Time』 uses, it is another dimension with a different flow of time.

This is abrupt but do you know the Tale of Urashima Tarou?

The Palace of the Dragon King (Ryuuguujyou) that was at the bottom of the sea that he was led to by the turtle that he saved.

It is a story where after staying there for several days, when Urashima Tarou returned to land, several centuries had already passed since the day that he went to the Palace of the Dragon King.

The 『Labyrinth of Time』, this is the opposite of that Palace of the Dragon King. When inside of that space, the progress of the time outside becomes slower.

No, would it be faster for you to understand if I said it was like the Room of Spirit and Time?

Well, in any case, it is fine as long as you understand that Lililuri trained in a place where time progressed differently for a span of three years.

Still, three years, huh. Since she was about seven or eight years old when I first met her, is she around ten now? However, maybe because she’s an Elf, it doesn’t look like her appearance has grown at all.

「Why are you here?」

When I asked her that, Lililuri’s expression became stiff.

「There is something I need to report to Yuu and……Her Majesty.」

Lililuri looked at Sylvia as she answered. Huh, does she know about Sylvia? She got to know her at the time in the Glaard Wasteland……As expected, there’s no way that’s the case. I guess she was told by Baa-chan.

「To me? ……What sort of business might that be.」

It looks like she understood that she was my acquaintance from my reaction.

While making a quizzical expression, Sylvia asked that to Lililuri.

Lililuri has business with Sylvia……Just what could it be? Did she receive a message from Baa-chan?

No, it’s Baa-chan we’re talking about. It’s hard to imagine her sending Lililuri over for a message.

However, there’s pretty much no relationship between Lililuri and Sylvia. Then just what kind of reason is there……Well, I guess it’s faster to ask about it rather than idly speculate it.

「Putting me aside, what’s your business with Sylvia?」

When I asked, Lililuri straightened up her back and,

「I am the 『Witch of Time』 Lililuri. ……According to Time Magic, I have come in order to prevent the calamity that will occur in this town.」

declared such.


「You are……the 『Witch of Time』 that succeeds after Norn-sama?」

In contrast to me who took a few blinks even though I understood Lililuri’s words, Sylvia, without any signs of discomposure, straightened her back like Lililuri and replied.

Wait, why did Lililuri become the 『Witch of Time』!?

Sure, I knew that she did the training for Time Magic, but I didn’t hear a single word about making her the 『Witch of Time』, Baa-chan!!

Calling one’s self the 『Witch of Time』……There’s no way she doesn’t understand the significance of that!!

Moreover, that calamity……Is it that big of an affair that needs the 『Witch of Time』 to make a move?

Just what in the world is Baa-chan thinking in a time like this──

「The 『Witch of Time』 -jya toooooooo!!??」

My thoughts were interrupted by Paimon’s scream as she suddenly appeared out from my shadow.

「Damn you, 『Witch of Time』! Today is the day I transfer my requiem to you!!」

Appearing from my shadow, Paimon started hissing like a cat as she surveyed the area.

「Wait, Paimon!? What are you doing all of a sudden!」

「What are you saying! You also know I would not stay quiet and yield after hearing about the 『Witch of Time』 -jya rou! ……So, where is that detestable 『Witch of Time』 -jya?」

The growling Paimon now became restless.

「She isn’t the one that you want but……You’re really the 『Witch of Time』, right?」

「Un. ……I have learned all of the 『Time』 magic.」

When I turned from Paimon to Lililuri and asked that, Lililuri strongly nodded.

Seeing that, Sylvia also made a small nod.

It would seem that Sylvia also believes in Lililuri’s words.

「Haaa!?……In other words, this little shorty is the 『Witch of Time』, Norn’s successor!? ……Isn’t that a bit unbelievable!?」

You’re the one that’s unbelievable, was it enough of a shock to make you change your tone?

「Muu……Not, little shorty.」

「Heehn, compared to Norn, you’re just a little shorty -jya wai!」

Quarrelling with a ten-year-old girl, you totally have no maturity.

「Besides, I doubt if Time Magic is even usable -jya. In the time that I knew that being since I met her, a thousand and two hundred years passed and she showed no intention of using it even once, you know -jya zo?」

Did she have an intention to use it? ……Or rather, that Paimon, did she really even hate Baa-chan? She’s done nothing but reactions that make me question that.

A tsundere? Are you a tsundere?

「Kiki. ……Yoisho. If you find it vexing, prove that you are the 『Witch of Time』.」

Paimon said that sounding as if to make fun of Lililuri───And for some reason, she got up onto my lap.

