Shadow Queen

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Please don’t worry….”

“I told you to go back.”

“I deeply apologize, however, I can’t retrieve as much as you say.”

Grace’s disobedience raised Baronet Frederick’s voice which he had been barely suppressing.

“Did I sound like a horse right now? I suppose saying it twice won’t do it. Take it back right now. Quick!”

“Honey, what is that?”

Chesana was nervous when her husband, who had always remained noble, was angry.

“You don’t need to know. You don’t have to look either.”

Baronet Frederick’s hand, that gripped the parchment, was tight.

“What are you doing?! Why aren’t you going back?!”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t obey that. I will leave it, but I must go back.”


Steward Grace didn’t budge, even though he was smacked. Although he doesn’t own a territory, Baronet Frederick is also a nobleman. Perhaps insulted by a butler’s disobedience, his face turned red.

“May I take a look?”

“You don’t need to look at it!”

Despite the sharp reply, Elena’s reaction was calm.

“Is it my business?”


“I asked if it was about me.”


On point, Baronet Fredrick hesitated, unable to answer anything. Elena was certain by his response.

“I guess I’m right.”


“I hope I know. I have to.”

Elena carefully took the crumpled parchment out of Baronet Frederick’s hands. Baronet Frederick seemed to hesitate, but when Elena looked at him without a word, he loosened his grip.

Elena scanned the wrinkled parchment. Flips page. Elena, who read it until the last sentence at once, burst into laughter. This parchment is a marriage proposal. The bunch of packages was sent as a gift to secure the proposal. In other words, becoming the Lord’s concubine.

‘How amusing.’

If it was Elena in the past, the news, like a bolt from out of the blue, she would’ve wept and panicked. A concubine? She would’ve felt as if she lost the world in despair. But it wouldn’t be that way anymore.

‘I didn’t believe it, but it’s not out of my expectations.’

Liabrick. It’s her. Liabrick wanted Elena to lose hope. That way, she’ll approach comfort and reach out the helping hand, quickly grabbing it. And if the use value is drained, it will be killed if it is useless.

‘If it was in the past, I’d hold your hand. But not anymore. The way you did to me, I’ll give you back.’

Looking at Elena, who was silent, Baronet Frederick said.

“Elena, don’t come forward. This is one-sided and an unjust treatment. I’ll see the Lord and speak with him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he went into the room and put on his overcoat and came out.

“I will meet the Lord and refuse the proposal.”

“Honey, please tell me a little. This is not really it.”

Even Chesana came forward to help Baronet Fredrick who was trying to make a negotiation. The alarm went off in Elena’s mind.

‘I can’t let Father go there!’

Liabrick’s trap begins with touching the family. In her past life, he was imprisoned for protesting against a lord who forced her to marry as a concubine under the pretext of sponsorship.

‘I have to settle it on my line.’

Elena had to bear a strong heart.

“It’s going to be fine, Father.”


“E, Elena. What do you mean it’s fine?”

“I’ll take care of it. Please wait here.”

Elena, who sought one-sided understanding, quickly turned away.

“Can you pass on my message?”

When Elena suddenly approached and talked to him, Grace, the butler who was standing there, seemed surprised.

“What should I tell him………”

Elena’s eyes bent like crescents. It was the eye-smile that bewitched the Empire’s society.

“Thank you for the gifts that you sent, I received them well.”



It was almost the same time that the shock of Baronet Frederick and Chesana burst. It was a custom principality that receiving a proposal gift is regarded as an acceptance of the proposal. Elena’s hasty speech and actions dampened Baronet Frederick’s spirit.

“What on earth are you talking about? Elena, you’re going to be a concubine all your life!”

“……we can’t help it.”

Elena was still smiling. But the smile made it sad without knowing where it was for.

“If I refuse, I know something scary will happen. I don’t want that to happen.”

“You ….”

Elena’s honest thoughts shocked the couple. Though they may be proud half-fallen aristocrats, and their pride is something she couldn’t lose while living, Elena’s frankness violently pierced her own heart.

