Shadow Hack

Chapter 13: First Purchase

Chapter 13: First Purchase

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Following that, after Li Yunmu found out about being able to purchase Fourth-Dimensional cultivation methods using space elements, he kept on fighting battles as if he was possessed.

At the end of the day, he had fought ten battles. Since the concealed strength of the Admiralty Cover was also calculated when finding an opponent to fight, as a result, Li Yunmu’s every opponent had much stronger flux energy than him. But the dual defence of Admiralty Cover and the metal plated armour was too tyrannic.

After battling for twenty virtual world days continuously, Li Yunmu won more than he lost. Among the opponents he encountered, only a few were unique like Chu Qingyu, surpassing the level of an basic Flux Disciple. Thus, the amount of space elements that he absorbed after each battle was actually not that much, with the majority of them being single digits.

Until the twenty-ninth virtual world day, when he defeated his opponent and won his 171st battle, absorbing 8 space element points, did his battle craze to absorb space element come to an end as he calmed down and stopped fighting.

Because, after battling for ten real-world days continuously and absorbing space elements, the amount of space elements absorbed had finally reached a considerable amount--1,000 points.

"Finally, I have enough, that wasn't easy…"

Li Yunmu deeply exhaled and relaxed.

He had excessively surpassed his limit. For almost one whole month, he kept battling in the dimensional battlefield for almost 18 hours every day. How did he manage to support himself? Now that he thought about it, Li Yunmu was also frightened by his insane behavior.

1,000 space element points meant that he could now obtain a B Grade cultivation method or battle skill. For this goal, he had even stopped killing monsters using the hack system during these past few days. Now, he had finally accomplished it.

"System, I want to purchase a B Grade cultivation method."

Finally, after waiting for this day for so long, Li Yunmu couldn’t help his excitement and loudly raised his request to the system.

[You have 1,000 space element points, you meet the requirement for a B Grade cultivation method. System requests the host to choose the category of the cultivation method you want to purchase.]

"I choose the defensive category cultivation method."

Without needing to think too much, Li Yunmu instantly locked onto the defense category cultivation method. Ever since he was young, he was aware of the saying "Jack of all trades, Master of none".

Rather than being mediocre in every field of battle, it would be better to excel extensively in just one field. Hence, he basically didn't have any thoughts about purchasing offensive battle skills.

Within the Fourth-Dimensional store, there were 329 defensive category cultivation methods and battle skills, which included cultivation methods which have passive effects and battle skills that need to be activated to be used.

Admiralty Cover was an A Grade passive cultivation method, it had a tyrannical damage reducing ability which didn’t require Li Yunmu to worry about activating it. Thus, he was fully aware of this type of cultivation method and it clearly suited someone like him, whose experience with battle skills was little.

This would certainly help him quickly obtain even greater strength.

[B Grade defensive category cultivation method has been chosen…..Congratulations, you have obtained the B Grade cultivation method "Copper Body Secrets", 1 ability point is required to practice it, do you wish to learn it immediately?]

The rules to purchase cultivation methods in system’s Fourth-Dimensional shop was very simple. B Grade cultivation methods require 1,000 to 9,999 points space elements to purchase, the higher the amount of space element points used, the more specific one could be when choosing cultivation methods or battle skills.

For example, if Li Yunmu had directly used 9,999 space element points as the initial capital, then he could select which B Grade cultivation method or battle skill he wants and obtain it.

However, if he only used 1,000 space element points, then it would not be as good. He would obtain a random cultivation method or battle skill from all the defensive B Grade battle skill or cultivation method available, in accordance with the price he could offer. So in the end, everything depended on his luck of the draw.


Moreover, the Copper Body Secrets cultivation method which Li Yunmu had obtained could be considered a medium rank cultivation method among the B Grade defensive cultivation methods. Thus, Li Yunmu’s luck could be considered pretty good, he had managed to make a profit.


Li Yunmu was so excited that he didn’t hesitate and immediately confirmed.

1 ability point was deducted and very quickly, an unusual force violently surged throughout his body. He sensed that his skin and flesh was becoming hard like copper; with a thought, his muscles could become soft or become tough and durable like copper. The transformations happened with just a thought.

"This is the Copper Body Secrets? It's indeed worthy of being called a B Grade cultivation method. Although it doesn’t have the extraordinary ability to reduce damage like Admiralty Cover, its defensive strength is better than the heavy armour of a soldier. Moreover, this is only the effect of the first level….."

Li Yunmu gave it a thought and immediately, his clothes were almost ripped apart by the extraordinary strength rushing through his body. His white skin from head to toe had turned a copper brown, emitting a metallic luster.

He stretched his copper brown coloured arm and firmly chopped on his metal table. Under the power of his solid arm, the table immediately dented down. Moreover, his arms didn’t sustain any injuries, neither was there any pain.

Clearly, this defensive cultivation method had a completely different type of defensive property compared to the Admiralty Cover. If the defensive effects of these two were merged, it would be completely flawless. Just like before, when he had used the chainmail armour together with Admiralty Cover.

With the first level of Copper Body Secrets, his defensive strength had become comparable to a soldier’s armour. After advancing one more level, it's defensive strength would double.

According to system’s detailed explanation of Copper Body Secrets, if Li Yunmu could upgrade the Copper Body Secrets to level 10, then like the Admiralty Cover, it would experience a fundamental transformation, transforming it to the "Iron Body Secrets". After reaching level 20, it would transform into "Steel Body Secrets"; after training to level 30, it would transform into "Silver Body Secrets"; at level 40, it would transform into "Golden Body Secrets"; at level 50, it would transform into "Heavenly Golden Body Secrets".

As for above level 50, the system didn’t provide any information, it might be possible that this was already the limit or perhaps it could still become stronger. In any case, Li Yunmu’s blood began to boil. Unexpectedly, this B Grade cultivation method had such great hidden potential.

He only had 28 ability points left and decided to use 20 points to upgrade the Copper Body Secrets to the second level. Immediately, he sensed his body’s toughness doubling when compared to before. His skin, which was copper brown coloured, became even darker.

"Very strong...…. the Second level of Copper Body Secrets, now my body’s defense has already surpassed an ordinary soldier’s armour. Moreover, this is only the second level, when I upgrade it to the tenth level and reach the realm of Iron Body Secrets, wouldn’t my defense be slightly tougher compared to a soldier’s heavy steel armour?"

He knew that the heavy steel armour was only second to the titanium alloy heavy armour in terms of defense and was the second choice of battle armour for the majority of the Flux Disciples of the Alliance. Moreover, the most important point was that Li Yunmu’s Iron Body Secrets wouldn’t have any negative effects on his agility and speed. The power of this ancient B Grade cultivation method far surpassed Li Yunmu’s imagination.

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