「Why get on him?」

「I am using him in place of a chair -no jya. The reason he does not alienate me is because he appreciates me, is it not? Kikiki!」

What is this vampire saying with a self-satisfied look.

「Muu……In that case……Is this, fine?」


The weight on my lap changed a bit. The identity of it was Lililuri who sat on my lap.

As for Paimon who had climbed onto my lap a short while ago, she was knocked onto her butt next to me, who was sitting on a chair, and had become teary eyed.

Most likely, she brought time to a halt, shifted Paimon’s location, and climbed onto my lap.

「っ! ……So it was 『Stop the World』.」

Paimon groaned.

Still, manipulating time really is a cheat ability.

Being the bearer of the Sacred Sword is as well, but I think that in a battle, there is nothing that holds an absolute advantage better than that.

Actually, I once had a bout with a serious Baa-chan before, and that was dangerous.

I didn’t feel any chance of winning.

「Wh, why you……」

「Ahー, since you’re screwing with the conversation, shut up.」


I restrained the mouth of the still dissatisfied Paimon.

Ouch! This asshole bit me just now!?

「Hahaha, she’s quite a pleasant girl. Just as the Guild Master……no, as Shishou said she would be.」

Seeming to have been watching the scene, Tre-san laughed.

Shishou? ……Is she talking about Baa-chan?

「What is this -jya, are you also Norn’s successor?」

Having escaped from my hand, Paimon looked at Tre-san.

「Nope, I only learned how to fight from that person. I’m no good with magic, ya see.」

Tre-san shook her head sideways, and extended her hand to the handle of her sword that she wore on her waist.

「Now then, friend of Shishou’s. Since what this girl is going to talk about from now on is pretty important, it would really help if you could listen quietly……Besides, it isn’t, a story that doesn’t concern a Mazoku like yourself」

「Wh, who is that fellow’s friend! ……W, well fine, I shall listen. Reluctantly, it is reluctantly, got it -jya zo?」

She’s good. To think that she would make her listen by flattering her by calling her Baa-chan’s friend!

Rather, you really are a tsudere, aren’t you, Paimon.

「Come on, Lililuri.」

Having made Paimon keep silent, Tre-san glanced over at Lililuri.

Lililuri replied to her with a nod.

「Un, thank you, Tre. ……Within three days from today……」

It was there that Lililuri took in a deep breath, and exhaled.


「This town, will be destroyed by Mazoku.」

She went and said that.


Both Sylvia and I could do nothing but gulp.

「Is that」

「It is, true.」

When Sylvia, who recovered faster from her confusion than me, tried to ask about it, Lililuri got the better of her.

「……That damned Baa-chan, she threw me into the middle of material for a top category disaster……っ!」

What I recalled was the letter from when departed from Luxeria.

So the reason she recommended the southern Gehl Archipelago was because she knew that I would read too much into it and go in the opposite direction!?

「Mazoku……Naturally, that is about ones other than me, right -jyaro? Currently, I do not have the power to annihilate this town after all -jyashi. What kind of fellow is it -jya?」

Since Lililuri transferred onto my lap, Paimon sat in an open seat.

「Yes……However, I do not know just how big of a scale it is.」

Lililuri hung her head down looking regretful. ……She didn’t know?

「You don’t know, even though you can see the future?」

The 『Witch of Time』. As long as she succeeded that name, Lililuri should also be able to see the future. Despite that, why……

「I……as well as Shishou, at the border of a certain time, we have become unable to see the future beyond that.」

「Even Norn-sama you say!?」

Making a *gatah* sound, Sylvia stood up. Her cool face from before collapsed, and was dyed in astonishment. It wasn’t unreasonable for her to be surprised. At the very least, I was also surprised.

「Come to think of it, at the time at the Glard Wasteland, Baa-chan did say that she had become unable to see the future several months ahead……」

Remembering it now, that was an event that can’t be overlooked wasn’t it.

……It would still be fine of the future were uncertain. But, for Baa-chan and Lililuri to not be able to see the future, wouldn’t that mean that something big enough to cause that was going to happen?

「……『Witch of Time』-dono, um, what is the border that you mentioned?」

Slowly sitting back down in her seat, Sylvia asked that to Lililuri. Her eyes were sharp and serious.

「……The furthest I can see into the future right now is」

「……The furthest you can see is?」

I involuntarily gulped.

「With a sword of light raised overhead, it is Yuu’s figure.」

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