She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1501 - 1501 Mother's Gold Hairpin

Chapter 1501 - 1501 Mother's Gold Hairpin

1501 Mother’s Gold Hairpin

The Jing family was extremely efficient.

The next morning, Jing Jiaren brought the invitation and knocked on Yu Huang’s bedroom door.

Yu Huang had just packed up, taken off her room card, and was about to go out. Her psychic power was released in the corridor outside the room, so when Jing Jiaren approached her room, she automatically captured it.

Yu Huang opened the door.

Outside the room, Jing Jiaren was wearing the black and red robe of a clairvoyant distributed by the organizer.


Seeing that Yu Huang had opened the door so quickly, Jing Jiaren guessed that Yu Huang was about to go out and couldn’t help but smile. “It seems that I came at the right time.” Jing Jiaren sized up the clairvoyant robe on Yu Huang.

The robe was custom-made by the organizer. There was a red belt on the waist of the black robe. In the middle of the belt, there was a pitch-black and sacred eye that symbolized the Divination Eye. The left collar of the robe was embroidered with the names of every participant and their cultivation levels.

On Jing Jiaren’s left collar was written: “Jing Jiaren, Rank 8 Prophet.”

On Yu Huang’s left collar was written: “Yu Huang, Level 1 Wizard.”

Jing Jiaren’s gaze quickly swept across the information on Yu Huang’s left collar. She nodded at Yu Huang with a cold expression, but she said sincerely, “Yu Huang, I wish you good results today.” Yu Huang was a Level 1 Wizard and had been assigned to the weak 100th group, so the chances of her obtaining good results were very low.

However, Jing Jiaren still hoped she would have a good result.

Yu Huang nodded. “I hope you can amaze everyone as well.”

Jing Jiaren raised her chin and said arrogantly, “Those who can participate in this competition are all capable, but I will do my best.” With that, Jing Jiaren handed a red and gilded invitation letter to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang’s gaze swept across the invitation letter and saw a huge green gemstone printed on it. Under the green gemstone, the words “Green Sena” were imprinted in the language of the Divination Continent.

Yu Huang stopped in her tracks and reached out to take the invitation hesitantly. Then, she looked at Jing Jiaren in shock and couldn’t hide her surprise as she asked, “You guys got it so quickly?”

“Since the Jing family took action, it was naturally handled quickly.” Jing Jiaren told Yu Huang, “Last night, my father personally called the president of the auction house in Jingdu. This morning, the invitation letter was sent to the Jing family.”

After Jing Ruge received the invitation, she sent it to Jing Jiaren immediately.

That was why the scene in front of Yu Huang happened.

As Yu Huang stroked the gilded words on the invitation letter, her eyes revealed gratitude. “Thank you.”

Seeing that Yu Huang cared so much about this invitation letter, Jing Jiaren asked, “Are there any treasures you want to obtain in the Green Sena Auction House?” Jing Jiaren pointed at the invitation letter and said to Yu Huang, “The auction house holds it once every two months. Every treasure about to be auctioned will be written on the invitation letter’s manual. In addition, there are also some treasures stored in the auction house. Such items usually aren’t auctioned to outsiders, but they can be privately bought.”

“Usually, they will accept exchanges or do something for the auction house according to their requirements. After the matter is done, you can obtain final ownership of the item. Take a look and see if there’s anything you want on it.”

“Alright, let’s go eat first.”

The two girls went to the canteen together, picked up breakfast, and sat down at a remote and quiet dining table.

As Yu Huang ate her breakfast, she flipped through the introduction in the invitation book.

The auction house praised every auction item as a peerless treasure. If Yu Huang had a lot of spirit stones in her pocket, she wanted to obtain them. However, she was short of money, so she could only take a look.

Seeing that Yu Huang didn’t stop after flipping through a few pages, Jing Jiaren frowned and asked, “A long time ago, you told me that you wanted to come to the Green Sena Auction House to buy a few precious herbs, mainly to revive one of your benefactors.” Jing Jiaren guessed, “Is it because of this?”

Yu Huang was hesitating about how to explain when she heard Jing Jiaren say, “Yu Huang, the matter of resurrection is not as simple as you think.” Jing Jiaren’s expression became serious as she said to Yu Huang in a warning tone, “There has never been a real resurrection mystic technique in this world. All resurrection techniques are exchanged with other things. Instead of thinking of ways to revive those who left our lives, it’s better to reminisce about them.”

Yu Huang fell silent.

After a long while, she said, “Miss Jing, thank you.”

Yu Huang’s tone was very serious, and the gratitude in her eyes was very strong.

Jing Jiaren felt a little embarrassed when Yu Huang thanked her so solemnly. She lowered her head and tucked the hair on her forehead behind her ears awkwardly as she said in a low voice, “No need. I’m just reminding you.”

Jing Jiaren left after the meal.

As Yu Huang stared at her lonely back figure, she suddenly smiled.

She looked at the auction book again and flipped to the back of the book. When she flipped to the last side, she saw a photo. In that photo, there were many non-auctioned items from the auction house. There was a red mission list under each treasure.

Only by completing the mission list’s contents or meeting the mission list’s requirements could one obtain this item.

Yu Huang immediately saw the golden hairpin in the back corner of the counter.

The golden hairpin was exactly the same as the golden hairpin on Jing Jiaren’s head. There were a few words engraved at the root of the golden hairpin, and they couldn’t be seen clearly in the photo. However, Yu Huang knew what those words were. They were…”

May my baby be safe.

Back then, Yu Huang had entered the mysterious space her mother had left in Jing Jiaren’s golden hairpin through Jing Jiaren’s golden hairpin and saw her mother when she was making the golden hairpin. Her mother had placed the golden hairpin that she had given Yu Huang at the Green Sena Auction House and entrusted the auction house to keep it for 30 years.

If no one went to redeem it after 30 years, it could be auctioned off by the auction house.

In other words, Yu Huang had to redeem the golden hairpin before she was 30 years old.

Yu Huang happened to turn 30 years old this year.


Yu Huang suddenly closed the auction manual. Under the surprised gazes of some students, she rushed towards the main hall of the preliminary competition.

The preliminary round started at eight o’clock sharp.

Yu Huang arrived at the spacious hall called “Star Moon 1” at 7: 50 PM.

When she arrived, the hall was already filled with people. In the void, 100 transparent red notice boards appeared. They were divided into 100 groups. Under each notice board, there was a rectangular translucent isolation space. Yu Huang and the others would undergo the first round of preliminary tests in the isolation space later.

The organizer invited a total of 100 supervisory referees, and the referees sat in the tall building in Hall 1. They could use the advantage of being high up to see every move of all the participants below the stage. The isolated space was transparent, and there were no blind spots in the sky. Therefore, no participant could cheat.

The competition was absolutely fair and just.

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