Shadow Hack

Chapter 29: I Also Have Arms

Chapter 29: I Also Have Arms

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"Did you hear, rumours have been going around that this year, the Alliance has invented a new product, apparently, it’s called something space eye. They can finally broadcast the city ranking competitions of other cities."

"Yes, the dimensional space eye is created from dimensional stone, this information has already been spread over the entire continent."

"Is this information true?"

"What the f*ck, you remain scooped up in your house all the time and don’t even watch the news, what is not true? Go to any public square, those places where large screens have been set, they are already filled with crowds of people waiting for the dimensional broadcast to come online and reach the Earth. You know, I should also go find a place, the television sets at home are too small for cheering, they can’t satisfy the craving."

Today was a very special day! The once a year city ranking competition which was directly related to everyone’s benefit and any city’s honour started today. In previous years, an ordinary person would only hear about the final rankings after the event was over. But other than hearing about it, everything else was too far from them.

But a few days ago, the Central Continent’s government publicly announced that the present City Ranking Competition maybe be broadcasted if the dimensional broadcast was achieved. Immediately, the entire human race was enlivened!

The legendary other dimensions, even the Fifth Dimension was something which ordinary people could only hear stories about, but would never be able to personally witness, not even a broadcast.

Thus today, everyone who had received the news earlier had laid down all the work on their hands and were waiting to personally witness the legendary other dimensions as well as see every city’s newly awakened kill their way in all directions.

Streets, bars, pubs, colleges, any place which had a large screen was already jampacked with people, time slowly passed and as the broadcast finally started, a wave of sounds ranging from bellows of surprise to shrieks of excitement successively echoed all over.

The legendary Fifth Dimension, the legendary city within the sky, the legendary floating steel fortress, the legendary streets filled with fluxers walking around…..every scene in the broadcast was what everyone in the surging crowd yearned for.

Lin Li was walking on the street while attentively watching the big screen in the public square and calmly observing the endlessly excited people, thinking that she couldn’t be classified as a part of this world.

Suddenly, the scene changed.

"Hey, our Lucky Wind City’s battle squads look great, look at the battle squad in the front, they have a war chariot."

"Don’t start shouting for nothing when you don’t know anything, ok? That is a Delta Thunder God TX12 all-terrain war chariot, it costs 300,000 dimensional coins to make one, it can fly sky high, travel on land and dive underwater, isn’t it frightening."

"You said what? 300,000 dimensional coins? Aren’t you adding two extra zeroes? I have never seen so much money in my whole life."

"Fart, haven’t you seen the fatty walking in the front? He is the son of the richest person of our Lucky Wind City, and see that four-eyed vulgar man, he is the heir of xx enterprises and that little guy with crooked teeth, his family is involved in the business of real estate, for them, 300,000 is nothing...."

"Huh, that last boy looks very normal."

"Eh, I don’t know that contestant, however, seeing that beautiful and icily arrogant woman walking by his side, I don’t think his background is simple. In any case, this battle squad is formed by nouveau riche, every one of them should have used a fortune to awaken."

"Haha, brother you’re wrong, his name is Li Yunmu, he is a naturally awakened fluxer and belongs to our sixteenth high school."

"Dang, naturally awakened fluxer, excellent."

Hearing the name Li Yunmu, Lin Li suddenly lifted her head and gazed at the screen with complex emotions, seeing the man getting farther and farther away from her.

"Let’s go Ah Li, you are only 16 years old now, you still have a chance. Maybe next year you will be able to pass the half-awakened fluxer’s exam."

A girl walking with Lin Li, who clearly knew about Lin Li and Li Yunmu’s past relationship, said to comfort her.

"Yes, I still have the chance, but only to become a half fluxer...."

Lin Li said with tired expression, not realizing that a trace of misery appeared on her face.

