Shadow Queen

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Knock, knock.

Lunarin quickly responded to the knock outside the drawing room and confirmed it.

“Lady, the ambassador Lusen has arrived.”

“Tell them to come in.”

When the permission was dropped, the assistant and servants brought by the ambassador Lusen diligently moved their dresses, embroidery curtains and carpets into the drawing room. Elena left the terrace and entered the room only after the owner Lusen left the shop intact in the drawing room.

“I say hello to your Highness, Princess.”

“Thank you for coming. I heard from the butler that you were in charge of the dress for the birthday party?”

“Yes, it was actually a call to measure.”

“Let’s look at the design.”

The dressmaker Lusen nodded and instructed the assistant to bring the design notes. Elena, who was handed a design note, glanced at it with a heavy glance. In the dry reaction, the dressmaker Lusen was nervous.

“Don’t you like it?”

“The line is fine, but the lace is unconventional. Also, the patterns and patterns are very classic.”

“I-is it? If you have a style you want, we will actively reflect it.”

Now, if she changed the design, it would be hard to produce it for the birthday party. Nevertheless, since it was the order of Princess Veronica, she did not express it.

“All I want is a dress that suits my position as a social star. You know, like the Milky Way in the night sky, a starlight feeling.”


Lusen, the dressmaker who asked, wrinkled her eyebrows. It was a request too abstract to accommodate.

“When it’s illuminated, it becomes more colorful. A dress that makes me stand out like the five-color Milky Way in the night sky.”

“Galaxy, Milky Way.”

“It’s fascinating just to imagine a dress with a breathtaking starlight.”

“Oh! I have a rough idea what it feels like. I’ll prepare with all my energy.”

Elena smiled silently as she watched Lusen, who seemed to be determined.

‘Don’t try too hard. All you have to do is bring an ultra-high-priced dress with expensive jewelry such as rubies, sapphires, and pearls.’

It was clear that it would fall far short. The time will be short, and the harmony will be ruined for the dress that only pursues glamour.

‘It doesn’t matter to me.’

She didn’t want to be noticed in the dress, nor did she intend to get attention. Elena came up with a deliberate plan. Devour the Grand Duke’s wealth! Imagining it alone thrilled her whole body. Elena spent a limited amount of money under the control of Leabrick. Like an allowance. She took it foolishly thinking it was natural.

Why? She’s a fake Veronica. She’s a substitute.

But now that she looked at it, there was no reason at all. Starting with the birthday party, all the nobles of the Empire would accept her as Princess Veronica. Elena was as good as real as she was recognized by society. As soon as she realized it, she had no intention of spending money in accordance with Leabrick’s control.

Elena was planning to become the best luxury woman on the continent. The riches of the Grand Duke who do not dry out will remain dry. And the dress, jewelry, shoes, and accessories that she bought will be disposed of separately. In particular, dresses with low-value jewelry had a low rate of reduction.

In other words, it meant that Elena would become a secret fund that can be operated secretly as soon as luxury goods bought with the wealth of the Grand Duke was disposed of.

“Oh, I almost forgot, but don’t tell anyone but me that you changed the design of the dress. I want to surprise not only my father but also the aristocrats who came to celebrate the birthday.”

“I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

Elena changed the subject only after selecting several more dresses.

“That’s it for the dresses, and let’s look at the embroidery curtains.”

“Yes, these are curtains that have embroidered snowflakes on silk from the north.”

After being fully explained, Elena picked out curtains and carpets that she liked and installed them in her room. Shortly after the completion of her duties, the carpenter’s routine visited her.

The carpenter, who made furniture using two seemingly unlikely things of marble and old wood, was one of the best craftsmen in the empire. After requesting the production of beds, side tables, clothes cabinets, and cabinets that reflect Elena’s taste, the carpenter routine went back to work.

‘Leabrick’s behind schedule? I think it’s time she came.’

It was when Elena sat on the terrace enjoying tea and enjoying the sunset.

“My lady. Viscountess Leabrick is here.”

“Tell her to come in.”

Leabrick’s official title was her own. An empire with higher women’s rights than other countries, where you could have a title venue if you were a woman. Leabrick, who entered the drawing room, found Elena sitting on the terrace and opened her eyes fiercely.

“I need to have a long talk with your Highness, so you stay out.”


As soon as Lunarin stepped down, Leabrick walked out onto the terrace, which was blowing cold air.

“Liv, are you here? Sit here. The taste of black tea drinking while watching the sunset is excellent.”

Leabrick’s expression became colder at the invitation of Elena, who was sitting comfortably.

