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Chapter 918 - Shifting Attention

Chapter 918: Shifting Attention

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Li Yunmu shrugged his shoulders and looked at the clan patriarchs. “I fear that you are thinking too much. The reason why I helped you make excuses in front of god father wasn’t in order to curry favor with you all and resolve the hatred between us. I just don’t like other people taking action on my behalf. I like settling things myself.”

“Ha ha ha ha, sixth ancestor is really confident. You even dare to be so arrogant in front of our four clans. If you didn’t rely on god father, you would been crushed under our feet like an ant long ago. This lowly servant will wait to see how exactly the sixth ancestor will deal with the four clans without relying on god father,” Deva Clan’s matriarch said with a sneer.

After she finished speaking, the four patriarchs walked into Asura City to return to their residences and gather the gods of their clan.

Li Yunmu unhurriedly walked to the lower city and the colosseum in the middle of it. In just a short few days, all the houses of the lower city had been torn down. The destruction had even spread to the middle city. The houses near the gate were all gone.

When Li Yunmu reached the colosseum, two figures appeared in front of him and respectfully said, “Lord has returned! Did the four clans create any difficulties for lord during the trip to the resource land?”

Rat and Old Bastard raised their heads with excited expressions. When Li Yunmu saw the two of them, a smile appeared at the corners of his lips, and he slowly said, “I’ve returned. Stand up now and let’s go inside before talking.”

Li Yunmu advanced toward the colosseum while saying that, Old Bastard and Rat respectfully followed behind him. After entering the colosseum, Madam and Do Mingyan came over from outside.

Upon seeing Li Yunmu, they happily rushed over and knelt on the ground.

“Lord, you finally returned.”

Li Yunmu nodded and saw that their cultivation base was no longer at half god step, but rather at god realm. Rat had bestowed power of belief to the two of them, which showed that they were reliable.

After coming to the conference room, Li Yunmu sat down on the main seat. He looked at the four people underneath and thought deeply. The battle of gods was about to start, and the Ground Clan as well as Rat and the other three belonged to Asura Clan, so they might not follow him in what he planned to do. After all, when the four of them joined Li Yunmu, it was because he was impersonating Chen Xiu, who was someone from Asura Clan.

If the four of them learned of Li Yunmu’s true identity, they might not agree to follow him.

After a moment of silence, Li Yunmu’s figure flickered and revealed his original appearance. When the four people underneath saw it, their eyes went wide, and divine presence erupted from their bodies.

“Who are you! Why are you impersonating our lord!” Rat shouted out first.

“Be relieved, I am your lord. But previously, I was using Chen Xiu’s identity to infiltrate Asura City. Now though, I want you see my true identity, because I want to ask you whether you want to follow me or not.”

The moment he said that, Rat and the other three fell silent. They watched Li Yunmu without saying a word.

“I am not someone from Asura City or even Lanlou. I came to Asura City to get something. Right now, I have obtained that thing, which only leaves behind a final matter, and after that I will leave Lanlou. Thus I want to ask you all now, do you want to follow me or will you stay behind?

“If you wish to remain, then after I go, Ground Clan’s matters will be left to the four of you. If you agree to follow me, perhaps you may encounter a lot of danger in the future.”

After Li Yunmu finished speaking, he calmly waited for Rat and others to make their choice. If they wanted to stay behind, then he would hand over the Ground Clan for them to manage. After all, they were gods so it could be considered as a good arrangement.

If they followed him, however, the four of them would have to start cultivating from the beginning after he took away power of belief.

After a long time, Rat, who stood in the front, looked at Li Yunmu and suspiciously asked, “Lord, are you really our lord?”


After hearing that, a smile appeared on Rat’s face as he knelt on the ground, and he said with excitement, “Wherever lord goes, I will follow. Back then, I was constantly fighting for my life, but lord saved me, so naturally this life belongs to lord.”

“Me too, me too,” Old Bastard shouted out while excitedly waving the hatchet in his hand.

Li Yunmu nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Madam and Do Mingyan. Neither of them hesitated. They lowered their heads and said with a smile, “Wherever lord goes, we will follow.”

“Since this is the case, then you four should summon the descendants of Ground Clan. Once the battle of gods starts, they will only be used as cannon fodder. At that time, when the battle starts, you four will follow me,” Li Yunmu said.

The four people flickered and disappeared from the room. Li Yunmu then stood up and walked to the window, where he looked in the direction of lower city and mumbled, “Where is beyond the heavens hiding?”

Once the battle of gods started, Li Yunmu wouldn’t need to pay any attention to Asura. Even if Asura was a quasi master god, he would be restrained after running into five ancient gods who would be doing their utmost and Brunhilda whose strength was at the peak of ancient god realm.

Right then, there was only one matter left in front of Li Yunmu, and it was to find the people from beyond the heavens hiding in Asura City.

When the seals of master gods were removed, ways to enter the Origin World appeared. The powers from beyond the heavens guarding outside then dispatched people to infiltrate the Origin World.

Li Yunmu thus wanted to eradicate them one by one, so as to avoid the gods of the Origin World collaborating with them for benefits or to save their lives.

[What do you intend to do? Want to eradicate the people from beyond the heavens one by one?] the system asked in his mind.

“What about it? If beyond the heavens spread through the Origin World, who knows how many gods will secretly join them. If I hadn’t gone to the divine palace for Heavenly Grand Ritual, I fear that even I wouldn’t have discovered an enemy like beyond the heavens in the Origin World,” Li Yunmu said in a calm voice.

After a moment of silence, the system said, [When the seals are opened, the flaws in the Origin World’s seal will appear. As long as the leaks exist, even if you eradicate those who have infiltrated from beyond the heavens, another wave of people will be sent by beyond the heavens. They’ll come in a steady flow.

[That’s why rather than going through the trouble of eradicating the infiltrators, it would be better to strike at the source,] the system said without a hurry.


Li Yunmu wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “You mean to say that I should open the seal, allowing master gods to come out? And revealing the Origin World in front of beyond the heavens? Doing that would indeed protect us from gods secretly colluding with beyond the heavens, but once the Origin World is revealed, we won’t be able to defeat beyond the heavens with the Origin Worls’ current strength?”

[Do you really think that a True God is just a decoration?] the system asked with a dark look.

Li Yunmu laughed but didn’t reply. The system was indeed a true god, but beyond the heavens had at least ten quasi true gods as well as a true god. How could one person stop such a magnificent lineup?

There was no way Li Yunmu could listen to the system’s words and continue removing the seals.

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