Shadow Queen

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Leabrick, who became sensitive after being disturbed twice, turned to the documents again. The accident that she had been immersed in quite deeply ended, so she wasted a considerable amount of time to continue thinking again.

Knock, knock

But Elena’s interference, which she thought would be over, was just beginning.

“I’m sorry to keep bothering you, but Liv, not anything else, but the jewelry is expensive. How many can I buy?”

“Buy as much as you need.”

Leabrick’s voice has also become neurotic. This is because the concentration keeps breaking, and the efficiency of work processing has been ruined. Elena said she knew and promised not to interfere again, but returned.

But soon there was another knock.

“How much exactly did you say I should buy as much as I needed? I’ve never bought as much as I needed in my life…”

“Buy it for yourself. As much as you want. Do you have to tell me everything?”

“I will!”

‘I won’t bother you anymore.’

It didn’t take long to realize that it was an illusion. Elena visited Leabrick without a break, like a child who needed her mother’s permission.

“The girls say natural cosmetics are in trend these days. I’d like to buy some of them, can’t I?”

Really, starting with a sloppy request.

“Vanilla tea smells so good, but it’s not in the mansion. I really want to try it…”

Even personal and trivial permission.

‘Is she playing with me?”

Leabrick’s patience had also reached its limit. She felt like she wanted to warn her to stand still by raising a cheek. But she couldn’t. Ten days later, it was the birthday of the Grand Duke. The first thing to do was to put out the urgent fire, but it was difficult to leave a scratch on Elena’s face or create a minor disturbance.

Leabrick clenched her molars.

‘…. I’m gonna have to give it to you after the anniversary.’

The next day, around dawn. In order to finish the slow work, Leabrick was confined in the office early. She liked this time zone. A quiet morning was the best time to maximize concentration. The brain also becomes faster and the processing of work has accelerated.

Knock, knock.

Until she heard that knock that’s causing her neurosis.

“Hey, I woke up early and thought I’d take a walk, but the lights were on. I came by to say hello, but I didn’t bother you again, did I?”


Leabrick’s face, which broke her composure, became as cold as ice. Looking back, no one has ever touched her patience this much. Even Grand Duke Friedrich, who claimed to control the empire, gave her will and respected her.

‘How dare you, little girl.’

Leabrick bit her lips hard. She had a slight taste of blood in her mouth. It was to maintain the patience of reaching the limit.

Elena, who felt that the atmosphere was unusual, was intimidated and was flustered because she didn’t know where to put her eyes.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll come back later.”

Leabrick, who barely caught up with the patience that was almost cut off by the word again later, struck her lips.

“Come in.”

“Can I?”

“I don’t think it’s cold yet. I’ll just deal with this document and talk.”

Elena sat on the sofa across the desk. Leabrick wrote something on parchment paper while savoring the tea from a teacup with warmth left on the table.

“W-What’s this?”

“It’s a guide to be familiar with inside the house.”

Elena’s gaze turned to the parchment. It stated the rights that could be exercised within the residence , the scope of which, and the appropriate line that should not be exceeded.

This is roughly what the main clause looks like.

1. You do not need permission to meet merchants, dressers, carpenters, etc. Only those who are arranged through the butler can be met.

2. The amount that can be used for 10 days is limited to 20,000 francs.

3. Report the schedule every morning, and move according to the schedule with permission. However, never break the routine of the schedule.

4. Find yourself only on conditions that do not fall under the provisions. Otherwise, act in accordance with the guidelines of the article.

Clause 1 aside, Elena snorted, noting clause 2.

“I’m a princess, and you want me to spend only 20,000 francs?’

For 20,000 francs, ten horses of good breed can be bought, which is equivalent to the living expenses of common people for several years. The combined value of the embroidered curtains, carpets and shoes that Elena purchased would be approximately 20,000 francs. It was big money that most nobles couldn’t pay if you looked at it as luxury money for 10 days. However, that was the standard of the general nobility, and this was the Grand Duke. The idol of all nobles and the chief duke!

The wealth of the Grand Duke is well known and does not dry up no matter how much they spend. The place where Elena accumulates more wealth than the rate at which she consumes wealth is in the great air.

‘How much was it? I think I spent nearly 100,000 francs for ten days to maintain dignity right before I became a queen.’

At a time when her name was mentioned as a candidate for the queen, she used to pay for the maintenance of dignity. The amount was ridiculously small compared to then.

