Shadow Hack

Chapter 8: Shadow’s Avatar

Chapter 8: Shadow’s Avatar

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After returning back to his house, Li Yunmu had completely calmed down. However, he was still firmly grasping the Flux Disciple badge that was issued to him in his hand. This slightly flickering small badge represented the highest social class in the whole Central Continent, it meant that his words now held more weight.

Although it was only a tiny Flux Disciple badge, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know of its significance. As expected, it wasn’t long before he heard from his parents.

"Son, quickly tell me what has happened? Your mom has just received a notification from the Alliance, saying that you have completely awakened your flux energy and successfully became a Flux Disciple? Even now, I don’t dare to believe that this is true…..Moreover, your father, who was about to be investigated and made a scapegoat, then court-martialed, had his charges removed....."

Over the stellarcomm, He Jie’s astonished voice reached his ears. But it wasn’t surprising that she was so astonished, after all, she understood her son the best.

Until this point, let alone completely awakening flux energy, her son couldn’t even produce a trace of flux energy. But now, he had become one of the Central Continent’s strongest?

"Mom, I also don’t understand how this happened. All I know is that after hearing about dad’s matter that day, I was very upset and my flux energy seemed to have vaguely awakened."

Li Yunmu couldn’t let any information about the Super Shadow Hack System leak out, so he could only make up this excuse.

This was not the truth, but it sounded more realistic than the truth. In any case, He Jie was completely convinced with this vague answer, she would not have believed him otherwise.

"That’s good, it seems like my son is all grown up now. Your father no longer needs to take the blame and we won’t be expelled out of the city and be forced to live in the slums…"

After talking for some time, they disconnected the stellarcomm.

The fate of his family, which seemed completely doomed, had now changed. Moreover, it was completely reversed within a split second. This was the results of power. Just how much strength does he possess?

Li Yunmu had never truly understood the fearfulness of strength, until now.

Yes, from the instant that he was approved as a Flux Disciple and received the Flux Disciple badge, his fate had already begun to change.

The tiny badge on his palm does not only make him seem virtuous, but it also allows him to receive a monthly salary of 1,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins from the Alliance. Moreover, it also represented that all his immediate dependents will get residence in cities forever without any condition.

If Li Yunmu really wished to, by using his position, he could take a loan of 100,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins, without any interest rate.

Using this tiny badge, he could also purchase an even more extravagant house in the safer Secondary Grade cities. These were all the privileges of becoming a Flux Disciple, if they weren’t given these benefits at the minimum, then why would people call the Flux Test as Dragon’s Leap.

In the cases where the jump is successful, the person would become a dragon among men.

Apart from this, this badge has many other great benefits. Of those benefits, there were two important benefits for this badge. The first was that this badge contains a portable dimensional space within it.

As long as Li Yunmu imbues it with a trace of flux energy, he could access the dimensional space inside. There was roughly a cubic meter of empty space inside, which could be used to store items. This was inside information which was only known to those who had been approved as Flux Disciples.

As this badge was made with dimensional crystals, any ordinary person who hadn’t awakened his flux energy completely couldn’t access it or use it, even if that person had the great influence or huge wealth, there were no exceptions.

The second great benefit was that it can be used to enter a virtual dimension at any time and any place. This virtual dimension that was created with the cooperation of all six continents of the Alliance was also known as the "Virtual Dimension World".

Although under ordinary circumstances, anyone could enter the Virtual Dimension World at any time and any place, only some army headquarters, research facilities and qualified universities have the necessary equipment to access this virtual world.

Naturally, if someone’s family possessed abundant wealth and was willing to pay a fortune of Fifth-Dimensional coins, they could naturally also achieve it. But presently, Li Yunmu could use this badge to access the Virtual Dimension World.

Regarding this point, he had waited for a long time for this opportunity, otherwise, why would he use that old fashioned computed to play games.

"Virtual Dimension World, here I come."

Li Yunmu couldn’t wait any longer, he laid down comfortably on the bed and closed his eyes. Next, according to the functionality of the badge, he emitted a trace of flux energy and linked with the Virtual Dimension World.

After he had done this, when he became sober again, what he saw when he opened his eyes shocked him. To his surprise, he discovered that he was in a completely different location.

He was no longer in his bedroom, rather he was in a completely closed empty room. Suddenly, a voice echoed from the top of the empty room.

"This is your first time entering the Virtual Dimension World. Please set up a virtual character imitating yourself, as well as set all the data pertaining to yourself."

Hearing this familiar voice without any emotions, Li Yunmu quivered from head to toe, he almost thought that he had activated the Shadow Hack System again.

However, he managed to react quickly. This kind of system’s composed voice should have been derived from the core of the Virtual Dimension World built by the Alliance of the six continents cooperating with each other.

He calmed down slightly and soon discovered that in front of him, silently stood two 3D virtual figures which hadn’t been modeled yet.

Without a doubt, these two avatars should be scaled according to his physique. If there were no accidents, Li Yunmu’s next step after entering the Virtual Dimension World was to take the initiative to set up his avatar as well as his profile in accordance with his real life data.

After all, even if he could set up his avatar according to his imagination in the virtual dimension, he still has to pay attention to the rules of the Alliance and cannot just mess around.

"Wait a second…...why are there two avatars? Impossible, isn’t it said that every person can only have one avatar in the virtual world? Then why am I allowed to have two?"

[Ding, system has detected that the host has entered a special space formed in multi dimensions. In this special space, your Shadow Hack avatar can totally be activated. In this special space, your Shadow Hack avatar will receive genuine data from your body, and use comparison and proportion tool to scale it.]

This time, he didn’t hear wrongly. This time, the system’s notification had certainly come from the Super Shadow Hack System. However, after hearing the notification, peril once again rose in Li Yunmu’s heart.

"System, you mean that if I set up more than one avatars, one of them will belong to my shadow?"

Li Yunmu tried to ask.

[Yes, because your shadow’s avatar is set up according to system’s rules, it is thus immune from the detection and restriction of the core of this special space.]

"What the heck! This system is too heaven defying isn’t it?"

Although he had experienced the mysteriousness of the Super Shadow Hack System, Li Yunmu hadn’t anticipated that the system was even able to bypass the detection of the Virtual Dimension World created by the Alliance.

However, after hearing the system’s explanation, Li Yunmu became aware that if he used his shadow to model the second avatar in Virtual Dimension World, then for the next month, he wouldn’t be able to use the shadow to hunt monsters.

As the shadow requires one month to synchronize the data in the Virtual Dimension World, after thinking about it over and over again, Li Yunmu finally decided to give it a go. After all, it was necessary to hone the axe before cutting trees!

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