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Chapter 917 - The Battle of Gods

Chapter 917: The Battle of Gods

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“So many of you came, but you still couldn’t do anything about me. How about it, four clan patriarchs together with sixty god elders came for me, but I still managed to return alive,” Li Yunmu said with a calm expression while leaning against the wall.


The four patriarchs coldly snorted. They could think of only one thing right then, and it was that such a vile character had won.

The four clan patriarchs were quite sullen. They had taken sixty gods to kill Chen Xiu, but he still returned in intact condition. It was simply a huge joke.

The four patriarchs thought that they should have attacked Chen Xiu as soon as they saw him, which would have swiftly sealed the matter. Then, Chen Xiu would not have been able to return to Asura City and wouldn’t be standing against the gate and talking arrogantly before them.

They were filled with regret!

When Li Yunmu saw that the four patriarchs weren’t saying anything, he deliberately provoked them. “Do you remember the words I asked Yan Xiu to pass onto you? If you don’t remember, then go and carefully recall them.”

As he said that, a cold light flashed through the eyes of the four clan patriarchs while they looked at him. Yan Xiu had said that Chen Xiu would give them a return gift after coming back to Asura City. It was in reply to them dispatching fifteen gods to kill Chen Xiu. His promise was to show them in front of Asura.

With the fifteen gods in his hand, god father would definitely believe his words.

The expressions of the four patriarchs turned dark, and a divine presence erupted from their bodies as if they were planning to kill Chen Xiu right in front of the gate to Asura City. After all, if they allowed him to meet with Asura with the fifteen gods in his hand, the four clans would be in a crisis.

He might not say anything while the battle of the gods raged on around them, but if he won, the four clans wouldn’t have a good ending.

Because of that, it would be better to just kill Chen Xiu at the city gate. After deciding on that, the patriarchs looked at each other, and divine power bubbled out from their hands.

Suddenly though, an ancient god’s presence erupted from the depths of Asura City, and the four patriarchs pulled back their divine presence. A hint of fear appeared in their eyes as they sighed.

The five ancient gods and Lakshmi City’s goddess had appeared, so Asura sensed them and came out of seclusion. This took away the last chance the four had to kill Chen Xiu.

The next instant, a figure appeared between Li Yunmu and the four clan patriarchs. Asura looked at them and the sixty gods behind them with a dark expression.

“What exactly is going on here!”

After seeing Chen Xiu alone, Asura had a good guess of what had transpired. Using the chance of him being in seclusion, the four clans had really taken action.

Asura had promoted the branch descendant and given him control of Asura City as well as the four clans, but once he came out, he saw the four clan patriarchs and sixty gods standing in front of Li Yunmu. Wasn’t it obvious then that they were thinking of using the opportunity of their god father being in seclusion to kill the person he had promoted?

So much for the four clans being cautious…

The clan patriarchs became terrified and knelt on the ground before respectfully saying, “Respected greetings, god father.”

The sixty gods also knelt on the ground and respectfully kowtowed.

Li Yunmu looked at Asura then and said in a calm voice, “God father came out of seclusion… The patriarchs of the four clans came here just a moment ago when we felt an enormous amount of divine presence near Asura City.”

The moment he said that, the four clan patriarchs were startled and looked up with suspicion in their hearts.

Asura turned around to look at Li Yunmu and asked with a frown, “Really?”

Asura didn’t really believe Li Yunmu’s words. If they had sensed the formidable divine presence outside Asura City, the four clan patriarchs could have come out. The gods of all clans could also take action upon noticing such a thing. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

But as it happened, only sixty gods had come. If they weren’t present to deal with Li Yunmu, then what else were they doing here in such numbers?

But Asura didn’t expect that before the four patriarchs could make an explanation, Li Yunmu would help them out.

That wasn’t a good sign. He had chosen Chen Xiu to strengthen the branch family descendants in order to restrain the direct descendants. If both sides joined together, his actions would have been meaningless.

Patriarch Doro lowered his head and followed Li Yunmu’s words. “Yes, god father. We four sensed the appearance of divine presence outside Asura City and we brought some clan elders to investigate.”

Although he didn’t know what kind of ghost had come to possess Chen Xiu, it didn’t matter at that moment. If with Asura present in front of him Chen Xiu didn’t reveal the matter which could shake the four clans and even helped them exonerate themselves, he would naturally follow him.

Li Yunmu saw the suspicious gaze which Asura had cast toward him and said in a flat voice, “Really, god father.”

He knew that Asura would be suspicious if he helped the four clans exonerate themselves and would even begin to wonder whether he was collaborating with the four clans or not, but Li Yunmu couldn’t be bothered about it right then.

The main forces of the five ancient gods and Lakshmi City had already arrived before Asura City, so the battle of gods would definitely start in a few moments.

Once it began, Asura and the five ancient gods would die, so there was no need for him to pay any attention to it.

“All right.”

Asura’s expression was completely calm when he shifted his gaze toward the divine presences outside Asura City. His face was completely blank.

He could sense that the main forces had arrived at Asura City, but what he couldn’t understand was the reason behind the collaboration of the five ancient gods and Laksmi City as well as their timing. Asura had thought that he knew the thoughts of the five ancient gods when he had killed the ancestors and they left after being intimidated.

Based on the personalities of the five ancient gods, they should be in the divine palace right then, recuperating by using the Heavenly Grand Ritual. Only when their injuries recovered should they take any action.

Asura knew what the five ancient gods would do, so he had entered seclusion with his heart at ease. He had anticipated that the battle of gods would only begin after ten years. But only a few days had passed, and the five ancient gods changed their mind and decided to collaborate with Lakshmi City to declare war on Asura City.

After examining the gods arrayed before his city, Asura’s expression grew dark. Given the presence of such a large army, it was clear that the battle was about to start. The five gods were obviously in collusion with Lakshmi City and had dispatched the majority of their gods, but why?

If it was said that the five ancient gods had taken action for Ancient Goddess Lakshmi, Asura would not believe it.

Lanlou was different from other regions where the gods were still bound by their emotions. Although the seven gods of Lanlou were born together, there were no sentiments among the seven of them.

Before the power of belief was discovered, the seven ancient gods had lived harmoniously like brothers and sisters, but after the first battle of gods, the seven ancient gods began to guard against each other.

“I will go and see what exactly is going on. You all return and gather all the gods. If the negotiation fails, the battle of gods will start.”

Asura took a step forward and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already standing in front of the huge army.

The clan patriarchs rose up from the ground and looked at Li Yunmu’s smiling face with cold snorts.

Patriarch Rahu then disdainfully said, “Don’t think that you can curry favor with us just because you exonerated us.”

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