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Chapter 30: The Five Specialisations

Chapter 30: The Five Specialisations

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During flux cultivation, one’s dominant class was very important because the enemy of fluxers were the endless and inexhaustible dimensional beasts. Therefore, only a few fluxers would move alone when cultivating in the wilderness.

Unless one’s cultivation reaches at least Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, a single person would basically lose any hope of surviving the battle. Why was that so?

Because, at the same level, the strength of dimensional beast was higher than the strength of Flux Disciples. And the gap would grow continuously.

So, if a dimensional beast has reached the level of silver crystal, then a fluxer of the same level could not kill it alone. Without a battle squad perfectly allocating every member’s dominant class, then not only one person would die, even the whole battle squad could get exterminated.

Thus, unless one uses formidable dark flux power or could practice higher grade flux cultivation battle skills, his path to cultivation would always be arduous. As for ordinary fluxers, establishing a battle squad with long-term mutual cooperation becomes a major premise to go into battle.

Thus, a battle squad with the most basic roles deployed was certainly exquisite, so rationally distributing fluxers into suitable roles was a necessary course for all fluxers.

Among the battle dominant classes for fluxers, presently, there were five classes which were considered as most common and widespread: armoured soldier, hunter, tracker, range attacker and terminators.

Armoured soldier, this class places emphasis on defense, its role was to act as the front line meat shield. This class requires that the person should have the ideology of self-sacrifice. If a fluxer majors in the role of armoured soldier, when opening the flux points, they usually attach importance to cultivating the chest and stomach flux points, taking the initiative to ensure that their fleshly body has formidable defense, while at the same time, the equipped or condensed flux power crystal armour they use tend to be thick and heavy.

The flux cultivation battle skills they practice was also related to increasing their defense, so their main priority was to increase their body defense to the pinnacle, thus, the dominant class was not called the dominant class for nothing, because when you choose a dominant class, your future development would be focused towards improving your dominant class. As for Li Yunmu, that would be an armoured soldier.

As for the hunter class, the people in this role were inclined to act as the vanguard, all things like scouting, alerting the allies, even mounting a sneak attack or assassination, were accomplished by hunters.

For hunters, opening the flux points in legs takes precedence and they place priority on improving their agility and nimbleness to make sure that they could move at high speeds. Next, they would focus on opening the flux points in their arms to guarantee that their hands or the equipment equipped on their hands have formidable attack power. The flux points in the chest and abdomen for defense have the least priority for this class.

The flux power crystal armour condensed by them also places the most emphasis on increasing the strength of their legs. The flux cultivation battle skills they learn was also biased towards improving their legs, thus, the hunters could be considered as the most agile and nimble but have the weakest defense. This class just happens to be completely opposite of the armoured soldier.

Trackers were usually the ones to clear up the mess. Trackers were renowned for hunting people, this class has great similarity with hunters, but for the flux cultivation battle skills they learn as well as the equipment they use and their condensed crystal armour, they place heavy emphasis on mid-ranged attacks and long distance tracking and pursuing, thus, giving an intimidating sensation to everyone.

Range attackers don’t need to be explained in detail, as the name implies, they specialize in long-range attacks, thus, this class gives priority to opening the flux points in both arms. The crystal armour, flux cultivation battle skills, everything they learned is inclined towards improving their long-distance offence. The main role of long-range attackers were things like long-distance attacks, sniping, ambushes and so on.

As for terminator, this class was assigned to the most responsible people. The terminator class wasn’t biased towards any one field, rather, aims for holistic growth. This class was usually taken by people acting as squad leaders who also act as the core of the squad.

Without formidable resources, a deep background and innate talent, it was hard to qualify for this class, thus, this class requires more money, natural resources and cultivation compared to other classes.

But the holistic approach doesn’t always mean mediocre. The name ‘terminators’ also seems very aggressive and tyrannical, thus, they were considered as absolutely formidable characters by others. The people in the terminator class were usually of two extreme types.

One was that their strength remains extremely mediocre, the other was that they become extremely formidable and difficult to deal with people. But whatever type they were, all of them have one thing in common, that was that the people in this class must have ample resources and background, at least within the battle squad, they must be more competent and have greater prestige and power compared to others.

The five above mentioned classes were the most widespread among fluxers. In ordinary circumstances, the least number of people required to form a battle squad was five, which was actually based on the five most common roles.

However, the most optimum arrangement for these classes within a squad as suggested by the Alliance requires seven people, two armoured soldiers, two range attackers, one hunter, one tracker and one terminator. This was considered as the most optimum distribution of classes in a battle squad.

However, the big bear battle squad was formed of random members, thus, right now, they could only form the battle squad with the least number of people required, moreover, with Li Yunmu taking out his battle soldier equipment, he was sufficiently qualified to assume the armoured soldier class.

Armoured soldier, hunter, tracker, terminator, these four classes have been properly assigned. Although old Xiong and his fellow two idiots had recently awakened, don’t have any profound cultivation and haven’t even opened any flux points but by relying on their families’ money to successively purchase three silver base equipment for the three classes and combining it with Li Yunmu’s battle soldier equipment, it was enough!

When these four equipment appeared simultaneously, immediately, all of them sensed that the battle strength of this squad has soared considerably. Perhaps, they still would not be comparable to Luo Jin’s seven-man Lucky Wind City Battle Squad, but their power to survive fights shouldn’t be much less than the Lucky Star Battle Squad led by Li Zi.

This was the dominance of battle squads formed by rich kids, no wonder these three idiots had the confidence to come to such a dangerous region like the Mountain Ridge to court disasters.

"Then what about her, what class does she specialize in?"

Li Yunmu was extremely curious about Ling Shuang’s dominant class. Speaking franking, the current battle squad had a major flaw, that was the lack of a ranged attacker, but considering the long sword she was holding in her hands, she clearly wasn’t a ranged attacker.

"I am a warrior."

Ling Shuang said after a moment’s silence.

"Warrior? That warrior class different from the most widespread traditional five classes?!"

Li Yunmu said in astonishment.

After all, he had crammed a lot of knowledge in the library so Li Yunmu wasn’t unfamiliar with the warrior class. Actually, he considered this class as the most ideal role.

Warriors, they were proficient in flux cultivation battle skills of all classes, proficient in using equipment of all other roles, moreover, they also have superior survival ability and have advanced defensive strength!

They were proficient in both offense and defense, these seemingly superior warriors also have a weak point which wasn’t very widespread, and that was their speed was certainly slower compared to agile and nimble hunters, however, this was only compared to hunters. Generally speaking, the people who take the path of warrior also don’t have that much lesser speed after they accelarate momentarily during battles.

Frankly, this was a kind of role focused on cultivating a loner, a class which mainly focuses on cultivating fearful battle strength, basically not something ordinary Flux Disciples could touch.

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