“It’s pretty good. You wanted me to get a good husband in society, didn’t you? I’ll accept this proposal.”

“I’m sorry, Mother, Father.”

The firmness of Elena’s words left no room to compromise. It was close to a notification.

“Ho, Honey.”

Baronet Fredrick bit his lips hard.

“But is there any reason to be a concubine?”

“It’ll be alright.”

“Are you really…”

Elena bowed to her head and asked for understanding.

“I deeply apologize.”

“……. “

The couple’s lips were firmly closed, so they couldn’t say anything. It was painful that it was Elena’s choice to recognize her situation due to their helplessness so calmly and accept it like fate.

In the same manner, harsh words poured out from Elena’s and her heart wasn’t at ease.

‘I’m sorry for behaving willfully. I’ll only do it today. So that our family could live.’

Maintaining its composure, Steward Grace secretly stepped aside.

“I will hurry to share this good news with the Lord.”

After he left, there was a heavy silence in the house. The happy and serene breakfast was like a lie and was engulfed with a mournful atmosphere.

“Elena, no matter how you think about it, I don’t think this is right. What do I lack…….”

Chesana couldn’t speak. Elena’s life living as a concubine of the old lord was pitiful and pathetic that her eyes moistened.

“Please don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry, your mother is sorry.”

“I’ll live happily. So, please don’t cry.”

Elena, on the contrary, held Chesana’s hands tight. She knows that warm communion can be a greater comfort than ten words.

“Still this is not it, it’s just not it.”

Helplessness and misery surged at Baronet Frederick’s muttering. He seemed utterly unable to accept reality.

“I’ll meet the Lord right now. A concubine. How did we raise you……”

“It’s not Father’s fault. It’s my choice.”

“It’s not too late. We, parents, will interfere and correct our child’s wrong choice.”

Elena shook her head.

“Don’t do that. If you really love me, then please trust me and watch me.”


Elena’s request became a nail and lodged deep in Baronet Frederick’s heart. If her parents were unreliable, her mind would crumble away and she would want to shoulder all her behavior.

“……I’ll go get some fresh air for a while.”


Baronet Frederick, who was no longer confident of seeing Elena’s face, left the house. Elena’s heart was heavy as she watched her father go far from the window.

“I’ll take a rest.”

“Go on.”

Chesana nodded sadly. Knowing that no words could be comforting, Elena couldn’t help being hurt while going back to the room.


Elena, who locked the door, leaned against it.

“I hurt you both too much.”

I regret that I had to go this far.

“Let’s not look back. Let’s just look ahead.”

Elena, who had a strong grip on her weakened mind, walked towards the wall with a determined look on her face. She walked through the curtains, which had been set up to prevent the winter wind. A palm-sized notepad was attached to the exposed wall.

The future of the next five years! These notes were a chronology of significant events that would occur in the future. I dare say that the history of the future flows as it is written here. And at the center of it will be Elena, who has changed. Elena removed a note attached to the top. She dare say that future history goes as written here.

[The Frederick Family is invited to Duke Rosert’s banquet.]

This was the biggest reason why Liabrick hurriedly wanted to take Elena. Only two months are left before this important event.

“It was this day. The first day I stood in the world pretending to be Veronica.”

WuxiaWorld.S i t e Only

For years, bad rumors spread widely in the capital. Veronica hasn’t been seen in social circles for she ran away with a servant and because of that the Duke released knights to capture Veronica.

The ambitious Grand Duke Franches hence had no choice but to be sensitive to reputations for becoming Veronica an empress. It was necessary to put the rumor to rest as soon as possible, and the surest way was to show Princess Veronica’s integrity to the aristocratic society.

“Look forward to it. I followed your orders without knowing anything then….… there’s no reason to do that now.”

Elena has the upper hand on the board. Even the Joker, who could turn the board over at any time, was in her hand.

“It’s your turn now.”

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