‘Well, I can ignore it anyway.’

It’s a pointless restriction. Despite the fact that the limit has been struck, if you put it in front of the Grand Duke as a Princess Veronica, you will have to pay. Is it possible for the socialite to turn Princess Veronica into an unscrupulous debtor who doesn’t pay for it? If so, the reputation of Princess Veronica would plummet, and at the same time, the prestige of the Grand Duke would fall to the bottom. This is because the honor of Princess Veronica is directly linked to the body of the Grand Duke. So there is no reason to care about the limit.

Elena noted the third clause. Schedule report. In her previous life, Elena moved with permission after reporting to Leabrick every step of the way. This was to control and monitor Elena, who was clumsy to Veronica.

‘I have to make good use of this clause.’

Do not break the rule suggested by Leabrick. It would only foster unnecessary hostility and vigilance. She had to play inside thoroughly. Just interpret and use the rule in a way that was advantageous to Elena.

“Did you memorize it all?”


Leabrick took the parchment to the candle and burned it. Black ash flew about.

“I’m telling you, please refrain from asking about personal actions.”

“I feel more comfortable with the guidelines. I know what to do and what not to do.”

For the first time in a long time, it was a perfect word for Leabrick. She hoped for Elena, who is good at only what she is told to do.

“Today’s schedule. Since I’m here, I’ll go with your permission. I don’t want to interrupt Liv again.”

“Yes, do that.”

‘This is how it should be.’

Leabrick regretted not having controlled her with restrictions from the beginning.

Elena held a pen on the table and pondered. After much consideration, the parchment was divided into morning and afternoon schedules.

“I’m supposed to meet with a jewelry dealer in the morning, and go for a sponsorship walk in the afternoon, right?”

“The sponsorship was so big that I thought it would take all day to look around.”

Leabrick nodded. There seemed to be no need to worry about anything particularly disturbing.

“I’ll give you permission.”

“You know what, Liv.”

Elena hesitated and rolled her eyes.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“The appointment of the knight I mentioned before. When….”

“I was thinking about it anyway.”

“Really? Oh, my heart is pounding already. Then when can I see my knight?”

Elena looked excited like an immature girl.

“Soon. I’ve been looking for a knight to match the princess.”

“Is he someone I’d look good with?”

“It’s a promising knight even within the great duchy. He has excellent swordsmanship, worships chivalry, and most of all, he wants to have a beautiful princess beside him.”

“Oh, beautiful princess? Did he say that himself?”


Elena formed a dream of ecstatic affection. When the reaction seemed to have been halfway over, Leabrick drove in the wedge.

“There are many great knights in the world, but I dare say he is the only one who fits the princess.”

“May I ask his name?”

“It’s Sir Lorentz.”

“Oh, that’s a great name. I can’t wait to meet him.”

Leabrick nodded satisfactorily.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s have a cup of tea this afternoon.”

“R-really? Then, I’ll see you later Liv.”

Elena turned excitedly after finishing her business.

“Lorentz is a good knight for me? To keep an eye on me.’

The expression of shyness was nowhere to be seen. I felt uncomfortable because it was so obvious that she was trying to wrap Lorentz as a mass product and stick him next to Elena.

‘Look forward to it. I’ll appoint the best knight you can’t even imagine.’

Elena left the room quietly.


In the afternoon, Elena left the mansion dressed lightly.

“I want to walk for a long time in the sunshine.”

Elena, accompanied by her immediate maidens, strolled along the sponsorship. The sponsorship was completely different from the previous garden. If the garden was artificially well-cultivated, the sponsorship preserved the natural scenery around the lake.

‘I was very disappointed to see the patronage of the palace.’

It is not that the patronage of the imperial palace was poor. The patronage of the Grand Duke was only too good.

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Elena walked endlessly, taking advantage of the tranquil view of the lake and the high, clear sky without a cloud. Elena’s steps toward deeper sponsorship had a clear destination. A training ground beyond the zelkova forest. Located on the outskirts of the patronage area, it was a kind of physical training ground built to enhance the basic physical strength and strength of knights, apart from the main training ground where swordsmanship is mainly practiced.

“Hah! Eup!”

As she walked around the corner of the zelkova forest, she heard the chanting of the knights. As she crossed the thick forest, she could see an open training ground at a glance.

“Ar-aren’t you the princess?”

A local knight bowed his head in embarrassment. Other knights were also embarrassed by the sudden visit of the princess.

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