Shadow Queen

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Elena recalled the objects of hatred.

Grand Duke Franches. Liabrick. Princess Veronica.

Those three people cooperated and plotted against Elena to deceive her thoroughly. As if it wasn’t enough, they killed the innocent Baronet Frederick and Chesana and even her son, Prince Ian, were told to kill him. I have no intention of following the same life as I did at that time.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I will give you back as much as I have suffered. Elena plans to snatch all of them away. The more you have, the more you lose. The degree of downfall is not enough. It will be thoroughly ruined that even the will to live is lost.

Elena lit a match in an empty glass. She dropped the note that she just removed onto the small blooming embers. The flames flared up and devoured it. Elena turned her gaze back to the wall.

[Entrance to Frontier Academy.]

[The death of Emperor Richard.]

[Grand Duke Franches assasination attempt.]

[Election ceremony for a Crown Princess.]


One by one, she took off a note with the future written on it and repeated burning it. The value of the note was fulfilled as long as it is deeply engraved on the head and heart. There was no reason to leave a trace.

The last chapter burned with the last flame. With it turning into ashes, the future became entirely exclusive to Elena.

“I’m going to destroy……… every single one of you.”


Chesana looked sadly at her daughter who came out of the room only after the early evening. She had no choice but to pretend to be indifferent because she knew no words would comfort or encourage them.

“What do you want to eat? What about your favorite steak? I’ll go……”

“Mother, you don’t have to overdo it. I’m really fine.”

Elena smiled and walked towards the front door. In the morning, the porters had piled up the proposal gifts.

“Let’s open this together. I wonder what they sent.”

“But if you open it……..”

Chesana was worried that if she opened the gift, there would be no way to reinstate the marriage.

“Please don’t let it get to you. It’s too late to return.”

Calmly dissuaded, Elena opened each gift wrapped in silk. The first box she took out was a dress with lace. It was a bell line design, but the material wasn’t good, and the finish was terrible. However, the jewelry was useful.

Because it was produced in a traditional way, it was classified as a special product in other countries and was highly valued.

“Mother, come here for a moment.”

“What is it?”

Elena reached out her hand and hung the pearl necklace she had just found on Chesana’s neck. The silver pearl’s brilliance suited her long, slender neck.

“It looks good. Mother should use this.”

“What? Forget it. I don’t need it, you use it.”

Chesana looked serious. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop you living as a concubine. I’m going to die. What shame would I get?

“You haven’t changed into a decent necklace the whole time you raised me. I really want to give it to you.”

“How can I accept……..”

“Please. If you keep on refusing, I’ll be sad.”

Elena insisted even though she knew Chesana didn’t want it. There was a good reason for that.

‘You’ll need money when I leave. Please keep it for that time.’

Elena only thought of the future, not now. Now it’s like the riches they’ve sold, but in time, this necklace will be a cost of living.

“Father is later today.”

“I know. He’s a dark-eyed person at night…”

Elena’s worry deepened as she looked out the window where the darkness fell deeply.

‘I hope everything’s okay.’

Creak. Just in time, they heard the door knob turning. The mother and daughter’s head automatically turned.

“I’m home.”


Only after confirming Baronet Frederick over the half-open door did Elena feel relieved.

“Why are you this late? Are you hungry? Sit down. I’ll reheat the soup.”

“Wait a moment, wife. I’ve brought a guest.”

“A guest?”

Chesana, who was just heading to the kitchen, stopped walking and turned. He has never invited anyone to his house since he settled down here. She can’t believe there’s a guest after the day so suddenly. Baronet Frederick’s unexpected behavior was quite embarrassing.

“It’s shabby, but please, come in.”

As if dealing with his superiors, Baronet Frederick politely offered the person a seat. The guest was covering his whole body with a generous hood that came down to its ankle. Nevertheless, it was possible to infer that she might be an adult woman with a short, slender shoulder line that could not be hidden and white skin that shone under the hood.


Elena’s eyes widened.

‘Could it be?’

She tried to pretend to be casual, but the familiarity with the sense of incongruity stirred her emotions. And the unclear business cards gradually turned into certainty.

