Shadow Hack

Chapter 14: Battle Soldier Equipment

Chapter 14: Battle Soldier Equipment

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*Ding Dong* *Ding Dong*

"May I ask, are you sir Li Yunmu?"

An unfamiliar male voice came through the door intercom.

"That’s me, and you are?"

Li Yunmu got up from the bed with drowsy eyes and replied.

"I am a courier from star pass. Sir Li Yunmu, you have a parcel from Heavenly Cloud City which requires your signature so...."

Replied the extremely respectful voice on the other side of the door.

"Ok, come up."

After ten minutes, Li Yunmu smoothly received the parcel. If his guess wasn’t wrong, then this parcel from Heavenly Cloud City should have been sent by his parents. He curiously opened it and inside was a silver box that had multiple patterns and designs engraved on it.

"This is battle soldier’s equipment."

Seeing the War God Temple’s beautiful and unique pattern, he released a small cry of surprise as his mood became slightly complicated. He had a rough idea what item was inside this box.

Using the predetermined PIN, he opened the silver box. Indeed, lying calmly inside was a silver coloured garment made with a unique material. At the right corner of the silver box, laid a war blade made of titanium alloy.


Li Yunmu gave a cry as he looked towards the direction of YunCheng city.

This was his father’s most precious, most treasured war armour, the best one he had. This fighter’s combat suit was made at the War God Temple.

Its full name was "super battle soldier arms". Although it was only equipment of the lowest grade created for War God soldiers, for other people, even for Flux Disciples, it provided great defense and also increased their strength. They also had a price of 50,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins or 5 Fifth-Dimensional coins.

Fifth-Dimensional coins, what did they mean?

Normally, 300 Fourth-Dimensional coins were enough to fulfil the needs of a normal family of 5 for one month. Li Zhongmin, who was the captain of a camp, only received a monthly salary of 605 Fourth-Dimensional coins. Even after Li Yunmu had become a Flux Disciple, he only received a monthly salary of 1000 Fourth-Dimensional coins from the Alliance.

It was very obvious that in the family's previous financial condition, 50,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins were considered a great sum of money.

The most important thing was that even if one’s family was wealthy, they might not necessarily have the qualifications to buy it. That was because this was an equipment for the members of the War God Temple only. Although his dad could only produce a trace of flux energy and wasn’t even a half awakened fluxer, because his father was a soldier of the War God troops and had been defending the frontlines for the past decade, only then had he gotten the qualifications to place an order for it. Now, he hadn’t thought that his dad would surprisingly hand it over to him.

Above the battle soldier combat suit, there was the stronger battle general combat suit and the war god combat suit, which was considered the most formidable war armour within the War God Temple. Naturally, Li Yunmu had never seen it before.

Li Yunmu stood there silently for a long time before he wore it solemnly. The moment he put it on his body, he sensed his dad’s heavy burden and its exceptional importance.

But this wasn’t the most important point, most important thing was that the first time he wore the War God Temple’s battle soldier combat suit, Li Yunmu sensed himself becoming stronger.

This kind of strength wasn’t the same as flux energy awakening, which was strength from the inner body, rather, this strength came from the depths of his muscles and was distributed everywhere.

Sure enough, after putting on this battle soldier combat suit, even if one had only awakened a trace of flux energy, his body’s strength and agility would still be doubled at the very least. The greater the trace of flux energy present, the more the body’s strength and agility would be increased. Needless to say about Li Yunmu that had completely awakened his flux energy.

Presently, the strength amplification of his physical body had almost reached the peak which the battle soldier combat suit could attain, which was 5 times.

"This battle soldier combat suit is indeed formidable, it's worthy of being a product of the War God Temple."

Sensing the changes in his body, Li Yunmu’s expression became slightly excited.


After wearing the battle soldier combat suit, Li Yunmu took out the war blade made with titanium alloy.

This war blade was extremely heavy and weighed almost 32 kg. If he didn't awaken flux energy and didn't wear the battle soldier combat suit, being an ordinary person, then let alone using the war blade for prolonged periods of time during war, he wouldn't even be able to swing it.

This war blade was similarly produced by the War God Temple and belonged to the same series as the battle soldier combat suit. Its name was war soldier blade and it was sharp, thick and extremely hard. The price would be 10,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

It was clear that Li Yunmu’s family possessions, apart from the old house in Lucky Wind City, were all here with him. These two items had guaranteed Li Zhongmin’s safety at the frontline for the past dozen years or so, but now, now they had been passed on to Li Yunmu.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu’s gaze landed upon his shadow and his whole body quivered.

When he saw his shadow after he wore the battle soldier combat suit and held the war blade in his hand, he suddenly had an idea. Since his shadow had changed because he had put on the equipment, if he started the hack system now, then theoretically, wouldn't the shadow similarly receive the buff of the equipment?

Once this thought entered his mind, Li Yunmu couldn’t control himself.

Moreover, today was precisely the day when the prohibition on his shadow ended, so he could finally use the hack again!

"System, launch the shadow hack, location, District Garden."

Indeed, his sudden theory was soon proven correct. This time, when the shadow activated and appeared, its body had an additional outlining shadow of the battle soldier combat suit and its hand now held onto a shadow of the war blade, unlike before when it was bare fisted.

"It can indeed be synchronized..."

Li Yunmu yelled loudly within his heart.

At this moment, his shadow had reached the height of 13 cm. He clearly remembered that before the Flux Test, when he had gained a lot of experience points after using the hack for several days and had completely awakened flux energy, his shadow’s height grew to 4 cm.

But now, after putting on battle soldier combat suit and combining it with the effects of Copper Body Secrets which he had learned yesterday, his shadow had now finally reached the height of 13 cm. He knew that the increase in his shadow’s height was due to the increase in his personal strength.

In other words, his body’s present strength had slightly more than tripled compared to the time when he had awakened flux energy. After figuring out all this, Li Yunmu didn’t wait even for an instant and immediately controlled the shadow to move into the lawn and began today’s hack session.

With the great increase in his strength, his shadow had grown to almost 13 cm, which meant that he now had a wider variety of insects to choose from. Now, he had the strength to attempt to kill large insects like the spider and house lizard which he had previously encountered.

After entering the depths of grass, he took the initiative to battle ants, which had the largest population in the lawn. This time, Li Yunmu faced about 20 ants at one time.

In the past, he would have certainly fled immediately after encountering these many ants, but now, he controlled the shadow to kill the ants. With a 9 cm increase in shadow’s height, the monsters like ants no longer seem as enormous as they were in the past.

He lightly slashed his blade at the ant’s body and in the next instant, the ant’s body was immediately split into two parts by that one slash, the whole process was an extremely smooth instant kill!

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