On the flux test day half month ago, who would have thought that she, who carried the hopes of entire sixteenth high school, would fail to be selected as a half fluxer because of lacking a little bit of flux power at the half fluxer testing machine. In addition, that childhood sweetheart whom she considered to be unworthy of her would become the honour and glory of all students and teachers in one move. Not only that, he would also enter the place she had yearned for all her life and become one of the leading characters watched by countless people on the screen.


"Ka cha….."

Following crooked teeth Qiang, four-eyed brother thin also activated his silver base equipment. Next instant, another soldier equipped with silver base equipment appeared in front of Li Yunmu.

"Tracker silver base equipment!"

Li Yunmu’s heart fiercely jolted.

"Haha, now for mine, my friend, can you guess what kind of equipment I am using?

An even more dazzling and domineering silver base soldier walked towards him.

"Terminator? This is terminator silver base equipment?"

This time, Li Yunmu couldn’t remain calm. Who f*cking said that big bear battle squad was useless? Presently, for the first time, he didn’t agree.

The legendary terminator silver base equipment, even the lowest grade started from 500,000, but the model that Li Da Xiong had equipped was certainly at least high grade or perhaps peak grade.

Compared to crooked teeth Qiang’s hunter silver base equipment and brother thin’s tracker silver base equipment, clearly, big Xiong’s terminator equipment was the ultimate peak of the silver base series offered by the Alliance, costing 1,500,000 dimensional coins!?

"Wait a minute, it seems like something is missing?"

Li Yunmu subconsciously said.

"Yes, the armoured soldier silver base equipment is missing."

Ling Shuang, who had been silent from the beginning, reminded him.

"Haha, the armoured silver base equipment is here. Put them on my friend, we will depend on you to be the tank."

Big Xiong’s voice and laugh sounded especially vulgar coming through the equipped soldier armour.


The earth faintly jolted and another silver base box appeared from the storage badge, heavily falling on the ground in front of Li Yunmu.

"Crap, this armoured silver base equipment is prepared for me? They want me to act as a meat shield in the front?"

Li Yunmu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry looking at the three, f*ck, these three idiots aren’t as stupid as they seem. Unexpectedly, they wanted him to act as the meat shield.

"Yeah, who told you to fill your dominant class as ‘armoured soldier’ in your profile at the great courtyard."

"So that’s what happened."

Li Yunmu tried to recall, he had indeed filled his dominant class as ‘heavily armoured soldier’ in his profile when he had just entered the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard. But he had never expected that because of that, these three idiots would surprisingly be interested in him.

However, although the armoured silver base equipment in front of him was as formidable as it could get, Li Yunmu didn’t have the least bit interest towards this cumbersome metal equipment.

"I will act as the front line tank, but I won’t wear this."

Li Yunmu laughed and took out his War God Temple’s exclusive equipment chest from his storage badge under the astonished gazes of three idiots and Ling Shuang.

"F*ck me, war god arms? This is the battle equipment produced by the War God Temple? What are you? Yunmu, don’t you come from the sixteenth high school?"

These three idiots weren’t country bumpkins, they immediately recognized the war god series equipment made by the War God Temple in a glance.

"Indeed I am, but who told you that people from sixteenth high school couldn’t possess war god arms? Although the defense of my battle soldier equipment is slightly inferior to the armoured silver base equipment, its battle strength amplification is much better."

Li Yunmu said with a proud expression.

Although the construction cost of battle soldier equipment was only 50,000 dimensional coins, it could not be purchased by just spending money. This was his father’s pride and glory which he had obtained after pouring his blood, sweat and tears into defending the front line all his life.

How could the families of people like big Xiong and them compare to it? Although the hunter, tracker and other types of silver base equipment sounded very domineering and aggressive and cost ten times more than his battle soldier equipment, they could not amplify battle strength like the war god arms. This was the major difference between rare and common products.

Frankly speaking, the silver base equipment series was offered by the Alliance to ruthlessly scam the wealthy. So when Li Yunmu had taken out his battle soldier equipment, instantly, the three idiots felt genuinely stupid.

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