“What are you doing?”

“Yes? What?”

Elena, slightly embarrassed by the sharp question, put down the cup she was holding.

“I must have warned you not to act arbitrarily. Not only did you burn your dresses and curtains, but you brought in a dressmaker and a carpenter? I warned you. I want you to consult me and ask permission for anything.”

“…… Was this something I needed permission to do?”

Elena’s eyes were filled with tears. With an innocent expression, Leabrick suppressed her irritation with superhuman patience

“So you thought you didn’t need permission?”

“I thought this little thing could be decided at my discretion even without Liv’s permission.”


Elena cried.

“I know. I thought Liv was always busy, and at best I couldn’t ask her about every little change of dress or furniture. Did I do something wrong?”

“You should have asked. Didn’t you think you could be suspected?”

Elena’s expression became serious at the word of doubt.

“Why am I being questioned about this? I have no idea. Liv, what did I do wrong? Please tell me. I’ll fix it, so it doesn’t happen again, okay?”


Leabrick was momentarily speechless when asked again. There were doubts, but no one in the Grand Duke would suspect that Elena was a fake. This is because she threw out all those who remembered had a little relationship or remembered Veronica out. Elena’s behavior would have just been seen as capricious.

“There’s nothing as scary as social gossip. Contact with outsiders can be the cause of the fire.”

“Oh, that’s why. I’m sorry. I’ll ask for permission, even if it’s trivial. So forgive me for my mistake today, Liv.”

Leabrick nodded reluctantly at the earnest request. She was definitely the one who took the initiative, but she felt uncomfortable because she thought she stopped her without knowing where.

Elena, on the contrary, was very satisfied. It was because she cleverly avoided Leabrick’s interrogation and at the same time, there was something to catch.

You want permission? I’ll do it if you want.’

If she was going to follow suit, she would follow Leabrick sincerely.

‘But that won’t necessarily be a good thing.’

She had every intention of listening to what Leabrick wants.


Leabrick was always pressed for time. Her workload was beyond imagination, as there was no place in the Empire where the power of Grand Duke Friedrich was unrivaled. It was difficult to find anything out of her reach, from the top trade issue to the private meetings of the aristocrats on the periphery.

Leabrick took off her glasses and stroked her dim eyes.

‘It’s too much time to go to the Duchy.’

But it was an unavoidable choice. The absence of Princess Veronica was a major blow to the successor structure of the Grand Duke. In particular, Sir Ren of the Bastache family, who was independent of them, was young but is by no means an easy human.

Now that Grand Duke Friedrich was in good health, she was holding her breath, but if Princess Veronica’s absence was prolonged, he would likely emerge as the heir to the great house by talking about her veins. To prevent it in advance, she went all the way to the other side of the continent and took the trouble of bringing Elena.

It was the best option for Leabrick, but the piled up approval documents and the agenda to be processed were enough to make even a smart woman tired and sensitive.

Knock, knock.

The knock startled Leabrick. She was sure she arranged not to let anyone in.

“It’s me, Liv.”

It was Elena who opened the door without permission and bowed her head.

“I’m sorry, I heard you told me not to let anyone in.”

“No, don’t stand there. Come in.”

As she spoke with a sense of displeasure, Elena, who had noticed, quietly entered the room.

“You told me yesterday to ask for trivial things and decisions.”

“I did.”

“I don’t have shoes to wear, so I think I have to meet the two craftsmen and order them separately. Would it be okay?”


Elena’s expression brightened when Leabrick accepted lightly.


“You said you needed it. Tell the butler to bring back one of the best craftsmen in the capital.”

“Thank you very much for your concern, Liv.”

Elena fluttered her skirt as if she couldn’t hide her joy, leaving the office.

Leabrick turned her gaze back to the pile of documents he had to deal with. Although the flow was broken by the sudden visit, she felt relieved that she had to pay special attention to manage and control Elena, who was still insufficient in service.

And maybe an hour or so later?

‘According to the report, Viscount Bianca had informal contact with the imperial family…’

It was when she was worrying about the troublesome treatment.

Knock knock.

Elena was sticking out her head as she lifted her head reflexively to the knock.

“Sorry to interrupt, Liv. I have a question.”

“What’s going on?”

Asked Leabrick, holding back her irritation.

“After dressing up, I didn’t have any necklaces or earrings to wear.”

“Tell the butler to bring in a jeweler in the capital.”

“Can I really do that?”

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Elena twinkled her eyes.

“Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“What? No.”

“Then go out.”

Elena left the office nodding.

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