“Dear, there was no law that man must die.”

When Elena looked at him in silence, Baronet Frederick laughed meaningfully.

“You’ll soon find out what I mean. Let me introduce you. This is…….”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but could you give me a chance to introduce myself? I think that’s a courtesy.”

The woman’s voice was clear as she suddenly cut off his words and asked for understanding. A clearer feeling than dew having the power to break the boundaries. Baronet Frederick responded h”Oh, if that’s convenient for you, I’m fine.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

The woman’s gaze reached Elena. She couldn’t see her eyes well because she was covered by the hood, but she looked at her opponent one by one.

Her delicate wrists rolled over the hood behind her head. Then, her beautiful and bright beauty was revealed. She fixed her alluring gaze on Elena.

“I’m seeing you for the first time, I’m Liabrick De Flandre. A nobleman from the Vecilia Empire.”

It’s a bad reunion.

Elena’s heart chilled when she recognized her at first glance. What a surprise. Contrary to the expectation that blood would heat up with hatred and vengeance, the mind became clearer and clearer.

There was no room for Elena’s emotion to intervene. Her icy rationality whispered constantly, perfectly supporting her. Hold your breath and wait for the time, and when the time comes, bite the nape at once.

“It’s Elena.”

Elena hid her eerie claws behind an awkward smile. She was at the pinnacle of the imperial society, so she was good at wearing masks and hiding her true feelings.

“I know. Miss Elena may not know, but I know her very well.”

Liabrick smiled softly. It was a warm smile that made the viewer feel as if it was an angel.

An abominable woman. Elena’s stomach twisted and nausea welled inside. She was deceived by that smile. She believed that favor was the truth. As a result, a sword stuck in her abdomen, causing her death. But it’s not like that now. She won’t get deceived anymore because she knows the truth. She just pretends to be deceived.

“It’s the truth, Elena.”


“She came all the way to see you.”

Baronet Fredrick had a favorable attitude towards her. She talked to Liabrick first, and there was some progress in the conversation.

“Honey, what are you talking about?”

“This person promised to save our Elena. You don’t have to be a concubine.”

“What, What did you say?”

Chesana was deeply embarrassed by her husband’s endless answers. She seemed to be at a loss from where and how to take it. Elena pretends to know nothing.

“…… Save? Me?”

“Dear, you don’t need to be a concubine.”

Baronet Frederick‘s eyes were full of life.

“She wants to take you to the empire.”


Elena looked moderately surprised. She also didn’t forget to look at Liabrick with anticipation and anxiety. Liabrick, who was waiting for a response, smiled lightly and answered.

“Before explaining the situation, if Miss Elena doesn’t feel like someone else, would you believe it?”

“…… I think it’s hard to believe.”

Liabrick took out a pendant with a smile. It was the family’s crest on the lid that caught the eye. The X-shaped swords and spears carved over a pair of golden eagles were surprisingly colorful.

Grand Duke of Friedrich. It was a sentence that Elena would never forget. The lid opened when Liabrick pressed the button on the side of the pendant.

“Oh… my God, Dear.”

Chesana looked at the portrait and Elena alternately, blinking her eyes again and again.

“Isn’t this you?”

“…… ”

The woman in the pendant looked so much like her that they might have painted it with Elena as a model.

Even as twins, it was remarkably similar. The difference is that unlike Elena with red hair, the woman in the portrait has beautiful blond hair.

“This is the lady I used to serve. She was the most elegant, virtuous, and noble person in her lifetime.”

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“If she’s alive and well……”

“Three months ago, she fell asleep in the arms of the goddess Gaia.”

The Gaia Order is the state religion of the Vecilia Empire. A religion that worships the goddess of the earth, Gaia, believes that after death, they fall asleep in heaven created by the goddess Gaia.

“May God bless her.”

Elena put her hand on her chest and politely mourned her death. The look and gaze of anxiety seemed genuinely sorry for her death. It was a horrifying act, but she was a worn-out actress in imperial society, so even this act was a natural part of her daily life.

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