Shadow Hack

Chapter 9: The Legendary Virtual Dimension World

Chapter 9: The Legendary Virtual Dimension World

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With the intention of trying, Li Yunmu first chose the figure on his left and began the modeling process.

En, since the avatar’s body shape, appearance and name had to be authenticated by the brain of Virtual Dimension World, there wasn’t a need to make that many adjustments.

Regardless of any adjustments, once others check the real authenticated data from the brain, they would know who the person really is. Thus, Li Yunmu didn’t feel the need to make any adjustments.

He could change his body shape to have a stronger and taller physique, change his face to make it more handsome and even choose a more domineering name.

But what’s the point?

After the peril his family had faced recently, Li Yunmu now found all these things futile; soon, Li Yunmu made his own avatar and quickly made some adjustments without wasting much time, he then activated his modeled avatar.

Sure enough, this avatar that was standing silently on the left side became completely bright.

Indeed, as stated in the rumors, it was simply another him, a clone. From his body’s strength data to his recently awakened flux energy strength, everything was exactly the same.

However…..when he selected the other figure silently standing on the right side, only then did he discover what the system’s previous words about not being bound by rules meant.

The modifications allowed in the second figure completely exceeded his expectations as there was no upper limit to the number of modifications allowed. In other words, it only depended on what Li Yunmu wants.

He could model the figure as he like, turning it into a giant creature or perhaps even changing the sex from male to female; as long as he wanted it, whatever modifications he did were allowed and wouldn’t be restricted by the brain of the Virtual Dimension World.

Naturally, Li Yunmu wasn’t stupid enough to court disaster by becoming high profile. If he really modeled the shadow into some giant creature, then it would certainly give rise to a high level investigation by the brain, there was even a possibility that it may catch the Alliance’s attention.

Thus, although he could disregard all the rules of Virtual Dimension World, Li Yunmu remained cautious and earnestly used the figure to form an avatar of a twenty something youth.

Features? Having regular features was good since they won’t attract anyone’s attention. With an ordinary face, no one would expect that he was the controller.


Oh…...this must be properly planned, a good body build is greatly beneficial for fights, so he must scale it according to humanity’s prime figures.

Height of 185 cm, the optimum height, tight clothes, body filled with flesh; six packs, v shaped body, mermaid line, thick waist, long legs, strong arms...….as for the name? Li Yun would be good!

"Finally, the setup is complete, the avatar is complete!"

After Li Yunmu had set up his avatar, next instant, the silent figure standing on the right side, released a bright light and activated.

"Dang, this is my avatar?"

When the avatar activated and Li Yunmu saw it, he jumped in fright.

When Li Yunmu had initially created the avatar, he had just used an ordinary face without any outstanding characteristics, let alone handsome; however, this ordinary face was scaled with humanity’s most optimum body frame and as a result, the whole avatar was surrounded in bright light and transformed into an outstanding figure with that kind of calm and cool face with a cold smirk, which no one could resist looking at.

Ha, he was really overreaching.

However, since everything had been determined, Li Yunmu could only accept this. Although these days, the avatars were made to be high profile and attract attention, Li Yunmu’s initial intention was the complete opposite. But as long as others don’t know that he was the controller, then there would be no problem.

He was convinced that with the cover of the hack system, perhaps the brain of Virtual Dimension World or even the Alliance’s investigation wouldn’t discover the existence of this avatar.

But he didn’t have complete assurance.


After setting up the avatar, with a thought, his consciousness descended into the avatar on the left, which entered the genuine Virtual Dimension World.

When he faintly opened his eyes, his surroundings had changed to that of another world, was this the world from the legends where humans lived before the dark ages?

At this moment, he was at the center of a highly developed and prosperous city. His surroundings were filled with numerous skyscrapers, dazzling neon coloured lamps, large billboards with different poses and expressions and trains suspended in the sky.

At that instant, Li Yunmu was shocked to see this highly developed and flourishing city. He remained there for a long time.

Was the ancestor civilization before the dark ages so prosperous?

The sky wasn’t filled with chaotic energy flowing around and the blue sky could be clearly seen with the bright sunset glow and ardent sun.

The lake water wasn’t even a little bit contaminated, even the bottom could be seen clearly! Indeed, it was as said in the legends, water and sky merging together as one colour.

"No wonder, all the adults from the mainland of the Central Continent spent great amounts of money to purchase a dimensional helmet to enter the Virtual Dimension World. Today, I have the chance to experience this!"

Li Yunmu stood at the same place in shock for a long time like a villager, only then did he come to his senses and laugh at himself. He looked up and began to casually stroll around in the city that was once a part of the Central Continent.

Reportedly, the time passed 3 times faster in the virtual world compared to real world. In other words, one hour in the real world would be three hours in the Virtual Dimension World.

This inequality in time scale was also the reason why many people of the continent frequently enter this world, as compared to regular people who don’t have access to this, they have 3 times more time to exploit.

In the virtual world’s Central Continent, sometimes people with lineage from other continents can be seen. While he was walking in the Central Continent, sure enough, in a short period of time, he saw many people with different skin colour, whose ancestors had come from other continents.

Blonde blue eyed white people, black people with black hair, people with brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin, people of the Desolate race coming from Desolate Continent, as well as Neptune people coming from the Northern Sea.

My god!

Only now was Li Yunmu aware of his vain life. The world was so large, he was previously just a frog living in a well.

It was still his first time seeing so many different coloured people. Although there were different coloured people residing in the Central Continent, living in the small Lucky Wind City all his life, he had never seen so many of them.

Especially the people of the Desolate race from the Desolate Continent as well as the Neptune people from the Northern Sea, it was the first time, Li Yunmu encountered these people.

Just seeing this, Li Yunmu became aware of his naivety. A brand new world had opened in front of him destroying his native thoughts.

"Wow, look quickly, it’s the old bully Zhi Zi from Desolate Continent, he crossed the ocean and came to the Central Continent to challenge Gu Gelie of the War God Temple on our side. Reportedly, he had defeated three famous knights of the War God Temple successively, oh my god, the body of the people from Desolate Continent are very formidable, can the people of our Central Continent stop him..."

Suddenly a group of people gathered together at the plaza of the commercial center and started looking at the big screen on top of the plaza.

"Yes, dimensional battlefield!"

Li Yunmu couldn’t help but be enticed by the group of people and raised up his head to watch the two formidable avatars on the big screen with waves surging in his heart and blood boiling.

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